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Products Specs

Dimensions: 150 cm X 150 cm X 200 cm

Well designed by use of 19mm steel tubing and sturdy  corner brackets, has a very sturdy construction

210D or 600D Non-toxia, Highly reflective silver mylar fabric

Light weight grow tent comes in color combination of Black and Silver

Light-proof,waterproof and pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation


Using a Grow Tent made of reflective material has many advantages over a normal wooden grow box.


- First it's light weight (good for moving your grow hut around if it's needed).

- When you finished growing you can pack it up and put it away without taking too much space.

- It's 100% fire resistant so it's very safe to growing your own plants in it.

- It's way cheaper then building your own grow box and saving you time and effort.

- Easy to setup and install.

- It's 99% light proof. you can ignore that one procent because it's hardly noticable, you can put it in your bedroom and it will be still dark.

- It stand heat much better then a wooden grow box because the heat can grow throught the light weight material without any disadvantges to the grow tent

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Q:Are the tent floors and walls sealed?
In order to reduce the weight of the tent, the bottom of the waterproof performance is the most important indicator, if you want to live comfortably, then with a moisture-proof pad insulates moisture, in order to protect the tent bottom to increase the waterproof performance, also need to be equipped with a cloth, if coupled with a better sky
Q:What should I pay attention to in the tent?
First, the tent bottom before use the best together on a mat, to protect the ground, Himalaya mat and the tent is good, second, camping in tents do not pay attention to the use of fire, such as smoking, because the inner tent gauze, not fire, should pay attention to, the third is the hidden debt to get full, preferably with 5CM spacing between internal and external accounts, so that better waterproof effect
Q:What about the quality of outdoor tents?
1, see fabric waterproof performance, generally more than 2000, water pressure on the good2, look at the tent waterproof stickers, if the entire tent has waterproof paste, it will not leak
Q:Do you have to spread the cloth before setting up the tent?
It is not necessary, nor can it be paved
Q:Where would it be best to set up a tent in the wild?
Ideally, it should be high winds, rain protection, mountain torrents, and there will be no threat of falling rocks or avalanches.Hot air is less dense than cold air, so cold air collects at the bottom of the valley. The temperature is low, it is easy to form a wet fog and frost. In some areas, along the slopes, there are many platforms that admit rainwater, which is rather damp. Other parts of the slope are relatively dry.
Q:How should field tents be chosen?
When buying from the material, specifications, styles, performance considerations, in addition, brand awareness is also a lot of people consider
Q:What should we pay attention to when we set up tents outdoors?
Tent support should be in a relatively flat area, try not to have too much on sharp objects, such as stones, roots, branches etc.. If so, be sure to clean it up. Even the broken branches, branches are also very easy to tie the bottom of bad debts. Import and export should be back to the air, the ground should be relatively dry, if a thin lawn is the best, such as the ground slightly sloping, export should be selected in the downhill, so it is easy to ditch drainage.
Q:Tent is not waterproof, how to deal with?
Excellent quality of the rain Pengbu, not only the rain index is high, and the connection and the heavy pressure rubber strip in tarpaulin to seam, seam seepage line.
Q:How to keep warm in the tent?
Sleeping bags are bags for sleeping. At present, most of the sleeping bags in the market are marked by comfortable temperature and extreme temperature. The comfortable temperature is a series of temperature that users sleep during the whole night, with the highest and lowest limit. The highest comfort temperature is the heat that is felt in the sleeping bag but not a lot of sweat. The general definition is that the sleeping bag zips open, the arm is outside, and the sleeping bag does not tighten the head.
Q:How to choose tents, to suggest or recommend
Many domestic fabrics, fabrics, factories, technical equipment is poor, PU coating technology is unstable, PU1000 coated cloth actual rain performance is PU500, and very uneven, rainproof performance can not be guaranteed. So choose a tent, recommended to choose high quality manufacturers, many well-known brand does not mean high quality, but some for export of tents, due to the strict quality requirements of foreign products, this is an ideal choice for the tour pal.In addition to PU coating, foreign textile companies use technology of chemical organic polymer, developed a lot of new high functional coatings, such as GORE-TEX (Gore), POWER-TEX (SALEWA), CONDUIT (MOUNTAIN HARDWARE), OMNI, MEMOTEX etc.. These coatings have good water access and good ventilation ability. They are called breathable fabrics". The principle of air permeability is that the coating is a porous film, and the diameter of the single hole is smaller than that of the gas water molecule, but larger than the liquid water molecule. In this way, the outside rainwater can not pass through the coating, and the water vapor released by the human body can permeate into the outside world.

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