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DIN rail,lead rail,guide way:

can accord customer's require to produce.different.size.diffrent design


DIN rail,lead rail,guide way:



3.size:can basis on customer's requirement

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Q:What does the DIN- rail installation mean?
DIN is the German industrial standard, the use of guide rail is an installation of industrial electrical components, installation of electrical components to support this standard can be easily clamped on the rail without screws, maintenance is also very convenient. The common rail width is 35mm. Some new air switches, such as DZ47-63 series, contactors, CJX1, 2, 8 series, circuit breakers, DZ-108 series, small relays, part of the time relay, etc., have adopted this standard.
Q:Is hydraulic guide oil the same as gear oil of reducer?
Hydraulic guide oil is generally applicable to all kinds of precision machine tools, guide rails, sealing gears, carriage, locator and other sliding parts.The reducer gear is generally used in CKC load of industrial gear oil, tooth surface contact stress in the 500~1100Mpa gear transmission lubrication.The use of both is different, different viscosity grades. The lubrication is different, so it is different.
Q:Which brand is straight rail?
The most cost-effective is on the HIWIN, the mainland market share of the largest.Japan THK higher precision, materials and workmanship is relatively good, in the international market share of the forefront.German Rexroth (formerly German STAR) brand, the price and THK equivalent, high precision, but advertising is not as good as THKIn addition, there are many brands, such as Taiwan, ABBA, Japan, NSK, Korea SBC, are well-known brands in the world.Brand which is not good, mainly depends on the demand, the most suitable is the best.
Q:Can gear, rack and guide be used together?
Yes, the design is very simple, but the accuracy is not very high
Q:CNC machine tools of rail damping mean, how to understand it is friction?
With a knife is fixed on the machine tool feed system of CNC turning machine to offset the reduced friction resistance and the friction of the poor, in order to improve the feed system of NC machine tools (improve the guideway and friction characteristics (
Q:What hydraulic oil is used in the NC machining center guide?
With professional rail oil, some sell hydraulic oil without hydraulic oil, which is used by hydraulic station.
Q:Does the elevator use fuel rail?
Rail fuel consumption is seasonal, summer high temperature, high oil temperature will rise, oil temperature is high, so some viscosity is very low, it means the thin oil, the oil cup felt much more special, so special oil fee! Thin oil can be seen from the pit can be connected with the oil box, oil box oil may be the cause of dilute oil.In winter the temperature is low and the oil temperature is low, so the oil viscosity is very high. Oil saving in comparison!Therefore, the consumption of oil is mainly caused by the low consistency of the oil. But there are other reasons, such as the cup felt tightness, pine oil suction quickly, then slowly suck tight. Elevator workload!But not only for saving oil and gas saving, but also to learn how to use oil skills. So as to achieve the purpose of fuel-efficient, and the normal operation of the elevator use.Method is as follows: winter oil more concentrated, low oil temperature. The elevator may run because the oil viscosity leads to the increase of the friction between the guide shoe and the guide rail, and the elevator runs with noise and poor sense of comfort. Therefore, winter use oil thin slideway oil.Summer oil is relatively thin, high oil temperature. Sometimes, linoleum can not touch the guide rail, the oil does not take the guide rail, it will streamer. And oil consumption is particularly large, almost every day refueling. Can not keep up with refueling, then there is a big lift in the middle of the sound, due to lack of oil caused. Therefore, the summer selection of a more thick oil.Only in this way can the elevator feel comfortable and fuel efficient!This is some of my personal experience, and I hope to be able to help you!
Q:Can the elevator guide stand be fixed on ordinary red bricks?
Can not. Reason:Elevator guide rail bracket is elevator main backer, because there may be a slight shaking in the elevator is running, so it may cause the linkage of guide rail bracket, which may cause the elevator guide rail bracket loose. Compared with the concrete structure, the compressive strength of common red brick is lower than that of the concrete structure, so the bolt fixed on the guide rail is easy to be loosened, so that the safety hazard may be caused first, so it is not recommended to use.The correct method is that the guide rail is fixed on the reinforced concrete base, and the stronger gripping force of the reinforced concrete can bear the better connection effect, and the conventional vibration can not have any influence.
Q:The mechanical guideway acts as a guide Then why are they called rail pairs? What does "deputy" mean?
1 is for guiding and positioning2 rail pair refers to the movement of the two componentsThere must be a relative movement between the components to determine the 2 mechanism therefore, member connections should make the two member direct contact, and can have certain relative motion, the direct contact of active connections called motion. My understanding is that the two pairs of relative motion construct relationships, such as revolute pairs, as well as high pairs, low pairs, you see, mechanical principles, which are relatively simple to explain
Q:There are several ways to repair the lathe rails. Is it possible to weld them locally?
About local welding1., welding can not be used to repair the guide rail, even if it is not local. The 2. reason is that the first will harden the local rail material, and second will form stress concentration, so that the solder joint cracking. Third excessive welding will also lead to deformation of the guide rail. Machine tool factory also has partial repair welding, but that is for the integrity and beauty of the guide, but also in the welding after a whole tempering treatment.Two. The method of repairing the slideway of lathe:After the slideway of the slideway grinder is connected with the scraping plate, the adjusting insert is adjusted.Second take a ruler as a reference guide (scraping guide and standard ruler mutual development, the gradual elimination of high, until the scraping rail to provide effective points) and then with a scraping plate strip.
We believe in the purchasing policy of "try our best to bring your cost down". If you plan to purchase goods to reduce your cost, please let us have a chance to quote at your needs. We are capable of providing you with a profitable proposal with assurance.Hope we can build long-term and good business relationship.

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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets North America 9.41
South America 5.88%
Eastern Europe 10.59%
Southeast Asia 4.29%
Africa 6.06%
Oceania 5.88%
Mid East 4.88%
Eastern Asia 5.12%
Western Europe 8.24%
Central America 5.06%
Northern Europe 12.94%
Southern Europe 7.94%
South Asia 10.18%
Domestic Market 3.53%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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Nearest Port Sydney,Angeles,Singapore
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department Above 50 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian
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Factory Size: Below 1,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average