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Product Description:

High-Efficiency 165W High-Frequency Induction Lamp

High-efficiency and energy-saving 

Green and environmental -protection



165W High-frequency induction lamp


1. High-efficiency and energy-saving 

The lighting efficiency of the system reaches up to 110 lm /w.And the power factor  reaches up to 99%.The energy consumption of idle work is reduced.It saves above 90% energy when compared with incandescent lamp and saves above 50% energy when compared with high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp.


2. Green and environmental –protection. 

Solid amalgam and lead free glass are adopted .Above 99% materials can be recycled.which meets the international requirement of environmental protection.


3. Excellent color rendering 

The color rendering index is large than 80.And the light color is mild,which can present the natural color of objects.


4. Optional color temperature 

The color temperature ranges from 2700K-6500k.And there are also many patterns of colorful light bulb.


5. Have no strobe 

It works in 2.65Mhz high frequency ,which will not produce harm of stroboscopic effect .


6.Little light evanescence 

The luminous flux maintenance factor of 2000 hours is 95%.The luminous flux maintenance factor of 20000 hours is 80%.The luminous flux maintenance factor of 30000 hours of 75%.


7.Ultra-long service life 

The aging of lamp filament and electrode sputter are the main reason in limiting the service life tional light source .The Electrodeless lamp has no lamp filament and electrode inside and frequency electromagnetic induction coupling way to excite to shine.The working life is above 30000 hours.


8.Instant –on and restart 

It is instant lighted.And the switching number reaches up to 200000.


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Q:What are the advantages of incandescent and fluorescent lamps?
At present, in the world are out of incandescent, China has also started from this year to prohibit the production and sale of high-power incandescent bulbs
Q:Will incandescent light be white?
Each element can only emit some specific frequency of light, it has its unique spectral line - characteristic lines, their lines are different, just as each of us has a different fingerprints.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of incandescent lamps
And equipped with light fixtures, ceiling and wall mounting equipment and concealed devices
Q:Energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps which light is good
The energy-saving lamp spectrum is discontinuous, for example at 520 nm
Q:What is the incandescent filament?
In addition to a small amount of tungsten wire used as a high-temperature furnace heating material, the tube of heat and composite materials such as stiffeners
Q:The principle of light
Its working principle is: current through the filament (tungsten wire, melting point of more than 3000 degrees Celsius) to produce heat
Q:The diameter of the traditional white light bulb lamp
Most people think that the inventor of the invention is invented king Edison,
Q:Why is the incandescent lamp burned at the moment of turning on the lights?
It will produce a moment of high current, by Joule law we can release a lot of heat
Q:Why does the incandescent light go out when it turns out?
Because at some temperature some of the tungsten atoms will evaporate into gas and deposited on the glass surface of the bulb
Q:Incandescent a total of several wattage?
Table lamp should not be too bright, with ordinary light bulbs 15 watt appropriate, with three primary colors energy-saving lamps 3 watt appropriate

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