Latest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description:

Product Description

Latest Portable wireless mini bluetooth speaker

1, can use in Mobile phone, Computer, MP3, FM

2, Line in: 3.5mm Stereo's plugs

3, FM, bluetooth

4, Loud speaker

1, can use in Mobile phone, Computer, MP3/4, PSP/FM/TF/USB

2, Line in: 3.5mm Stereo's plugs

3, FM, bluetooth

4, Loud speaker

Can use devices:

Desktop computers, notebook, computers, PSP, Tablet, computer

MP3/MP4, Mobile phone etc.

Mobile phone, Computer, MP3/4, PSP/FM/TF/USB

Specification: With FM

1, Insert the TF card to play music.

Built-in TF smart decoder, you can listen to MP3 music stored in TF card.

2, AUX input plug

White work with AUX, , it is easily to listen to sound from PC, iPod/iPhone,


3, Bluetooth Handfree

Work with the Bluetooth for wireless communication

4, Stereo Bluetooth

Stereo Bluetooth Speakers, supporting A2DP/AVRCP, allow you enjoy wireless

HIFI stereo music.


Battery voltage: 3.7V Capacity: 520mAh

Charge voltage: 5V Loudspeaker size: 45mm 3W

Net weight: 230g S/N: ≥ 95dB

Distortion: ≤ 0.5% Size: 60*60*50mm

Bluetooth Pairing:

1, make sure the Bluetooth Speaker is in the off state

2, Press ON/OFF key to Bluetooth mode, blue LED will flash 6times. And short press Play/Pause key, blue and red LED flash alternately.

3, Follow the operating instruction of your mobile phone to searching Bluetooth headset. Typically, this is done by going to"Set up", "connect" or "Bluetooth" menu and then

Selecting the option to search Bluetooth devices.

4, The mobile can see S10 Bluetooth Speaker and ask if you wish to connect your mobile phone whith this speaker. Press"Yes" or "Confirm" to confirm this action.

5, Enter password or PIN 0000, and press "yes" or "confirm". (Important notice: If the connection is successful, blue LED will flash. If the pairing is unsuccessful, the LED Blue and Red will still flash alternately. You need to pair again.


Do not let children play the product

Do not hit or beat the product

Do not use in very humkd and high temperature environments. Product performance will decrease when it is used in cold regions

Do not throw the product into the fire

Do not block speaker's net above the body.

Please send to repair when the products is broken. Do not disassemble it by yourself.

It's not sovered under warranty when the product ha metal of rust, surface spalling and other natural oxidation.

Regular package details:

1X speaker, 1X gift box, 1X USB cable, 1X user manual
Latest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth SpeakerLatest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth SpeakerLatest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Q:do dead speakers shut of radio?
If the speakers shut off when you use the doors, you may have an intermittent open in the speakers or speaker wire circuit. Check the connections to the speakers. Check the resistance of the speakers with an ohmmeter. Check the wiring in the door, especially if someone has worked on the doors before. Good luck.
Q:Amp and speakers questions?
you need to match the RMS rating of the speakers you chose with the RMS rating of an amplifier. If that amp puts out 500 watts of RMS power, then it will easily blow those 6x9's. however a 500 wat RMS amplifier that isn't a subwoofer amp would be very expensive. If you're talking abot a useless max rating, then those speakers will probably handle the power easily.
Q:How is BOSE 6 car speakers?
bose car speakers are nothing special. bose gets its sound from sound processing eq's in the headunit, not from high quality speakers. a $20 set of aftermarket speakers will sound better than bose speakers. also, in some cases bose speakers have crazy ohm ratings. i have seen bose speakers with ohm ratings from .5 ohms to 24 ohms. so they may not be compatible with your amplifier.
Q:car speaker rattle? ?
Check Your Connections, And see If it may Be a Loose Screw. If Not Then Sorry To Say Your Speaker Cracked Or Blew. Best Thing To Do After That Is Invest In A Better System Go To Sonic Electronix They Have Replacment Door Speakers For $10. NEVER EVER USE SILICONE AROUND SUBWOOFERS OR SPEAKERS YOU USE IT IN THE ENCLOSURE BUT NEVER FOR THE SPEAKERS!!!
Q:In a surround sound system, what does satellite speaker mean?
Your satellite speakers are any others besides the front center and the sub-woofer.
Q:Need help with computer speakers!?
Use the stereo receiver that came with the speakers. Get a minijack-to-component audio adepter and connect the component (red/white) audio cables to your receiver's line in jacks. Then set your receiver to that channel. The receiver should have an integral amplifier that will provide ample power to the speakers.
Q:How much wattage should I have without breaking the amp and speaker? What's the difference between a subwoofer?
wattage comes in two flavors Peak-to-peek and RMS. A speaker is rated in OHMS. A 2 ohm speaker that is driven by a 50 watt amp - will be MUCH LOUDER than an 8 ohm speaker, driven by that same amp. You actually can damage a speaker with an UNDER-POWERED amp as well what happens is the AMP can't keep up with the power demand so it DUMPS all it's wattage in spurts which can damage your VOICE COIL(S). A sub-woofer is a speaker or set of speakers which has a very low FREQUENCY BAND. they often require more WATTAGE to provide the same output when compared to BASS speakers or MID-RANGE speakers. I hope that helps.
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
Based on your external speakers sounding OK, your sound card is OK. You probably have a loose wire or connector in your internal speaker wiring. It's unlikely that both speakers would fail at the same time. But if you only have one internal speaker (common on old laptops), the one speaker could have failed and your sound would be fuzzy and quiet. Several laptops, including Dell 700M units, run speaker wires thru the LCD hinge area causing them to flex and eventuall break. You'll need to remove the upper case plastics and keyboard and look at the wiring and speakers to see what needs repair.
Q:Built-in speakers?
Well the obvious thing is to follow the instructions in the manual and hook up the 4 built in speakers. (How can you have built-in speakers and not hook them up?) Generally people buy an AV Receiver from companies like Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo and a 5.1 speaker set from a company that only makes speakers. Then you feed the video to the TV and the audio to the AV Receiver. As you pointed out - now the volume is NOT controlled by the TV. But I suggest you hook up BOTH the TV speakers and the 5.1 sound system. Use the TV speakers for casual TV watching. Fire up the AV Receiver for serious HD movie or DVD watching.
Q:Mobile phone speakers have noise, how to do it?
3, the speaker hole foreign body block or enter the dust impurities, it is recommended to customer service center to deal with;

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