Lan Cable Utp 4 pairs cat5e network cable

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100 m
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1000 m/month

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:305 meters/roll
Delivery Detail:7 days 5000 rolls


lan cable utp 4 pairs cat5e network cable 
1. 4 pairs network cable 
2.cca,copper material 
3.4 pairs 

lan cable utp 4  pairs cat5e  network cable

Category 5e is a basic element of cat5e line of products designed for high speed networkd applications (eg.GigaEthernet 1000Base-T). 4 pair UTP with different pitch for each pair. Small outside dameter, high flexibility. Available in 305m lengths and packed in carton boxes for easy transportation and laying in troughs. The cable does not feed fire and goes out when the source of fire is removed. Recommended

as a basic product for horizontal cabling.

Conductor size(mm):               24AWG(0.5)MM)

Insulated conductor diameter(mm):      <=1.0

Single pair shield:                   none

Cable shield:                       none

Outside cable dameter(mm):        <=5.50

Temperature range©

during installation:              0 to 50

during operation:               20 to 50c

Acceptable bend radius

during installation:            8*cable size

during operation:             4*cable size

Sheath:                     PVC (IEC-332.1)

Sheath colour:                grey

Pair 1:                   white-blue/ blue

Pair 2:                   white-orange/ orange

Pair 3:                   white-green/ green

Pair 4:                  white-brown/ brown


shipping weight(kg):       11.5



Insertion Loss(1-100MHz)                  <=1.967f +0.023f +0.050/f    db

NEXT(1-100MHz)                         >=35.3-15log(f/100)         db

PSNEXT(1-100MHz)                       >=32.3-15log(f/100)         db   

PSELFEXT(1-100MHz)                     >=20.8-20log(f)            db    

RL(1<=F<10MHz)                          >=20+5log(f)              db    

RL(10<=F<20MHz)                         >=25                     db     

RL(20<=F<100MHz)                        >=25-7log(f/20)            db  

Delay(1-100MHz)                           <=534+36/f               db    

Delay Skew(1-100MHz)                     <=45                     db     

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