Kraft Paper Machine 1092-1575mm for Industry Using

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Product Description:

1.Description of Kraft Paper Machine 1092-1575mm for Industry Using:

This machine is mainly used for making jumbo tissue into daily using small tissue.

2. Main Features of Kraft Paper Machine 1092-1575mm for Industry Using:

This machine is using computer control system, automatically running, simply operating.

This machine is frequency control of motor speed, pneumatic control..

Seting perforating, rolling, automatic gluing, cutting, sealing in one machine, ensure rolling steady.

Automatic deflashing, making the paper no loss when the toll paper moving into the paper cutter, improving production efficiency and production grade.

It can produce hollow -core and solid-core toll toilet paper.

3.Kraft Paper Machine 1092-1575mm for Industry Using Images:


4.Kraft Paper Machine 1092-1575mm for Industry Using Specification:

Cylinder section: Φ1500mm×1950mm stainless steel cylinder mould 2 sets, Φ450mm×1950mm couch roll 2 set, φ400×1950mm reverse roll 1set, coated by rubber,rubber shore hardness 38℃±2.pneumatic loading device.

Press section: Φ500mm×1950mm marble roll 1 set, Φ450mm×1950mm rubber roll 1 set, coated by rubber,rubber shore hardness 90℃±2.

Dryer section:Φ2500mm×1950mm alloy dryer can 1 set, Φ1500mm×1950mm alloy dryer can 3 set,Φ500mm×1950mm touch roll 1 set,coated by rubber,rubber shore hardness 90℃±2.

Drive way :AC frequency conversion speed, section drive

Pneumatic compression device.

5.FAQ of Kraft Paper Machine 1092-1575mm for Industry Using:

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1How about your company?

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We have established the international advanced quality management system, every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test. We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

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Especially the three ring mill, YGMX superfine grinding machine is Vico heavy patent products, new research and development of superfine grinding machine. First ultrafine grinding and processing equipment and the equipment in the country have: high pressure powder mill, YGMX superfine grinding machine, three ring mill. Then is the injection molding machine.
Q:How much is it to make a small toilet paper processing machine?
This period the investment is too large, you can consider starting from a little small investment risk of the project, before I attend a product exhibition, saw a new product, you can search on the Internet about a new project, the domestic exclusive, you can find out. It's painted on the wall with a mold
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Q:Want to open a small carton processing plant at home, the daily demand in 1500 or so
Look what machine you buy / buy a 2 color printer according to reason

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