Large span PC sheet greenhouse for sales

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Suit forVegetable Crops /Floriculture Production

A versatile greenhouse designed for vegetable crops or floriculture

A single piece arch rolled into a gothic peak for superior condensation control

Gutter vents and other natural ventilation options for the most effective and efficient airflow possible

The most economical greenhouse for large growers

Greenhouse Construction

l  By the 275g/m2 hot-dipping steel pipe, ( round pipe &rectangle pipe)

At least 10year warranty of the frame

Greenhouse Cladding

l  The greenhouse is covered by PEP film.

Film thickness: 80micron/100micron/120mircon/150 micron/200micron 

global light transmission: ≥ 90%

Diffusion :≤ 20%

UV transmission:300-390%

Tear Resistance 15gf/mic 

Dart Drop:1000G 

3-5year guarantee period.

Greenhouse Ventilation

l  Roof fixed window, top/side window, with manual or automatic open-close operation control system is optional

Greenhouse Film locking system

l  Wiggle wire nestled in an locking channel(locking profile) offers continuous force along the surface of plastic and is relatively easy to install

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Q:cats and plastic?
This is a more difficult behavior to explain, and some cats are more prone to it than others. Most feline behaviorists have come to believe that some cats find a slight odor to the plastic and/or film surfaces simply irresistible, and also that the coolness and texture of the plastic and/or film must feel and taste good on the cat's tongue. It may also be another form of trying to nurse - sort of a feline oral compulsive behavior.
Q:What's the most heat resistant kind of plastic?
For the best answers, search on this site heat resistant is their way of saying it's not their fault if something catches fire or melts. Wood floor should be fine, and as long as the top of the fridge isn't made of cheap plastic it should be fine. you could always buy some pot holders (the flat square kind, insulated) and use those as a base.
Q:WHO INVENTED PLASTIC??? help easy 10 pts?
The inventor of the first synthetic polymer (later known as plastic) was Leo Baekeland. He called his invention “Bakelite”. Baekeland worked as a chemist in New York. He came up with the polymer (a chemical compound or mixture of compounds) by mixing a disinfectant (carbolic acid) with a preservative (formaldehyde). These two substances mixed together turned into a substance that could be bent, twisted and molded in any number of ways. A Belgian-born chemist-entrepreneur, Baekeland had a knack for spotting profitable opportunities. The first truly synthetic plastic was invented by Leo Baekeland - a Belgium chemist living in New York. Baekeland was already very rich as he had invented the first commercially successful photographic paper and sold it to George Eastman in 1898 for $1 million. With such money, Baekeland could engage himself in whatever research he decided to do. In 1905, he found that when he combined formaldehyde and phenol, he produced a material that bound all types of powders together. He called this material Bakelite - after himself - and it was the first thermosetting plastic in the world. This was a material that once it set hard would not soften under heat. It had so many uses and so many potential uses, that it was called the material of a thousand uses. Bakelite was water and solvent resistant; could be used as an electrical insulator; was rock hard but could be cut by a knife and was used in 78 rpm records and telephones. New plastics were invented such as neoprene in 1932, polythene in 1933 and Perspex in 1934. One of the most famous wholly synthetic fibres was invented in 1938 at the cost of $10 million - nylon. In the first year of its creation, nylon went into toothbrush bristles and nylon stockings. 64 million pairs of stockings were made in 1938 alone. Nylon was also used by the military in World War Two for gearing wheels in vehicles and parachute cords. Plastic as a whole was very important in World War Two.
Q:the usage of plastic bagss?!?!?
i work for a plastic recycling plant we get all kinds of plastics from car facias to plastic bags. but a lot of platic is throw away amd cant be processed because it has other naterials like foam or paper stuck to it and its to costly to seperate them. plastics bags if recyled can be good but things like bottles wrapped in paper labels are not
Q:why is plastic apparatus sterilized?
well I suppose it depends on WHICH plastic apparatus you are speaking of if it were medical like a catheter or syringe I would want it sterilized after manufacture and before use
Q:What are the raw materials of plastic products in life? Resin? Or oil?
There is no definite classification of plastics at present. The general classification is as follows: 1.. According to the physical and chemical properties of plastics, thermoplastics can be repeatedly heated, softened and cooled to harden in a certain temperature range. Such as polyethylene plastic, PVC plastic.Thermosetting plastics: Plastics cured by heat or other conditions without melting into insoluble material. Such as phenolic plastics, epoxy plastics and so on
Q:How do they make plastic?
Plastic is common name for a large number synthetic, organic solid materials. Plastics are typically long chains of simple molecules. The chains are made by a process called polymerization, usually heating under the presence of a katalyzer. The starting molecules are most often produced from oil. Scientists are seeking cheaper and better alternatives to oil-based plastics, like fructose.
Q:Garden hose repair: brass or plastic mender?
Depends on your age. Brass is Better for old timers who still believe metal is Better. Plastic is fine will last millions of years...threads may wear out but it will still be there. C'mon man its a 1.50 who gives a crap. Buy something that works for Christ sake.
Q:Are all types of plastic recyclable?
It depends on what your local recycling dump will take, if you live in a bigger city it'll probably be easier to find a place. However, in my small town it only allows general things, like water bottles or plastsic pop bottles.
Q:How are plastics manufactured?
All plastics are polymers. Polymers are made up of thousands of monomer units - the simplest is polyethylene, which is just a long chain of -CH2- groups. They're said to be made from petroleum because you have to have a carbon source in the first place to make the polymers. Many organic compounds are derived from petroleum, because it's far easier to refine petroleum than it is to modify elemental carbon

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