Leather sofabed in fabric model-15

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Steel/ hardened metals/precision metals    


Length: 1900mm. Customized sizes are available


ISO:9001:2008   OEM service


Changeable from sofa to bed, suitable for the normal sofa.  


Very strong metal structure, being easy to fold and carry. Three-seat sofa, double size bed.

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Q:What bugs are in my bed?
Sounds like you have bed bugs. you need to treat them .......................
Q:is aspen a good bedding?
Yes, aspen is a good choice. Avoid pine and cedar (cedar is worse then pine, but both are poor choices)- they contain aromatic hydrocarbons- which are airborne phenolic compounds that can cause upper respiratory irritation and, over the long term, liver damage. Another safe choice are the recycled newspaper-based litters and beddings like CareFresh (which is good for full-cage bedding), or Yesterday's News or Cell-Sorb (which are great for use in litter boxes).
Q:Dwarf hamster bedding?
Hi there :) You're correct about cedar chips, they can cause respertory distress. I wouldn't recomend making your own, because the paper can cause your hamster to bloat and the newspaper ink cause be harsh on the feet and lungs of your little buddy. I would recomend aspen, white pine and my fav (which I use) is called Care Fresh it's recycled paper, and its soft! ~ Good Luck :P
Q:How do i get my dog to use her new bed?
Now that is a tough one. I have a dog who is 4. Because you have trained your dog to sleep on your bed, she is not going to want to sleep on a bed on the floor. If you gave your dog a bed in the beginning, then she would sleep on it. I would try putting the bed on YOUR bed for a couple weeks, and have the dog sleep on the bed that is on your bed. The dog wants a scent or something she/he recognizes. I hope this works for you! Good luck!
Q:how much can a loft bed hold?
You okorder.com Sleep/Study Loft Bed WARNING: Failure to follow these warnings and assembly instruction could result in serious injury or death. • Read all instructions before assembling bunk bed. KEEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE USE. • Before each usage or assembly, inspect bunk bed for damaged hardware, loose joints, missing parts or sharp edges. DO NOT use bunk bed if any parts are missing or broken. Telephone or write to PBteen for replacement parts and instructional literature if needed. DO NOT substitute parts. • Follow the information on the warning appearing on the upper bunk end structure and on the carton. DO NOT REMOVE WARNING LABEL FROM THE BED.
Q:get rid from bed bugs?
Well, bed bugs are most annoying and harmful insects. If you want to remove them in your house then you can use non-toxic bed bugs removal by yourself. Try to keep few things in mind to prevent from bed bugs: 1. Vacuum your beds regularly. 2. Use bed bug removal spray for all over the house. 3. Try to clean all the corners of the use with any of bed bug removal. 4. Try to use hot/warm water while washing clothes, dishes and plates because it eliminates bed bugs. You can also hire any professional bed bug pest control service to destroy them by root.
Q:Bed Bugs ?
Bed bugs are different to dust mites. Dust mites only harm people who are alergic to them. Everybody has dust mites in their homes. Washing bedding at 60 deg C and regular vacuuming will keep them down. Bed bugs are something different and can be seen and bite. If you have bites and have seen minute specks of blood on sheets then it could be bed bugs. Unfortunately you will need professional help to get rid of them. I hope you haven't got them. Good luck.
Q:at what price i must sell my bed?
£24.60. No really, you don't HAVE to sell your bed at any price at all - it is up to you! If nobody wants it the price is too high. Reduce it.
Q:What is the length and width of the 2 meter mattress?
1.8*2.0 meter bed refers to this bed. It can lay down 1.8*2.0 meter mattress. The inside size of this bed is 1.8*2.0 meters.The outside size will be different from the different styles, styles, and materials made of different beds, because these beds, their bedside, side of the bed, the size of the end of the bed will be different.
Q:how do you get a different bed?
Yard sales. Just search on bed.

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