Kwikstage System Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345 CNBM

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20 m.t.
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3000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Kwikstage System Scaffolding with  Steel Q235 Q345 


Cup-lock System Scaffolding with Painted Steel Q235 Q345 

Place of Origin


Brand name


Main Material

Q345 ,Q235

Surface Treatment

High Protected Painted, Powder Coating, Electric   Gavenized, Hot Dip Gavenized.


Silver, Orange




Automatic Welding


OEM Service available




T/T or L/C in sight

Delivery Time

About 20-30 days after confirmation


in bulk or steel pallet or as your request

production capability

100 tons per day

Kwikstage System Scaffolding with  Steel Q235 Q345  CNBM

Kwikstage System Scaffolding with  Steel Q235 Q345  CNBM

Kwikstage System Scaffold Standard / Verticals
KS.S.2970Kwikstage Standard 2970mm(9'9")17.3738.29
KS.S.2475Kwikstage Standard 2475mm(8'2")14.5932.17
KS.S.1980Kwikstage Standard 1980mm(6'6")11.8726.18
KS.S.1485Kwikstage Standard 1485mm(4'10")9.0820.02
KS.S.990Kwikstage Standard 990mm(3'3")6.2913.87
KS.S.495Kwikstage Standard 495mm(1'8")3.507.71

Kwikstage System Scaffold Ledger / Horizontal
KS.L.3048Kwikstage Ledger 3048mm(10')11.9026.23
KS.L.2438Kwikstage Ledger 2438mm(8')9.7921.58
KS.L.1829Kwikstage Ledger 1829mm(6')7.6016.75
KS.L.1524Kwikstage Ledger 1524mm(5')6.5114.35
KS.L.1268Kwikstage Ledger 1268mm(4'2")5.5912.32
KS.L.1219Kwikstage Ledger 1219mm(4')5.4111.92
KS.L.914Kwikstage Ledger 914mm(3')4.329.52
KS.L.762Kwikstage Ledger 762mm(2'6")3.778.31

Kwikstage System Scaffold Transom
KS.T.8Kwikstgae Transom 2438mm (8')19.5143.02
KS.T.6Kwikstgae Transom 1829mm (6')14.8532.74
KS.T.5Kwikstgae Transom 1524mm (5')12.4627.47
KS.T.42Kwikstgae Transom 1268mm (4'2")10.5623.28
KS.T.4Kwikstgae Transom 1524mm (4')10.2022.49
KS.T.3Kwikstgae Transom 914mm (3')7.8117.22
KS.T.26Kwikstgae Transom 762mm (2'6")6.6914.75
KS.T.19Kwikstgae Transom 530mm (1'9")4.9610.94

Kwikstage System Scaffold Return Transom
KS.RT.2438Kwikstage Return Transom 2438mm (8')29.6665.40
KS.RT.1829Kwikstage Return Transom 1829mm (6')22.1748.88
KS.RT.1524Kwikstage Return Transom 1524mm (5')18.5640.92
KS.RT.1268Kwikstage Return Transom 1268mm (4'2")15.5234.22
KS.RT.1219Kwikstage Return Transom 1219mm (4')14.9432.94
KS.RT.914Kwikstage Return Transom  914mm (3')11.3224.96
KS.RT.762Kwikstage Return Transom  762mm (2'6")9.5220.99

Kwikstage System Scaffold Ladder Access Transom
KS.ALT.2438Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom 2438mm (8')16.8837.22
KS.ALT.1829Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom 1829mm (6')14.6932.39
KS.ALT.1268Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom 1268mm (4'2")12.6827.96

Kwikstage System Scaffold Diagonal Brace / Bay Brace
KS.DB.30*25Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 3926mm (10'x8'2")11.7125.82
KS.DB.30*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 3635mm (10'x6'6")10.9624.17
KS.DB.24*25Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 3474mm (8'x8'2")10.5423.24
KS.DB.24*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 3141mm (8'x6'6")9.6821.34
KS.DB.18*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2695mm (6'x6'6")8.5218.79
KS.DB.18*15Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2356mm (6'x4'10")7.6416.85
KS.DB.18*10Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2079mm (6'x3'3")6.9315.28
KS.DB.15*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2498mm (5'x6'6")8.0117.66
KS.DB.15*15Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2128mm (5'x4'10")7.0515.55
KS.DB.15*10Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1817mm (5'x3'3")6.2513.78
KS.DB.12*20Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 2351mm (4'2"x6'6")7.6316.82
KS.DB.12*15Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1953mm (4'2"x4'10")6.6014.55
KS.DB.12*10Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1609mm (4'2"x3'3")5.7112.59
KS.DB.07*15Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1669mm (2'6"x4'10")5.8612.92
KS.DB.07*10Kwikstage Diagonal Brace 1249mm (2'6"x3'3")4.7710.52

