kwikstage system scaffolding diagonal brace

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Shandong China (Mainland)

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Galvanised or Painted
Standard Material:
Kwik stage System Scaffolding
Unit Weight:
14.60 kg
OEM service available

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Steel Tray
Delivery Detail:20 containers/30days


Diagonal Brace for Kwikstage System Scaffolding 3.6M:
We are a professional manufacturer of system scaffoldings, coupler,etc.

Diagonal Brace for Kwikstage System Scaffolding:

1) Material: Q235

2) Surface: painted or galvanised

3) Unit weight, 14.60kg

4) Standard: BS1139, EN74B, AS1577

5) Package: straps and steel pallets

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Q:How do I use the word Scaffolding in a sentence?
It can be used 2 ways: 1) My house is surrounded by scaffolding. 2) The teacher used scaffolding as a strategy to bridge the student's knowledge on the subject.
Q:Why wood scaffolding and not metal , in Budapest ?
Countries such as Budapest usualy don't have the industrial capibility of other countries that do use metal scaffolding.
Q:Average length of industrial/scaffold bar? in CM?
Length depends on your ear size. Most are 1.25(1.25 in = 3.17500 centimeters). The standard gauge size is 14 so depending on your ring gauge size you have now will determine which gauge size bar you need.
Q:A window washer drops a brush from a scaffold on a tall office building?
9.8 * 1.53 = 14.994 (speed/velocity) 1/2 * 9.8 * 1.53^2 = 1/2 * 9.8 * 2.3409 = 11.47041 (distance) If 11.47041 is not the answer, then what is? The proof is in the math. I have done it following the examples of two web sites, and the same answer pops up. Maybe they want you to round up.
Q:scaffolding piercing price????
It depends where you go... But if you go to a decent body piercer, I'd say no less than £20 and no more than £40.
Q:What's the difference between a scaffold protein and an adaptor protein?
Scaffold proteins are crucial regulators of many key signaling pathways. Although scaffolds are not strictly defined in function, they are known to interact and/or bind with multiple members of a signaling pathway, tethering them into complexes. In such pathways, they regulate signal transduction and help localize pathway components to specific areas of the cell such as the plasma membrane, the cytoplasm, the nucleus, the Golgi, endosomes, and the mitochondria. Adaptor proteins are proteins are accessory to main proteins in a signal transduction pathway. These proteins tend to lack any intrinsic enzymatic activity themselves but instead mediate specific protein–protein interactions that drive the formation of protein complexes. Examples of adaptor proteins include MyD88, Grb2 and SHC1.
Q:Instructional Scaffolding in a medical setting?
Scaffolding supports construction workers so that they don't fall off the roof beams, for example. Scaffolding in education means giving students support- not leaving them hanging off a ledge. You don't want a med student to go from reading about diseases in a textbook to treating patients on his/her own. There has to be a transition. The student reads the files, examines the patients, talks to the patient, and then makes a diagnosis and prescribes a treatment. The scaffolding is having an experienced doctor there to say the student make the right decision, or to point out where the student went wrong- before the patient gets the wrong treatment or medicine.
Q:What are the specific safety rules for mobile scaffolding
(3) the use of mobile scaffolding venues, the four corners must be smooth, more than three floors to fasten the seat belt.(4) the material, tools and sundries on the scaffold shall be removed before dismantling the scaffold.
Q:Do you capitalize Scaffold Helpler?
Yeah, I would capitalize it because it's a title.
Q:How do i assemble scaffolding?
what kind do you have? Most I've dealt with have two end frames, two cross braces and the scaffold planks. Hold one end frame up and put the cross bracing on the top and bottom pins on each side of the scaffold end. Then hold up the other scaffold end frame and put the cross braces on the upper and lower pins on each side of the end . (its easier to do with two people). After the two frame ends are up with the cross bracing attached, place the planks on the top rail. If your going up with another section, put the connector pins in the end frames and build it just like the first one.

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