Latest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description:

Product Description

Latest Portable wireless mini bluetooth speaker

1, can use in Mobile phone, Computer, MP3, FM

2, Line in: 3.5mm Stereo's plugs

3, FM, bluetooth

4, Loud speaker

1, can use in Mobile phone, Computer, MP3/4, PSP/FM/TF/USB

2, Line in: 3.5mm Stereo's plugs

3, FM, bluetooth

4, Loud speaker

Can use devices:

Desktop computers, notebook, computers, PSP, Tablet, computer

MP3/MP4, Mobile phone etc.

Mobile phone, Computer, MP3/4, PSP/FM/TF/USB

Specification: With FM

1, Insert the TF card to play music.

Built-in TF smart decoder, you can listen to MP3 music stored in TF card.

2, AUX input plug

White work with AUX, , it is easily to listen to sound from PC, iPod/iPhone,


3, Bluetooth Handfree

Work with the Bluetooth for wireless communication

4, Stereo Bluetooth

Stereo Bluetooth Speakers, supporting A2DP/AVRCP, allow you enjoy wireless

HIFI stereo music.


Battery voltage: 3.7V Capacity: 520mAh

Charge voltage: 5V Loudspeaker size: 45mm 3W

Net weight: 230g S/N: ≥ 95dB

Distortion: ≤ 0.5% Size: 60*60*50mm

Bluetooth Pairing:

1, make sure the Bluetooth Speaker is in the off state

2, Press ON/OFF key to Bluetooth mode, blue LED will flash 6times. And short press Play/Pause key, blue and red LED flash alternately.

3, Follow the operating instruction of your mobile phone to searching Bluetooth headset. Typically, this is done by going to"Set up", "connect" or "Bluetooth" menu and then

Selecting the option to search Bluetooth devices.

4, The mobile can see S10 Bluetooth Speaker and ask if you wish to connect your mobile phone whith this speaker. Press"Yes" or "Confirm" to confirm this action.

5, Enter password or PIN 0000, and press "yes" or "confirm". (Important notice: If the connection is successful, blue LED will flash. If the pairing is unsuccessful, the LED Blue and Red will still flash alternately. You need to pair again.


Do not let children play the product

Do not hit or beat the product

Do not use in very humkd and high temperature environments. Product performance will decrease when it is used in cold regions

Do not throw the product into the fire

Do not block speaker's net above the body.

Please send to repair when the products is broken. Do not disassemble it by yourself.

It's not sovered under warranty when the product ha metal of rust, surface spalling and other natural oxidation.

Regular package details:

1X speaker, 1X gift box, 1X USB cable, 1X user manual
Latest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth SpeakerLatest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth SpeakerLatest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Q:Does the loudspeaker drive?
While the PC speaker driver as a speaker to use.
Q:What is the working principle of the loudspeaker?
1. Electric speaker structure is simple, easy to produce, and itself does not require large space, resulting in cheap, can be a lot of popularity.
Q:Speaker woofer what Q value is good
When the Q value is too low, the output sound pressure of the loudspeaker is not falling rapidly at F0, and the loudspeaker is in a damping state, causing the low frequency attenuation to be too large.
Q:Speakers These parameters represent what
F-130v on behalf of the speaker's caliber is 130mm is 5 inches
Q:How to set the speaker volume on the computer's master volume
it is recommended to change the computer to check the headset or speakers and other equipment sound quality problems) Start - control panel - sound and audio equipment -
Q:Loudspeaker headset or headset has been unplugged how to do?
1, you should first check whether the speaker is in a silent state; if it is canceled, if not 22, open the device manager (my computer right click - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager), see the audio device is working (
Q:What is the sound of the loudspeaker?
the coil on the inside or outside the movement, driven by the vibration of the cone sound.
Q:How does the loudspeaker sound?
First try to plug in the headset to see if there is no sound, the sound may be bad speakers.
Q:What is the loudspeaker?
Built-in speaker is the MP4 player with built-in speaker, so that users can not only through the headphone jack can also be built-in speakers to listen to the sound of MP4 players.
Q:The difference between loudspeakers and loudspeakers
There are portable, wireless, outdoor rods, and now the loudspeakers are generally rechargeable.

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