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This machine can combine 900 ton tyre trolley to work for double-line high speed Railway Bridge with box beams in the length of 20m, 24m and 32m.

1)Working environment and condition
·Launching concrete box beam with same length span or different length span, with ballast or without ballast.
·Different height of the concrete box beam in one bridge
· Surmountable slope 3 %
· Min. radius of the bridge 1400m
·Wind speed: 72km/h with load, 144km/h without load.

2)Main technical characteristics  
· When the launching gantry finishes placing concrete beams and the under bridge tries to launch forward,the whole machine is driven by the chain system of the small trolley under the launching leg. That can ensure a stable movement, and will never create additional force movement to the gantry.
· When the location of machine assembly is close to the launching jobsite, the launching gantry can move to the abutment itself and can also place itself on the pier to be ready to erect concrete box beams.
· After finishing erecting the concrete beam of one bridge, the launching gantry can move forward by itself on the deck or go through the existing deck or steel bridge.
· With the help of special transporting frame, the launching gantry can be moved on the railway basement or deck by tyre trolley.
·When it is necessary to go through certain areas with height limits or some narrow areas such as tunnels, the machine can be partly disassembled to reduce its section dimension. Then with the help of transporting the frame, the launching gantry can pass the limited area.  

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Q:Bridging machine is not suitable for all the height of the beam body
Bridge to re calculate the supporting force, and the Bridge Design Institute for inspection
Q:The difference between double guide beam bridge machine and single beam bridge machine
Single beam bridge machine:The single girder bridge girder erecting machine adopts a single bearing beam, and the bridge erecting machine is composed of a single main beam, a supporting leg, a hanging beam trolley, a moving mechanism, a transverse moving mechanism and an electric control system. Main girder structure generally adopts box type structure of light weight, high stability of the beam, the guide beam can be moved up and down, back and forth, transverse, achieve a heavily beam beam falling in place, continuous erection line, line, curve and other different types of bridges.
Q:What is the double guide beam bridge machine
Double island bridge erecting machine name by the two vertical beam, a transverse rod or beam between the two steel frame girder, common triangular truss, also in LCL beam, beam above a crane, following a leg, mobile
Q:How much is a bridging machine
Bridge erection machine is mainly composed of steel structure, lifting, walking and other components, of which the proportion of steel structure
Q:Operating rules for bridge erecting machines
Two, concrete skew bridge girder erecting machine installation, before, during and after a leg wheel position, left and right wheels to staggered around, the distance can be calculated according to the skew angle, so that the leg wheel can run on the same horizontal track (for details please contact with the manufacturer).
Q:Main components of bridge erecting machine
1, armThe machine arm is bearing girder erecting machine, double box girder structure, according to the stress condition of the machine arm and finite element calculation, each box girder design into cross-section form. The full length 66.0m, the box girder is high 3.0m, is divided into six sections; the center distance of the two main girders is 9m, and the high-strength bolt connection is adopted between the segments. After the disintegration of the segment can be transported by road or rail.
Q:Bridge machine HS coding is how much ah
84798990 commonly used Longmen bridge erecting machine84798990 improved Longmen bridge erecting machine84798990 improved double beam bridge machine84798990 automatic bridge erecting machine84798990 ordinary Longmen bridge erecting machine84798990 common type of double guide beam bridge machine
Q:Safety slogan for bridge erecting machine
8, life is priceless, peace is a blessing!9, to prevent accidents, the first treatment of hidden dangers!10, the development of enterprises, security is guaranteed!11, the safety of everyone arrested, happy 10 million!12, strictly abide by the safety system, strict operating procedures!13, machine frame under strict operation, prohibited to stand!15, safety is the life of the violation is the source of the accident!
Q:The difference between the bridge erecting machine and machine
Bridging machine and bridging machine are actually similar.
Q:When does the bridge machine not belong to the gantry crane?
Bridge crane is a crane, because its main function is to lift the beam, and then transported to the location and put down

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