Latest design wooden doors/room door design

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Latest design wooden doors
1)each1pcs MDF on both sides
2)fir wood skeleton
3)PVC film on the surface
4)MDFstrips infill

Latest design wooden doors/room door design
Latest design wooden doors for room door design
Door stylePVC wooden door, Best interior toilet pvc wood bedroom door price
Standard size2050*830*40 mm or customized
Door leaf MDF board covered PVC film
Door frameSolid wood ,suitable for different wall thickness
Surface finshPVC film
InfillingHoneycomb paper/ MDF strips /Chipboard/Solid wood
Thick of PVC film0.14/0.16/0.18/0.20 mm
Thick of MDF board5/6/8 mm
Door leaf thickness35mm/40mm/45mm
Lock holeFree charges for opening lock hole
ColorAs client's request
CertificationCE, SONCAP, CIQ,ISO certificate.
AccessoriesHandles, lock, hinges
Delivery time20-25 days after receiving the deposit

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Q:Aluminum doors and windows how to dismantle
Up the fan. Can be on the screwdriver to the upper and lower sides of the screw on the lower edge of the glass took down on the so simple
Q:In the dry winter, you may have had this experience, when you have a carpeted walkway came to the door of the room, hand in contact with the metal door of the moment
It is because the winter weather is too dry, clothes and body friction larger, prone to static electricity, resulting in static electricity will produce a weak current, which will hear the "pop" sound
Q:What is the use of aluminum alloy door light?
Light enterprises: is to do one of the materials used in doors and windows. (Need to be used with other materials)
Q:Aluminum doors and windows of the three windows and doors is the three anti-
Anti-theft This is the basic function of the door, the door can be tamper, the use of general hand tools, 15 minutes can not pry open. Door locks can be anti-drilling, there is a certain scientific and technological content. Fire protection The door is made of metal, in the fire, a certain period of time, to prevent the fire and smoke spread, to prevent the spread of fire. Anti - noise Door body insulation material, cold and anti-noise, install the three anti-door, you can no longer install ordinary doors.
Q:Production of aluminum doors and windows of the professional qualification certificate how to apply
To the local decoration company asked clear, you can test engineers, construction division
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows what is called on the light
Above the fixed window, called on the bright, no side so called
Q:In Jail, do the Cells have doors or like in films, just several metal bars?
You asked a question on the UK Yahoo! site and in British prisons, the cells have solid metal doors with a small window covered on the outside by a metal flap. So there's some decent privacy but officers can still look in. This is largely done by the night staff who patrol several times during the night and look in to make sure you're still there. (Hint on this one - a common method of bullying is to turn your cell light on from the outside, knowing that you can't turn it off from the inside when it's been turned on from the outside, so you've got to sleep with the light on all night. If this happens to you, put a note under the door asking the night staff to turn it off, and next time they come round, they'll do that.) American prisons and jails can vary - some will be like that, others have just the metal bars.
Q:Consult steel doors and windows are good or aluminum doors and windows sound insulation good?
According to the nature of the material to analyze, of course, is the sound insulation of steel, heat insulation effect is better, but now there is a broken aluminum alloy aluminum, aluminum alloy is added in the middle of a plastic wear, coupled with double hollow glass , The effect will not be inferior to plastic The advantages of steel: sound insulation, heat insulation effect, cheap, but also look inside the steel wall thickness is not thick enough, the thicker the more solid. Plastic steel shortcomings: easy to fade, fade, aging, the sun through the sun will become thinner and thinner! Broken bridge aluminum advantages: than ordinary aluminum to sound insulation, heat insulation, light, good hardness, not easy to deformation! Broken bridge aluminum shortcomings: there is no drawback, that is expensive, there is the color of the points to see what the surface to do the process, the best choice of paint, easy to peel, the best choice powder coating process. Give you a little idea, if you want to be very sound, then suggest that you use glass glass with laminated glass is three layers of glass, so add you with broken bridge aluminum profile, it is absolutely sound! Hope to help you! If you do not care about the price, then I made the idea: with broken bridge aluminum alloy laminated glass, There is little to see what you do window type, sliding windows do not have flat windows soundproof okay!
Q:Aluminum doors and windows how to nail it?
The first hand drill hole, which is said to install the screws; only loaded nails, then the opposite side of the aluminum alloy with wood top, in the knock nails.
Q:Contact with the metal frame after the electricity is how to distinguish between static electricity or leakage
You touch, was electric, and then touch, if still electricity, that is, leakage; if no longer electricity, is static. You can try the hand has been on top, to see is not always have Ma Ma feeling, some words is leakage, no is static.

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