Kwikstage System Scaffold Mesh Panel / Brick Guard
KS.MP.2438Kwikstage Mesh Panel 2438mm(8')21.3747.11
KS.MP.1829Kwikstage Mesh Panel 1829mm(6')15.3833.91
KS.MP.1268Kwikstage Mesh Panel 1268mm(4'2")11.9326.31
KS.MP.762Kwikstage Mesh Panel 762mm(2'6")8.8219.45


1. What is considerations of Scaffolding installation?

There must be a fire protection measures and specialist care, safety personnel patrol inspection when electricity, gas welding work on the scaffold,

(1) scaffold frontage hurtful to prevent falling objects protection is required.

(2) During take down the scaffolding, fencing and warning signs should be set up on the ground, prohibit others person besides the operator

2.What are the certifications of your products?

Certified by SGS, BS1139, EN74, Local Test Report.

3. How long is the warranty period for your product?

Our products warranty is 2 years.

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Q:Muslim scaffolding question for dbq? Please help.?
people he unlikes and can u help me make an abc book about the revolutionary war
Q:Which is faster and more convenient for the construction of the scaffold and bowl buckle scaffold
In a word: wheel buckle scaffolding came into being on the scaffolding template leasing industry and the construction industry have much impact on the use of time to prove.
Q:How to allow the height of the bowl - shaped steel tube scaffold
The risk of a larger segment of the project safety management approach, the fifth set up a height of more than 50m of the floor type steel scaffolding, construction units must organize experts to demonstrate the program.Standard Specification for Standard Specification for bowl buckle steel tubular scaffolding
Q:how much does a scaffold/industrial piercing cost?
it really depends on where you get it done i not really good on math but it should only cost 30 or so check around where you live and see go to a local tattooing shop they should do piercings there for cheap and on the pain level i give about a 6 or 7 depending or youre pain tolarance i hope this helps
Q:Where is bamboo scaffolding used in the USA?
best I can do ...maybe to give you some leads..... I would say china would be a major importer...
Q:Possible Scaffold Infection =/?
You shouldn't need to see the doctor. You may be having a reaction to the jewelry. Doctors are not very knowledgeable about piercings. In fact, most that I've met are quite biased against them. Swelling with a scaffold piercing is normal. Sometimes it takes a few days to take effect. Go to your piercer and let them take a look at it first. If you're wearing surgical steel you may need titanium. Also make sure you're only using sea salt soaks twice a day to keep it clean. No antiseptic cleaners, witch hazel, alcohol, peroxide, antibiotic ointment, most soaps, etc.
Q:Scaffolding tube – How strong with a straight coupling?
The problem with your proposal is that you realise that the wind/rain could have an effect but chose to ignore the consequences if it occurs. 'Proper' scaffolding is designed and such an unsupported span would never occur in a 'normal' scaffold so the standard calculations would not work. There is also the possible effect on the walls, could they take an abnormal load? I would look at theatrical or music stage hire using trussed beams.
Q:do you think i should do an scaffold piercing ?????
well, i'd say cartilidge is the least painful and probably the most convienent out of the three. i did mine by myself a few times and i wasn't in pain at all. i'd reccomend getting it done though rather than doing it yourself. with a scaffold it is easy things to be caught in it like hair or something since it is a bar.. and my friend got her tragus done. it is the first time i've ever seen her cry a ton. i heard it hurts like a mother.
Q:What is the horizontal spacing of the wall of the bowl buckle scaffold
Need to give you a standardized system to learn about ah? The arrangement of the wall parts shall meet the following requirements: (1) should be close to the main node, the distance from the main node should not be greater than 300mm;
Q:Is there a way to find out when specific scaffolding is scheduled to come down in New York City?
Well on every building that has construction on it there's a little section that he paper work and permits all over it ( usually at street level) so I'm going to guess if you can obtain the constructions companies phone number from those paper you can call and ask when the scaffolding is coming down.

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