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> Model No. :KQ3CH-021

> Product Information
Product Code
Input Voltage(V)
Input Current(A)
Output Voleage(A)
Output Current(A)
Working Ambient Temp.(oC)
Size (mm)
MAX 30
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Packaging Dimension(mm)

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Q:Is the switch power supply for industrial instrument power good or transformer good?
The guy upstairs wrong, 1: switching power supply unless the resonant switching power supply is more expensive, otherwise it's interference than the general circuit transformer is composed of the bigger, you go to see the high-end audio switching power supply (why not have a dedicated, open loop resonator) 2: the so-called "lightning protection switching power supply the) is only one or two varistor in parallel with the input end of the lightning lightning to see what kind of way, limited function, little difference between this and the transformer, the transformer and the posterior pole voltage stabilizing circuit. The output voltage of the transformer is AC 3, want to get stable DC voltage output circuit must be added, so the voltage is more stable that depends on your components and circuits, switching power supply transformer must be better than not good.
Q:What is the difference between computer power supply and industrial switching power supply? My points run out, thank you enlighten prawns. Thank you
From the nature of the power supply, there is no difference. But functionally. The computer power supply can be an industrial power supply. Industrial power supply is wider and more power sources are used as industrial power supply.
Q:How to choose UPS power supply for industry?
UPS power battery size determines the load power supply time, concrete is according to the needs of the load to be, for example: if the injection molding machine you need to supply 1 hours to ensure the normal stop at power off, then our battery size depends on the battery matching the appropriate injection molding machine power the size of the UPS power group, 11, UPS battery, can also have their customers to buy.
Q:What are the types of power used in industrial UPS? What type of UPS power can take the place of it?
INPUT: 36V, 25AStandby battery 36V, then should be 3 12V series together, to see if your battery output current can reach 25A, if not enough, you can group parallel, parallel connection can also directly improve the standby time
Q:What are the applications of intermediate frequency power supply in industrial field?
Xi'an Kexin heat sensing equipment Co. Ltd. for ten years has been focused on the medium frequency power supply, intermediate frequency electric furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, smelting furnace, furnace research and development, sales and manufacturing services; the intermediate frequency furnace, smelting furnace, heating furnace, medium frequency power supply, intermediate frequency electric furnace won the National CCC compulsory certification of high-quality products, we welcome! You with the best service to come to discuss cooperation!
Q:What is the allowable fluctuation range of industrial standard 380V power supply voltage?
220V single-phase power supply voltage deviation is nominal, called system voltage +7%, - 10%.Users with special requirements for the allowable voltage deviation of the supply voltage shall be determined by agreement between the supplier and the power supplier.
Q:PIC microcontroller used in the industrial field, its power supply switching power supply and B0505 isolation module, anti-interference performance is better, feasible?
Isolation is not directly related to interference immunityIf the interference source cannot be removed and the interference source is removed, the transmission path is an effective method. The power supply interference can be considered using a power filter
Q:Which is better to use TL494 and UC3842 as industrial power source? Mainly in terms of stability and efficiency!
UC3842 I'm using this for switching power supplies 1000W-2000W recommends full bridge with TL494.
Q:Industrial 24V switch power outlet "-" is it necessary to connect with the ground?
The switching power supply is the use of modern electronic technology, the control switch turn-on and turn off time ratio, maintain a stable output voltage power supplies, switching power supply from the general pulse width modulation control of IC and MOSFET. With the development and innovation of power electronics technology, switching power supply technology is also constantly innovation.
Q:Why is the power supply of industrial control system mostly DC24V? Why not 17V? 11V?
This is a good option in the power series of standards, standards and made this but after a long time of practice summed up, it will consider a number of factors, the first is a safety voltage on the human body, not all produce the risk of electric shock, second can be regarded as a relatively high safe voltage,

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