Kerosene water pump,single cylinder,level, power output axis,Kerosene Engine

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100 unit/month

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Kerosene water pump





single cylinder,level, power output axis,Kerosene Engine

Suction*Delivery Diameters



Total Head (m)



Max Delivery Volume (L/min)



Suction Head (m)



Axle Seal(Mechanical Seal)




Fuel (L)

Kerosene(automobile gasoline when starting ≥90#)

Fuel tank capacity (L)


Starting system

Recoil starter

Packing size:L*W*H (mm)



Net Weight (kg)



A professional large-scale manufacturer in producing, developing and exporting Robin type engine, diesel engine,generator,water pump, kinds of light construction machinery. Such as tamping rammer, plate compactor, power trowel, concrete cutter, cement mixer and so on. We enjoy convenient water, land and air transportation.
    At present, our products are already exported to Europe, South America, Mid-east, Southeast Asia and Africa. Our own brand is “NICAZZA”,”NEWROBEEN”. Now we have sole agents in some countries. We have CE certificate. Most important is we get the good reputation from the customers.
    Our company tenet is “ Reasonable Prices, Efficient Production, Good Service”. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits. We welcome potential friends to contact us!

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