Latex Back Polyester Floor Mat

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1)    Pile Material: 100% Polyester

2) Pile Weight : 290g/m2

3) Pile Height: 3mm

4) Back Material:Latex/Non-wowen/TPR/Dotted-plastic-non-woven/PVC

5) Back Thickness :1-2mm

6) Size:  40*60 /50*80/ 44*70/ 60*90cm or customed size

7) Color Fastness : 4-4.5 grade

8) Usage Place: living room , bedroom ,entrance ,kids room, bath room


1)    Competitive price, several different options on material & backing

2)    Unlimited color available

3)    MOQ: 1500m2/Per Color Group


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Q:How much is that pirple flokita rug at walmart?? PLEASE ANSWER?
Standard for more handy ideas in forums and blogs.
Q:What's the mattress on the floor of the bed?
The bed end towel is a kind of articles used on the bed of a hotel or a living room, and the bed towel is also named as the bed mat, the bed flag and so on. The south is often called the bed flag, and the people in northern China are mostly called the bed towel.
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Synthetic fiber carpet, also known as synthetic fiber carpet, can be divided into nylon, polypropylene, polyester and acrylic four. We commonly used nylon carpet, it is characterized by strong wear resistance, and overcomes the defect of easy corrosion and mildew carpet shortcomings; it designs similar to wool, but the flame retardancy, antistatic property and some relative. Shanghai has a large Home Furnishing museum building materials "nest Home Furnishing museum building materials" inside the carpet to sell it, are imported by, can see the. "
Q:puked on the carpet?
it won't cause mould to occur so long as you gently go over the stain with warm water and a bit of washing powder,not with any foam or mousse as they will bleach your carpets(they really do bleach).after that,go over it again with just warm water and soak out moisture with a towel or tissue paper.when completely dry,lightly sprinkle talcum powder over it to keep away any smells.don't hoover it off,just let it get walked into the carpet and hoover it the day after.
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Go to a carpet wholesale store and buy a remnant.
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1, first use non-woven fabric shoes surface dust wipe.2, with 4B rubber looks bad cleaning of stains, like wiping pencil words, bit by bit wipe, 4B rubber decontamination ability is very strong, like leather shoes on the road, what can wipe off.3, take a piece of cloth soaked in water, wring, almost half dry, squeeze a drop of baby bath, the cloth rub foaming, then you can take a bubble bath to shoes, shoes outside and inside can. Don't remember non-woven too much water can bubble, this will not be the leather shoes flooding worse, you know the leather is afraid of water, if not the leather shoes with too much water will be out of shape, it does not look good. If you are afraid of water, and so after foaming, use a hand grip non-woven fabrics, so as not to water out.
Q:Carpet Cleaners!!! Please Help?
Q:what can be used to remove old printer ink stains from carpet?
I had just had the carpets cleaned when the next day dropped a toner cartridge on the carpet. Did not want to have it cleaned again, I tried several different substances before I found one that took all the ink out. It is a cleanser that has peroxide in it, so you could probably try using a mixture of water and peroxide on the carpet. Dab with a white towel. Do not rub, or you will be pushing the color further down into the carpet. As long as you have color coming onto the rag, you are pulling ink out of the carpet. Might take several attempts. You also might have to redo it once the carpet has dried. This is called wicking when the stain comes back up to the surface.
Q:How do I salvage soaked carpet?
You may have to rent a real fan, one that is made for flood restoration

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