KCZ series standard chemical process pump

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Product overview

KCZ standard chemical process pump is based on the absorption of similar products at home and abroad advanced technology, development and design in accordance with the international standard of international standard chemical process pump. KCZ standard chemical process pump structure was optimized by using CAD modular design, novel structure, reliable and good parts interchangeability, advanced hydraulic model, high efficiency, good cavitation, can satisfy the requirements of performance parameters under various working conditions.

Application field

Can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, power station, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, paper, synthetic fiber, water supply, seawater desalination, environmental protection engineering, heating and air conditioning and other fields.

Product features

1, KCZ standard chemical process pump technical conditions in accordance with ISO standards, safety and reliability of the operation of the pump, versatility, applicability is wide and enforcement of the structure of industrial process pump at the same time, after the pull type design, safe and convenient pump disassembling maintenance;

2, adopt CAD modular structure design, component assembly, with series products between parts with maximum interchangeability;

3, adopts the integral casting closed impeller, strong adaptability to the operating conditions, with high efficiency and cavitation performance of the optimal, with a standard back impeller impeller or balance hole, can reduce the axial thrust and seal chamber pressure, prolong the service life of sealing and bearing.

4, the center line of the pump body at the top of the export and pump foot support, has the largest pipe load resistance, large flow high lift pump double volute design of the runner, radial force is small, dynamic deflection is small, the pump running smoothly, pump casing corrosion quantity is big, and have a replaceable wear ring, maximize the corrosion resistance of the pump and prolong the service life of pump;

5, pump shaft rigidity design, choose heavy cylindrical roller and double angular contact ball bearing in pairs, can bear radial load and axial load, the pump shaft overall strengthen rigidity, impeller dynamic balance test and calibration at the same time, the pump running, low noise, small vibration of shaft seal and bearing life is very good;

6, dry structure design, impeller and nuts and sleeves on the shaft, impeller nut and impeller, are seal between the impeller and shaft sleeve, under the condition of normal use, pump shaft do not contact with the medium, is not subject to corrosion medium, further improve the safety and reliability of the pump operation;

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Q:What are the important parameters of the pump?
Pump parametersFlow rate QFlow is the amount of liquid (volume or mass) that is pumped out in unit timeVolume flow is expressed in Q units: m3/s, m3/h, l/s, etc.
Q:What are the ways of hydraulic pumps?
There are several ways:Direct flow mode, such as external gear pump;Port plate, such as vane pump, axial piston pump, etc.;
Q:How to maintain and repair the booster pump of pipeline pump?
Two 、 troubleshootingfaultReasonRemoval method1. water pump does not produce waterThe water injected into the water pump is not enough, the rotation direction is not right, and the impeller passage is blocked.Pump water into the pump, pass through the impeller runner, adjust the direction of rotation.2. pump flow is insufficientThe pump speed is too low, part of the blockage, the total lift pump is higher than the rated value, the damage to the impeller.Clean the water pump and pipe, replace the impeller, increase the pump shaft revolutions, adjust the outlet valve.3. lack of outlet pressureThere is air in the liquid, the speed is too low, the impeller is damaged and the outlet valve is open.Exclude liquid air, increase the pump speed, replace the impeller, adjust the small outlet valve.
Q:Filter backwash pump for what use, what is the principle of work ah?
But the reverse cleaning can not completely regenerate the filter medium, or there will be some impurities remain, when the regeneration of residual impurities (pressure drop) to set the value, you need to replace the filter (filter media).
Q:Centrifugal pumps for normal operation, is it reasonable to install valves on their inlet lines?
Reasonable, no valve, how to debug, overhaulGenerally installed on imports of valves of relatively large Cv value
Q:Significance of water pump model ISO50-160
According to different working principles can be divided into volumetric pumps, vane pumps and other types. Displacement pump is to use its studio volume changes to transfer energy; vane pump is to use the rotating blade and water interaction to transfer energy, there are centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps and other types.
Q:Common failure treatment of piston pump
x09x09 (3) no connecting key on pump shaft or motor shaft1) break2) missing x091) replace key2) patch keyx09x09 (4) pump internal slide vice stuck1) the clearance is too small2) parts accuracy is poor, assembly quality is poor, gear and shaft coaxial deviation is too large; plunger head clamping; blade perpendicularity difference; rotor pendulum difference is too big, rotor slot has wound or blade has scar, force after fracture and stuck
Q:What is the function of a submersible pump?Do you have any knowledge about submersible pumps?.
Submersible pumpThe submersible pump is composed of a control cabinet, submersible cables, water pipes, submersible pumps and submersible motors.Submersible pump main application and scope of applicationIncluding mine rescue, construction, drainage, agricultural irrigation and drainage, industrial water recycling, urban and rural residents cited water supply, and even rescue, disaster relief and so on.Classification of submersible pumpsAs far as media is concerned, submersible pumps can be broadly divided into three categories: clean water submersible pumps, sewage submersible pumps, sea water submersible pumps (corrosive).
Q:Concrete pump 125 pipe wall thickness
Currently mainly divided into gate valve, concrete pump and S valve concrete pump. Another is a pump consisting of a pump body mounted on an automobile chassis and fitted with retractable or bent cloth poles
Q:What is the nominal pressure of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor?
Related concepts of hydraulic motorsFlow theoretical volume refers to the volume of oil inhaled in unit time without leakage.

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