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Product Description:

Laser Keyboard Marking Machine

Main features

1. 50W (Diode pump Laser) Mark all the metals and almost all nonmetals

2. Laser Source: Diode pump laser

3. Marking size: 350x350mm 

4. Min Marking letter: 0.2mm 

5. Working time: 20,000 hours (5-6 years) 

6. Machine size: L: 1200, W:1050, H:1280(mm) 

7. Package size: L:1220 ,W:1120, H:1400(mm) 

8. Net weight: 250kg / Gross weight :300Kg 

9. Transportation: Sea 

10. Delivery time: 4-5 weeks 

11. CE ,FDA, and ISO9001: 2000 certificates


The advantages

1. Mark the laptop keyboards directly and don't need move out the buttons from the laptop.

2. Automatically mark the laptop keyboards or standards computer keyboards 

3. Computer control the laser marking machine completely. 

4. Easy to operation.

5. Working time near 20,000 hours and don't need changes any consumptive materials. 

6. This type laser marking machine can mark all the metal and almost non metal products very well. 

8. High Quality and very lowest price in the world. 

9. Marking size:110x450mm, during this size keyboards you can automatically mark any numbers, languages, logos on it.


Brief Introduction

This type laser marking machine is designed by our professional Technical team and special for The Keyboards laser marking application and it is also can automatically mark the keyboards of laptop, mobile, PDA and other products very well. 

It can easy to mark the any Languages, logos, series number,patterns etc.

It is also very easy to operate and the computer control the machine completely. 

Semiconductor Pump Laser Marker belong to the Middle&Top level products of YAG Lasers. It has high quality, competitive price, Low in process cost, More better marking effect, Reliability etc.


Entire Modular Design

Each modular has the corresponding independent movement space, Mutually connect simply and directly .Maximum reduce the electromagnetism interference and Heat interference and has guarantee the system long time operation stability.


Professional Laser Cavity design

The specialized laser resonant cavity design, guarantee the maximum optical efficiency and best laser pattern.At the same time, it may reduce the temperature dependence .



It may install the assembly production line, excellent marking with high performance.



Technology Parameter


Output Power50w
Beam Quality<4
Repeat Frequency ≤70khz 
Marking Scope 110mm*110mm 
Match Marking Scope 70*70mm, 150*150mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm 
Marking Depth Max. 0.3-0.5mm (stainless steel materials) 
Linear Speed ≤7000mm/s 
Min. Line Width 0.015mm 
Min. Character Size 0.2mm 
Repeat Accuracy ±0.003mm 
Machine Size 1200*1050*1280mm 
Package Size 1220*1200*1400mm 
Net Weight (kgs)200 
Gross Weight (kgs) 250 
Input Power 1.5kw 
Electrical Source220V/ 50HZ/ 15A 

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Q:What is the processing of materials?
Usually with hardness and toughness for cutting the roughness of the general judgment.
Q:How to improve the mechanical properties of materials?
As well as through the heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties of a certain aspect of the material.
Q:What are the main considerations when choosing mechanical parts?
The impact of ambient temperature, changes in ambient temperature will affect the expansion and contraction of parts; parts of the surface quality requirements and corrosion requirements; cost factors;
Q:What kind of materials can EDM machine
Theoretically, any conductive material can be machined with a wire EDM machine.
Q:Can the shears machine be processed?
Metal thickness of 50mm below the metal and a certain strength and toughness of non-metallic materials
Q:How to choose mechanical parts material ah?
Different parts require different, and some require strong wear resistance, and some require high strength, and some requirements of the surface friction is small, the specific requirements for each part to find out, and then according to the material wear resistance, strength and other physical properties selected
Q:What are the effects of heat treatment on the mechanical properties of metallic materials
Quenching: improve hardness, wear resistance, improve flexibility, improve strength and toughness;
Q:Mechanical material forming cold forming and thermoforming What is the difference, the main processing of what materials
Mechanical material forming Cold forming and thermoforming difference: molding is mainly for forging. Workpiece blank in the state of non-heating is forging molding is cold forming, heating in the state of forging is hot forming, thermoforming and temperature forging and hot forging, the temperature is different. Not only stainless steel, other materials forging this is the case. Mainly used to process steel parts.
Q:What kind of material is used for processing shafts?
Which is commonly used shaft material, of course, there are many materials can do shaft, heat treatment requirements are not the same, the specific circumstances of specific treatment, according to demand materials, can not be said that the shaft must use what material,
Q:Metal materials commonly used in the processing methods which
Extrusion, punching, reaming, upsetting, etc.) Die forging punching, bending, drawing, bulging, flaring, necking, flanging, etc. There are other special processing methods such as physical chemistry

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