Leather sofabed in pu model-4

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Steel/ hardened metals/precision metals    


Length: 1900mm. Customized sizes are available


ISO:9001:2008   OEM service


Changeable from sofa to bed, suitable for the normal sofa.  


Very strong metal structure, being easy to fold and carry. Three-seat sofa, double size bed.

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Q:Where can I get a good loft bed?
Looking for a stylish loft bed on a budget - that's easy Rooms To Go - modern style, at budget prices. If your mother is concerned about the tell her not to, even though the prices are low the quality is good, they test their products well. I have bought alot of furniture from this store
Q:how I can sleep on my own bed?
{ You will need: 1. Bed. 2. Brick. Now that you have these two materials... 1. Lie in bed. 2. Bash head with brick. If you aren't asleep, repeat Step 2.} Haaaaaaa, made me laugh
Q:Sharing a bed?
Sharing a bed does not make you a married couple in Gods eyes! Having sex or not having sex!
Q:opinions on twin beds, bunk beds and loft beds. What do your kids like?
I dont know what loft bed is, but buy the twin bed with another bed that slides underneath. It comes with it. You know ur house, u decide. If you go with bunk, no metal, breaks easy, paralel on top of other so kids cant jump from top bunk down. Flat stairs, not round and smaller mattress on top, or burier so kid cant fall out. Mom just bought set for grandkids. ASHLEY FURNITURE is a must. Good Luck
Q:What do I get a bed or an xbox?
i'd say you get the bed. xbox is getting a bit old. wait for sony to release their NGP
Q:what is the square meter of a queen bed?
A queen-sized bed has dimensions 60 x 80 inches (or 1.53 x 2.03 m) . So, the area of the bed is 3.1 square meters.
Q:son will not sleep in own bed?
My suggestion is to just keep putting him in his bed. When he comes running into your room, but him back in his bed. If he wakes up again.. back in the bed. After a long and tired couple weeks, hopefully he will get the idea and stay in his bed. good luck!
Q:Bed Bugs from hotels?
You must remember that Bed Bugs drink blood. So they go to where humans sleep. They can be found by stripping the bed covers and are under the folds on the side of the mattress. This is where they lay their eggs. A Bed Bug can live 6 or 7 months with out eating , the white ones haven't yet , the brown ones have and really stink.. If you discover them check out immediately. Don't sit down. You shouldn't sit on a spread or comforter anyway. they're not often cleaned. They can also be found on air planes.
Q:anyone know about bed bugs?
Yes Yes They can be carried home in luggage, travel on clothing etc.
Q:what is better for dwarf hamster bedding?
I have had lots of hamsters in the past and have some in the future and know what they like, I got some nice bedding from the pet store and you can ask the shop keeper if you like, but my hamster likes the shredded paper you are able to get from the pet shop as the wood cuttings in the cage are just so they can walk around having nothing at the bottom of the cage is quite bad unless you have a tank When I was running low on bedding I use toilet paper (Make sure its soft) as they are able to carry it around to change where there bedding is my hamster really liked it so I think yours will too Also Care fresh Bedding is great for your hammies ^.^ But At the moment I am using wool bedding that the hamsters seem to really like but you should never use when your hamster is only young as they can get trapped and you shouldn't if a hamster is pregnant and due Thanks

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