Large span PC sheet greenhouse for sales

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Suit forVegetable Crops /Floriculture Production

A versatile greenhouse designed for vegetable crops or floriculture

A single piece arch rolled into a gothic peak for superior condensation control

Gutter vents and other natural ventilation options for the most effective and efficient airflow possible

The most economical greenhouse for large growers

Greenhouse Construction

l  By the 275g/m2 hot-dipping steel pipe, ( round pipe &rectangle pipe)

At least 10year warranty of the frame

Greenhouse Cladding

l  The greenhouse is covered by PEP film.

Film thickness: 80micron/100micron/120mircon/150 micron/200micron 

global light transmission: ≥ 90%

Diffusion :≤ 20%

UV transmission:300-390%

Tear Resistance 15gf/mic 

Dart Drop:1000G 

3-5year guarantee period.

Greenhouse Ventilation

l  Roof fixed window, top/side window, with manual or automatic open-close operation control system is optional

Greenhouse Film locking system

l  Wiggle wire nestled in an locking channel(locking profile) offers continuous force along the surface of plastic and is relatively easy to install

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