Laminate Floor Cutter 8 inch cutting capacity

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Product Name: Laminate floor cutter Model Number: PT1401002 Max Cutting Length: 210MM
Max Cutting Depth: 10MM Certification: CE/EMC/GS/CCC Packing Dimension: 69.5X26.5X41cm
Warranty: 12 Months Weight: 6.0KG Pieces per carton: 2 pieces

Product Description:

Laminate Floor Cutter 8 inch cutting capacity

Laminate Floor Cutter 8 inch cutting capacity

Laminate Floor Cutter 8 inch cutting capacity

Laminate Floor Cutter 8 inch cutting capacity

Brief introduction for laminate floor cutter

This laminate floor cutter is guaranteed to provide quick and easy cuts for all laminate flooring up to 210mm (8 in) wide and 12mm(15/32) deep. The cutter produces a clean, professional finish and its simple cutting process helps to speed up the installation. It is easy to use, and the blade speeds accurately through cuts. It cuts at 90 degrees.The positional V support, which is supplied with the cutter, ensures the laminate panels are held level and secure during the cut. The unique, long life blade is engineered for safe cutting and requires no maintenance.

Over 10 years of producing quality professional products has made us a leading supplier of tiling and safety products. 

Whilst this gives them access to greater resources it remains their objective to provide products of a professional quality to DIY consumers that are easy to select and use.

Cuts laminate up to 8" wide and 10 mm thick. Indoor, dust-free cutting speeds up installation. Heavy duty steel frame for maximum stability. Adjustable "V" support keeps planks level while cutting. 1-Year warranty.

Characteristics of Laminate floor cutter

Indoor, dust-free cutting cutting speeds up installation.

  • Cuts laminate planks up to 8 in. wide and 12 mm thick.

  • Heavy duty steel frame for maximum stability

  • Positional "V" support keeps planks level while cutting

  • Dimensions: 5.9" H x 27.5" L x 10" W

  • Weight: 13.2 lbs

Laminate Floor Cutter 8 inch cutting capacity

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