Lan Cable Utp 4 pairs cat5e network cable

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1000 m/month

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:305 meters/roll
Delivery Detail:7 days 5000 rolls


lan cable utp 4 pairs cat5e network cable 
1. 4 pairs network cable 
2.cca,copper material 
3.4 pairs 

lan cable utp 4  pairs cat5e  network cable

Category 5e is a basic element of cat5e line of products designed for high speed networkd applications (eg.GigaEthernet 1000Base-T). 4 pair UTP with different pitch for each pair. Small outside dameter, high flexibility. Available in 305m lengths and packed in carton boxes for easy transportation and laying in troughs. The cable does not feed fire and goes out when the source of fire is removed. Recommended

as a basic product for horizontal cabling.

Conductor size(mm):               24AWG(0.5)MM)

Insulated conductor diameter(mm):      <=1.0

Single pair shield:                   none

Cable shield:                       none

Outside cable dameter(mm):        <=5.50

Temperature range©

during installation:              0 to 50

during operation:               20 to 50c

Acceptable bend radius

during installation:            8*cable size

during operation:             4*cable size

Sheath:                     PVC (IEC-332.1)

Sheath colour:                grey

Pair 1:                   white-blue/ blue

Pair 2:                   white-orange/ orange

Pair 3:                   white-green/ green

Pair 4:                  white-brown/ brown


shipping weight(kg):       11.5



Insertion Loss(1-100MHz)                  <=1.967f +0.023f +0.050/f    db

NEXT(1-100MHz)                         >=35.3-15log(f/100)         db

PSNEXT(1-100MHz)                       >=32.3-15log(f/100)         db   

PSELFEXT(1-100MHz)                     >=20.8-20log(f)            db    

RL(1<=F<10MHz)                          >=20+5log(f)              db    

RL(10<=F<20MHz)                         >=25                     db     

RL(20<=F<100MHz)                        >=25-7log(f/20)            db  

Delay(1-100MHz)                           <=534+36/f               db    

Delay Skew(1-100MHz)                     <=45                     db     

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The wire is the same, just different color so you dont confuse yourself when installing. You'll actually have to upgrade BOTH wires to properly do the big 3. 1. + Batt to + Alternator output post 2. - Batt to frame/chassis 3. frame/chassis to engine block 4. (For extra) engine block to - Batt All in at least 0 awg gauge wire. I've done my in 0/2 awg gauge welding cables.
Q:I want to add more Hardrives in my computer but i only have one sata cable how do i add more cables ?
Most all motherboards have like 6-10 SATA ports on them, meaning you can connect 6 sata devices (hard drive or dvd drives). Your power supply is what gives you sata power cables. Your psu needs to have the cables already built into it, since the psu has to have the power to actually power all those devices, so it only comes with cables of what its capable of powering. There are 4pin molex adapters which allow you to use a 4pin molex to power sata devices. So you would need to buy sata cables to connect drive to motherboard, and your psu needs to be capable of powering them. You may need to buy a new psu.
Q:I can not shut down my PC unless I remove the power cable. The power button doesn't work either. Any ideas?
replace your power button and reinstall your oprating system.
Q:what happens when A power cable of copper is stretched straight between two fixed towers.?
Change in length=(coefficient of expansion)(original length)(change T)= (.0017)(chose your favoret length, I chose 100)( -128 because T is decreeing)=-21.76 Strain = (change in length)/(original length)= 21.76/100= .2176Pa (for simplicity's sake I dropped the negative, rember the wire is in tension) Stress = (youngs modulus)(strain)= (11•10^10)(.2176)= 2.3936•10^10 Pa The UTS (2.4•10^8)<(2.39•10^10) so there is definitely necking and because of the difference most likely there was failure long ago.
Q:Are all AC power cables for electronics that are the same voltage and amperage the same size?
Flexible cables for use at low voltage e.g. for mains adaptors and speakers, are probably good for at least 100 volts. They are usually rated for current, and are well over-engineered, so anything rated from 1 amp up will work fine. I wouldn't use a cable rated for more than, say 3 amps because there will be more chance of a thicker cable shorting out in the plug - there isn't a lot of space between the terminals.
Q:Can you use any power cable with any amp?
It means that it has 300 watts of power . Thats a lot of power. 120VAC means that you connect it to a regular wall plug. If you can connect it to the amp and the wall socket , you got yourself an amp.
Q:were can i get a sata cable for data not power? If you can't find your comp parts here, you probably won't find them anywhere lol! But no seriously, I'm building a comp myself and have been in their City of Industry, CA store quite a few times, and they have literally everything you would need to build a comp from the ground up.
Q:Xbox 360 S loose power supply cable - and possible voltage drop?
It's not possible to drop voltage as you said. It's either connected, or it's not. The power won't wain. It just won't work at all if not properly inserted. But if the power cord won't seat properly in a brand new console, you're still under warranty. I'd get it replaced if I were you..
Q:Where to buy a 12V 4.0A DC power cable?
If the pin fits, and the tolerance on the 12V is comparable, the better amperage should not be a controversy. in case you have a voltage meter, you are able to verify the 12V adaptor for its output.
Q:Blown fuse on power cable for ipod speakers?
A 110 ac plug configuration is usually not the same as a 220 ac plug configuration. they look completely different and will not pug into each, I'm not sure how you managed to do that. Now, I am talking about the United States (not sure where you live). Anyway, I'm sure you can find a new power cable online. Or have Best buy order one for you if they don't have it in stock.

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