Ladders & Scaffoldings tube and coupler scaffold

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AJ-01 Scaffolding coupler


Scaffolding Parts,forged or pressed

Scaffolding Part Type:

Scaffolding Couplers




Silver or Gold


tube and coupler scaffold

Surface Finish:



double or swivel or other type


48.3mm or 48.6mm



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in boxes or bags

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Packaging Detail:tube and coupler scaffold Packing Way: in box or as your request
Delivery Detail:20~25days after receiving the deposit or L/C

Specifications and coupler scaffold 
2. We are manufacturer. 
4.OEM service is supplied

   tube and coupler scaffold           







Company Information

1. classification of tube and coupler scaffold         




Product Description


Forged Double Coupler1.0kg
Forged Swivel Coupler1.15kg
Pressed Double Coupler0.65kg
Pressed Swivel Coupler0.65kg
Drop Forged Beam Clamp1.4kg
Forged Sleeve Coupler1.0kg

Advanced structure, all steel cold forming, strength and toughness than the national standards and international standards, the complete elimination of the old cast iron fasteners for fastening fracture resulting in the collapse of scaffolding accidents. 
Skid excellent - fit a large area .Ensure that the pipe fitting and fasteners were surface state, and fit the largest overcome the old fasteners and steel showed a point or line fit, eliminating the pipe slip risks, to ensure and improve the overall mechanical properties of the scaffold and safety performance of coupler scaffolding material.
Strong anti-off - new connector In the case of the steel pipe to ensure that the shift change, the fastener is always able to correctly and firmly fixed to the vertical, eliminating the possibility of slippage of the pipe. 

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Q:Please help me in building professional people (scaffolding)
Ordinary scaffolding is a variety of length of steel pipe and direct, cross buckle, three kinds of fastenerClimbing scaffolding is the use of steel or steel beams to do the platform, and above the same as ordinary scaffolding
Q:Key points for safety of portal scaffolding
The main points of the safety of portal scaffolding1, scaffold erection must be held by professional Jia Zigong, and according to the current national standard "special operations personnel safety assessment management rules" (GB5036) qualification certificates. Staff should conduct regular physical examination, which is not suitable for high operator, not on the scaffold.
Q:What are the components of a mobile scaffolding
The main parts of the door type scaffolding are the basic structure of the door frame, the cross support, the connecting rod, the hanging button type foot board or the horizontal frame, the lock arm, etc.
Q:how long will a scaffold piercing take to heal?
They take around 6-9 months to heal shouldn't be taking it out at all. I stupidly took mine out after 3 months to clean a bit behind the bar and the bar would never go back through the top hole. It hurt like crap and bled profusely if I tried to push it through.
Q:Why is it necessary to keep records of all inspection carried out on scaffolds as stated in Regulation 39?
To cover your A** in case of injury or an inspection.
Q:whats the symbolic significance of the scaffold, the rosebush, and pearl in the book THE SCARLET LETTER?
I dont think she explained the rose bush very well. i think that it refers to Good and bad. Good being the rose and bad being the thorns Hester said in the book that she picked Pearl off a rose bush. Hester loves pearl but also fears her
Q:Bowl buckle scaffold inspection and evaluation
1 main components should have product identification and product quality certificate.2 the supplier shall provide the material, product inspection report of the pipe, parts, casting, stamping parts and so on.
Q:A painter is standing on a scaffold raising at a constant speed. He pushes a can over at 15.00 meters.?
The initial velocity is not zero since the scaffold is moving upward when the can gets pushed over. And final velocity, vf, does not represent the speed of the scaffold (if that is what you're trying to solve). y = (vo)(t) - (1/2)gt² 15 m = (vo)(3.25 s) - (1/2)(9.81 m/s²)(3.25 s)² vo = +20.5 m/s
Q:During what month does Hester mount the scaffold in The Scarlet Letter?
Here is a good analysis and summary from Shmoop.
Q:New features of quick dismantling scaffolding?
The scaffold material for the Q235 high frequency welded pipe diameter 48mm wall thickness 2.75mm-3.5mm can be processed in accordance with the requirements of

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