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excavator bucket

We can design and produce all kinds of excavator buckets according to customers requirements, such as Volvo rock bucket, Komatsu rock bucket, Caterpillar rock bucket, etc.

Buckets are designed differently, either in the type of material used or the profile of the bucket to suit different applications for the best possible productivity, fuel economy and durability. Though the used of premium material is a prerequisite of a good bucket, there is more to it. Our engineers have gathered numerous data over the years, and coupled with their experience and technical know-how, we are capable of designing buckets for various applications, considering the material density, size of material, abrasiveness of material, the working environment, high impact, low impact application and etc.

Whenever you need a bucket, regardless of rock bucket, heavy duty, general purpose, tilting bucket, ditching and cleaning out bucket, skeleton bucket, for any excavator models, not restricted to construction, utility, material handling, recycling, dredging, forestry, or demolition applications, you can count on us to deliver quality buckets. We keep wear resistant steel of at least 400 BHN in our inventory for quick turnaround.


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Q:What are the main parts of the excavator structure?
Boom, landing, bucket expansion and bucket rotation are controlled by reciprocating double acting hydraulic cylinders. In order to meet the needs of various construction operations, excavators can be equipped with a variety of working devices, such as mining, lifting, loading, leveling, clamping, pushing the earth, hammer and other operating tools.The rotary and walking device is the body of a hydraulic excavator, and the upper part of the turntable is provided with a power device and a transmission system. The engine is the power source of the excavator. Most of the diesel is used in the convenient site or the motor.The transmission mechanism transfers the power of the engine to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and other actuating elements through the hydraulic pump, and drives the working device to move, so as to complete various operations.
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Q:What are the skills of an excavator?
Q:Dozer\excavator work. How much $$ to dig a hole?
u need a front loader. call a excavator for estimates in ur area.
Q:help on world history homework?
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Q:I have glass shard in my yard and I don't want my dogs to walk in it. Help me!?
The people with the excavator should have cleaned that up. You may have to scrape the top soil. Good luck
Q:Do you know how to drive an Excavator?
I know how to do everything..
Q:Why do articles about work assume everyone works in an office?
I think you make a great point, Cybele! :)
Q:LOL excavator correctly installed
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Q:easy stump removeal?
Dig it out with an excavator or grind it down with a stump grinder. You can rent either from a local tool/ equipment rental center

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