Launching gantry in span by span

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The tyre trolley transfers the concrete segment to the rear of the launching gantry. The lifting trolley of the gantry lifts the concrete segment to the assembly position and the steeve hangs up the segment. After assembly, these segments tighten together with stressing wires, and the gantry put the beam on the pier and fulfill the construction of bridge segment. Based on the requirement of our client and the bridge conditions, the erection span and lifting capacity could be modified and customied for each machine.


530 ton Launching Gantry in span by span  100 ton Launching Gantry in span by span

General design data:
·Max span : 35m
·Max weight of each segment : 45ton (60ton)
·Max weight of span : 460ton(530ton)
·max longitudinal slope of bridge :±3%
·max transversal slope of bridge :±2%
·min horizontal radium : 600m(400m)
·Max wind speed on working condition : 22m/s
·Max win speed on static condition :35m/s
·Safety coefficient :≥2.5
·Stability factor of launching gantry :1.3
·Launching gantry’s fixing connection can be resistant emergencyconditions such as strong wind and typhoon.
·Temperature :from -10℃ to +40℃
·Relative humidity :90%
·The whole machine can move backward and forward for bridge erection.

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Q:DJ180 bridge frame 40 m beam through the hole program.
Beam transport,Motor vehicle and host alignment,
Q:Bridging machine is not suitable for all the height of the beam body
The front leg is to reduce a certain height. Do not know who you are using the bridge machine, and some of the front legs of the bridge machine can be dismantled section, and some have spiral support, so, but also with the design manufacturers, can not change their own. Once you have it, in case of any problems, the designer has no responsibility.
Q:How much is a bridging machine
The preliminary estimate can be calculated according to the weight of steel structure. Unit price of about 1.5~2 yuan / ton.
Q:Bridging machine which consists of four parts
H, electrical system including all electrical control and lighting.In addition, some underground scraper and throttle control hydraulic system. Hydraulic cable control system for electric underground scraper.
Q:2700t bridging machine assembly summary how to write
Write the main content of the work, how to work hard, the results achieved, and finally put forward some reasonable proposals or new efforts.......Work summary is to let the superior know what you have to contribute, reflect the value of your work.
Q:Self-propelled bridge erecting machineMore than 80 tons of self erecting machine price is about how much
Vertical and horizontal electric bridge operation, high efficiency, centralized control, simple operation, convenient transportation and other field weight reduction, 30? 0%, the equipment utilization coefficient, l, skew bridge can be erected at any angle, the radius of curved bridge erection > =250 meters, and only 3 days, the working efficiency can be increased by more than 50% of the machine. Now in the highway on the application, the effect is good.
Q:32 meters of T bridge erecting machine needs much headroom?
The problem is not clear, which and where clearance
Q:Bridge erecting machine belongs to portal or bridge crane
Bridging machine belongs to the gantry or bridge crane? Encountered such problems, I suggest that we look directly at [Special Equipment Directory] will know, that is an authoritative explanation ah!Bridge crane belongs to bridge crane.Basis: [Special Equipment Directory]Special equipment catalog:Category: Hoisting MachineryBridge craneBridging machine
Q:How long will it take to set up the 30 - meter girder erecting machine on the highway
Erection of 30 m girder bridge machine total length of 56-58 meters
Q:Safety slogan for bridge erecting machine
Hello hello!Safety slogan for bridge erecting machine;1, safety first, prevention first!2, scientific development, security development!

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