Launching gantry in span by span

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The tyre trolley transfers the concrete segment to the rear of the launching gantry. The lifting trolley of the gantry lifts the concrete segment to the assembly position and the steeve hangs up the segment. After assembly, these segments tighten together with stressing wires, and the gantry put the beam on the pier and fulfill the construction of bridge segment. Based on the requirement of our client and the bridge conditions, the erection span and lifting capacity could be modified and customied for each machine.


530 ton Launching Gantry in span by span  100 ton Launching Gantry in span by span

General design data:
·Max span : 35m
·Max weight of each segment : 45ton (60ton)
·Max weight of span : 460ton(530ton)
·max longitudinal slope of bridge :±3%
·max transversal slope of bridge :±2%
·min horizontal radium : 600m(400m)
·Max wind speed on working condition : 22m/s
·Max win speed on static condition :35m/s
·Safety coefficient :≥2.5
·Stability factor of launching gantry :1.3
·Launching gantry’s fixing connection can be resistant emergencyconditions such as strong wind and typhoon.
·Temperature :from -10℃ to +40℃
·Relative humidity :90%
·The whole machine can move backward and forward for bridge erection.

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Q:Self-propelled bridge erecting machineMore than 80 tons of self erecting machine price is about how much
The main structure of the hollow box girder, rigid, so the reduction of great magnitude, aspect of stable operation and the operation mechanism can be arbitrary 360 degree turn, orthogonal, can be set up in any direction and angle of skew bridge. Compared with the prior art, the machine has the advantages of light weight, short body lifting ability
Q:Bridge erection of a small box girder of long time
It depends on the length of your box girder
Q:Main components of bridge erecting machine
The JQ900A type Longmen type double girder three leg bridge machine as an example, mainly composed of a machine arm, a lifting trolley, two lifting trolley, one column, column two, column three, hydraulic system, electrical system, diesel generator protection and safety monitoring system (part of Figure 1).
Q:How to weld the wet joint of bridge erecting machine
It is best to weld a few, but also can not afford much, after all, is to be safe ah. Hope adoption
Q:900 tons bridge machine value how much curiosity just ha ha
Actual cost price, then, between 900~1100 million. Bridge machine is now very little profit.
Q:A bridging machine requires several special operators
General bridge machine, the need for a total command, operator 2, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic engineer
Q:What is the technical parameter of 30m/100t fixed guide beam of bridge erector?
Adapt to the maximum bridge longitudinal slope + 3 M + + + 3 + + 3Car rated speed (m/min) 1.5 1.5 1.5Car rated longitudinal walking speed (m/min) 4.28 4.28 4.28
Q:DJ180 bridge machine how to run?
Safety operation rules for bridge erecting machineThe vertical height of the longitudinal running rail of the bridge erecting machine is corresponding to the height requirement, and is stable. Front, middle and rear legs of the horizontal running track requirements, and strictly control the spacing, the three tracks must be parallel.
Q:Detection and quality standard of bridge erecting machine
Single girder bridge erecting machineThe utility model is characterized in that the hanging arm of the bridge is a box girder, and the front suspension is extended. The machine can be unloaded in the state of their own into the bridge, and then the front column straight, supported in front of the pier. When the beam (or the whole beam) moves along the boom, the boom is close to the beam. Bridge, the machine can automatically enter the bridge in the unloaded state, must first be the beam gantry crane with special transfer from the railway flat car special beam car, then the car rear end beam and the bridging machine for erecting machine in position, driving the jib crane will be two the beam lift along the arm forward, arrive at the bridge site off the beam. In order to adapt to the curved bridge, the boom of the machine can swing a little in the horizontal plane. The method of beam in place is the same as that of the double cantilever bridge erecting machine (beam or track). The machine has the advantages of: cancel the balance weight, no need to push the top of the locomotive, feeding beam does not need the bridge line, the degree of mechanization, safety performance has improved. The 130 - ton victory type bridging machine.
Q:Now the high-speed rail bridge frame span of the beam
Bridge crane is a crane, because its main function is to lift the beam, and then transported to the location and put down

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