Laptop Screen 15.6 Led Screen For B156Xtn02.2

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Laptop screen 15.6 led screen for B156XTN02.2  




Detailed Product Description



Size 15.6 inch wide screen
Grade New A grade
Surface Glossy/Glare
Resolution 1366*768
Brand LG
Model B156XTN02.2
Packing 20pcs per carton
Warranty 3 months


1.Compatible model: LP156WH2/LP156WH4/B156XW02/LTN156AT02/LTN156AT24/N156BGE-L21


2.Applicability:normal 15.6 led screen for most laptop 15.6 inch

3.Packaging : Fragile Customized Package

4.Condition: Brand New, Direct from manufacture 100% COMPATIBLE





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813.3 SLIM LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSYB133XW03 V.2
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1114.0 SLIM LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSYB140XW03 V.0
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1314.1 LED 1280*800 NEW MATTELP141WX5 TPP1
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1515.4 LED 1400*900 NEW MATTELTN154BT08
1615.6 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSYLP156WH4 TLN2
1715.6 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSYB156XTN02.0
1816.4 LCD 1920*1080 NEW GLOSSYLQ164M1LA4A
1917.3 LED 1600*900 NEW GLOSSYN173FGE-L21/23




Packing Info


 Packing: All the screen are the most strong packing,make sure the cargo will be in very safe level.



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Q:Word jitter on a liquid crystal display
Causes of display jitterThe display refresh rate is set too lowWhen the display refresh frequency is set below 75Hz, the screen will often appear jitter and flicker phenomenon, the refresh rate is appropriately increased, such as set to higher than 85Hz, the phenomenon of screen jitter will not occur any more.The power transformer is too close to the monitor and the caseWhen the power transformer works, it will cause greater electromagnetic interference, resulting in jitter of the screen. Put the power transformer away from the cabinet and monitor, so that the problem can be solved easily.Inferior power or power supply equipment has been agingThe use of many brand-name computer power components work, the materials used are very poor, easy to cause the computer circuit or poor power supply capacity can not keep up, especially when the system is busy, the display screen will appear the phenomenon of jitter. When the power source of a computer starts to age, it can cause the same problem.The speakers are too close to the monitorThe magnetic field effect of the speaker interferes with the normal operation of the display, and causes the display to cause magnetic interference such as screen jitter and string color.Virus troubleSome computer viruses disrupt screen displays, such as character inversion, screen jitter, graphical flip displays, and so on. Screen shake scripts that are everywhere on the Internet are enough to make you look like an ox after you get caught.Poor contact with the display cardAfter re insert the display card, the fault can be eliminated.
Q:Liquid crystal display, rain like ripples
I don't know what kind of liquid crystal display you use. There are several possibilities:1, the power supply is not clean, there is interference2, VGA signal line use time is too long, the signal distortion is too serious3, the LCD LVDS signal line is not in good contact.4, or the motherboard filter design is not very good.
Q:How do you see the quality of LCD?
Hello, you said 2000:15000:18000:1 refers to the contrast, this is a parameter to measure the quality of the LCD screen, the definition of contrast is brightness / white screen black screen, generally the higher the contrast, the display will be better in some senseSelect several important parameters of lcd:1. brightness2. contrast3. colors,If you are 16.7M and 16.2M, we must give priority to the 16.7M, although it looks just a little bit, but is actually a lot worse, 16.2M is the use of some technology in static state can be achieved so much, but the movie actually only 262K color, a lot of difference4., if you play more dynamic games, then the reaction speed of liquid crystal also depends on the slow, there will be a dragIn addition what perspective ah what their look on the line, by the way check what the dead
Q:Computer LCD is painted with ballpoint pen. How do you erase it?!
You can use a computer cleaning kit to clean up.The first step: take out the liquid crystal special cleaning liquid, press the top 2-3 times and spray it evenly on the LCD screen (please refer to the LCD screen size for the specific dosage).The second step: take the product with special fine machine cloth, carefully wipe out from the center of the screen. Until the glue sprayed on the LCD screen is wiped clean.The third step: fine machine cloth can be used to wipe the LCD screen to wipe the body, it can use waste. With professional cleaning LCD screen what fine machine cloth to wipe the body is quite luxurious, so it is recommended to use used to clean enough.
Q:A thin line of liquid crystal display screen
Obviously is the LCD screen drive, the wiring has bad contact. But this cable doesn't work well, so it needs special tools. Repair.
Q:What are the advantages of LCD?
1, in fact, the biggest advantage is that the liquid crystal display power consumption and volume compared with the traditional CRT, the traditional CRT, its power consumption is almost 80W, but most of the LCD power on 40W, in so doing, it has obvious advantages in energy saving liquid crystal.2, compared with the traditional CRT LCD is also reflected in the environmental performance, this is because the LCD has no high voltage components like CRT, so it may not appear as X ray high voltage lead to exceed the standard, so the radiation indicators generally lower than CRT.3, because the CRT display is the electromagnetic field generated by a deflection coil to control the electron beam, but due to the electron beam on the screen and not absolute positioning, so CRT display usually there are different degrees of geometric distortion, linear distortion. And because of the principle of LCD, it will not appear any geometric distortion, linear distortion, and this is also a big advantage.Of course, in addition to these advantages, the LCD also has a clear advantage in the light.
Q:Computer even LCD display how to adjust the clarity?
This situation can be solved by reference to the following methods:1, start the computer, come to the desktop, in the blank, click the right mouse button, to open the desktop right-click menu.2, in the pop-up right-click menu, select the property, this one click.3, and then go to the display properties window, move the cursor right, and select the settings tools menu.4, below the settings toolbar, find the screen resolution, a general screen resolution of 1024X768.5, use the mouse to hold down the slider, adjust the resolution, set it to 800X600, set it and press "OK" button. Each person's screen size is different, according to the size of their computer screen to set the resolution. But do not adjust the screen too high, otherwise it will be black screen, that would be troublesome.6, after setting the screen resolution, back to the desktop, take a look at the size of the desktop icon changes, and whether the rubber is clear, and so on, if not suitable, then you need to re tune, directly to the satisfaction.
Q:How does white screen appear on HP LCD?
Graphics card problem, look at the driver
Q:LCD display driver, there are 3 files, how to install?
Here's a simple oneClick 2405fpw.inf right > select Install so that you may be able to load the driver of your monitor
Q:How many years can the AOC LCD monitor last?
LCD and brand are not very different. This kind of thing is to see their luck. It's as if someone asked you if SONY's TV would last a few years.

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