L7 Mini Circuit Breaker MCB

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L7 has protective function of overload, and is used in lighting distribution system in industry, commerce, dwelling and protect fractional electric motors. They also have many merits of high protective grade (up to IP20), high breaking capacity, reliable sensitive action, convenient multi-pole assembling and long life. They are mainly adapted to the circuit of AC 50Hz, 230V in single-pole, 400V in double/three/four-pole for protecting overload and short circuit. Meanwhile, they are also used in turning on or off the electric apparatus and lighting circuit under the normal conditions.



1) Conforms to standards of electrical EN60898 (IEC898), GB10963-99

2) Rated current: 230V/400V, 50/60Hz

3) Rated breaking capacity: 10kA IEC898 (0.5 - 63A), 15kA IEC947-2 (0.5 - 63A)

4) Short circuit breaking capacity of DC: max. 48V (KL7, 10kA) single-pole, max. 250V (KL7-DC, 6kA) single-pole

5) Performance: C, D characteristic curve

6) Max. fuse that can be connected to: 100AgL (>10kA)

7) Selective grade: 3

8) Working ambient temperature: -5 - 40°C

9) Enclosed protective class: P40 (under mounting)

10) Life:

a) Electrical: not less of 8,000 times switching operation

b) Mechanical: not less of 20,000 times switching operation


Main technical parameters

Number of poles 1P 2P 3P 4P
Rated Current(In) 1-63A
Rated Voltage(Un) AC 230(240)/400(415)V
Rated frequency 50(60)Hz
Curve B C D
Short-circuit breaking capacity(Icn) 10000A
Magnetic releases operate        B curve: between 3 and 5 In/C curve: between 5 and 10 In/D curve: between 10 and 14 In
Endurance   ≥ 4000
Terminal protection IP20



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Q:The difference between the fuse and the air switch
fast fuse is mainly when there is short-circuit over-current, over-voltage can be timely blow to protect the load and line normal to prevent accidents, failure to expand.
Q:Fuse F5AL250V said what
it is possible to burn the circuit or even cause a fire.
Q:Is the fuse blown directly with copper wire?
While the melting point of copper wire is much higher than the lead tin, the current is still not large when the fuse will damage the electrical. If you can not find it,
Q:The difference between the fuse gG and the aR
the fuse is based on its function to divide its work level
Q:What are the characteristics of the fuse?
The rated current of the melt is selected according to the load current of the protected equipment
Q:Fuse inspection check how to do?
check the fuse of the contact point is intact, close contact, with or without overheating.
Q:What is the factor of the fuse tube?
The life of the fuse is very long and can be synchronized with the life of the device in the event of no trouble.
Q:Why the neutral line can not fuse
if the zero line of the fuse accidentally damaged, in this circuit all with single-phase electrical equipment have 220V The ground voltage is quite dangerous.
Q:What is the difference between resistance and resistance fuses
while the resistance is when the power exceeds the power, Will burn up and smoke.
Q:Can the fuse be connected to the zero line?
Why the fuse can not be connected to the zero line: because in the electrical safety
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