Laptop LCD Screen 15.6 Lp156Wh4 Bt156Gw01 N156B6-L04 B156Xtn02.1 Ltn156At02 Ltn156At05 1366*768 With Cheap Price

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laptop lcd screen 15.6 LP156WH4 BT156GW01 N156B6-L04 B156XTN02.1 LTN156AT02 LTN156AT05 1366*768 with cheap price 

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ConnectorStandard 40 pin


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Q:What are the components in a liquid crystal display?
There should be screen, high voltage board, drive board, lamp tube. Shell, transposon, screen, high voltage board, driver board, lamp "these effects display effect
Q:LCD display pattern
This is basically your graphics card or memory there is a quality problem, or memory speed does not match. Try changing the display card. If it is later added to the graphics card, you must pay attention to the best purchase and the original display card exactly the same film.The display shows wave interference or shows a snowflake pattern; what you see may be caused by the ripple effect of the display. Because the video signal has been changing, the problem of video ripples is difficult to solve. The scan ripple depends on the horizontal sweep rate (refresh rate), and this can be reduced by selecting the right frequency. At present, there are some high-end display set with advanced elimination of ripple distortion function. For a display without this function, ripple effects can be reduced by adjusting resolution.Computer wiring and common faults
Q:Samsung LCD display flash is what happened?
Should be the backlight aging, resistance increases, as the boot event increases, the temperature rise, resistance decreases, so that it does not flash.To repair is to change the backlight, if the backlight all replaced, then about 500 yuan.
Q:Computer LCD is painted with ballpoint pen. How do you erase it?!
Very good. Go to the computer store to buy a set. Clean suit, 10 within a short time wiped clean, it is best not to use who wipe, unsafe, and I hope to help you.
Q:LCD display driver, there are 3 files, how to install?
Device Manager - Monitor - update drivers - from list... - in search... Select the location where you driveBut to tell the truth is no use, but after installation, because of the ICC configuration file, the image browsing and PS color is inconsistent
Q:Are laptops using LCDs?
Laptops do not all use liquid crystal displays, typically LCD and CRT displays. The LCD monitor is a liquid crystal display.LCD (Liquid, Crystal, Display) liquid crystal display. The structure of the LCD is placed in the liquid crystal box two parallel glass substrate, glass substrate is provided under the TFT (thin film transistor), on the glass substrate is arranged on the color filter, rotation direction signal and the voltage change by TFT to control the liquid crystal molecules, so as to achieve the control of each pixel or to exit light to display. Now, LCD has replaced CRT as the mainstream, and prices have dropped a lot, and have been fully popularized.CRT is a cathode ray tube (Cathode Ray Tube) display, there are five main components: electron gun (Electron Gun) (Deflection coils), deflection coil (Shadow, mask), the mask of phosphor layer (Phosphor) and glass shell. It was one of the most widely used CRT display, flat panel display with large viewing angle, no dead pixels, color reproduction and high color uniformity, adjustable multi-resolution model, short response time and the like LCD display is difficult to go beyond, and CRT display price before a lot cheaper than LCD monitors.
Q:What is the difference between LCD and printed color difference?
The screen is RGB simply three primary colors, each of which has 255 levels, namely the 255*255*255 so many colors, and printing CMYK four-color printing screen printing - so not so bright, so the design of the color mode to CMYK mode is good
Q:What is the reason that LCD suddenly turns blue? How to solve?
No contact with the computer host, okay? You try again, my monitor has also had this problem
Q:PHILPS 23 inch LCD is always black screen?
Re update the problem host video card driver, resetting the resolution and refresh frequency.
Q:The tube above the LCD has a sound
This should not be the lamp, transformer power supply board but display inside the sound, as long as the noise is small, it should be no problem ah, repair the power board for a bit expensive.

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