Leather Bed

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Black Leather Bed

1. size :





2.Material : PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

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Q:Slumberland mattresses thick? How thick is the mattress?
Slumberland mattress has different thickness, from 20 to 30 of all.
Q:reading books before bed?
i usually read before i go to bed if i have the time. i dont really dream abou it nor does it make me sleep better however sometimes it does clear my head of everything that happened during the day and makes me more relaxed. but its annoying because i think its bad for my eyes to read a night.
Q:How much do tanning beds cost?
Tanning beds are cheapest when bought in packages. At my tanning salon that I visit it is $50 for 10 tans or about $5 each. Individual tans usually cost about $10. You cannot use oil in tanning beds and there are special tanning products designed for tanning beds. Get one with a bronzer to give yourself a nice glow. And remember moderation is key, You don't want to look like a leather moccasin
Q:Box Spring and Platform bed?
You can if you want to but there is no need. A box spring is just a box these days and it's just something for the mattress to sit on. The same function as the platform bed. The box is redundant.
Q:bed bugs ??
I have had those pests in my house. They leave black marks on the edges of the mattresses. If you see a bug on your bed, squeeze it and if blood comes out it's a bed bug. Those black things you see are probably their feces. Bed bugs don't live only in your bed. They can be on clothes, their eggs, you name it. I suggest you wash all your clothes (Heat kills them). By a bed bug spray, spray it on your bed, and cover your bed up with a mattress cover.
Q:guinea pig bedding?
NO!!!! use pine shavings. dont use ceder that is extreamly poisonous to them. it will harm there respitory system. i have been in 4-h for almost 5 years in guinea pigs and have been in 4-h for 11 years. good luck.
Q:Method for mounting bed
If there is any damage to the sheet during the inspection, please contact the merchant. To install screws, eccentric parts, wooden shaft of the place, will open a good guide hole, parts of the positioning problem, do not worry. It should be noted that, do not happen on the wrong parts, and then repeatedly twist the case, otherwise it is easy to damage the plate, installation is also often unstable, tilt and other phenomena.
Q:How do I change my bed in Animal Crossing:Wild World?
First off have the other bed in youre pockets, got to the attic and tap on the end of youre attic bed. It will give you the options to change beds x
Q:Is this bedding safe?
Yes, that's good for all small pets! Good luck with your gerbils! .tf.
Q:Bed bugs, HELP!?
put eucalyptis (I'm not sure how to spell that) on. Bugs hate that! Don't put bug spray, because it is toxic to you too. Go to the health food store and scope it out! Hope I helped!

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