K1 Class Irradiation Cross-linkable LSZH High Flame Retardant Polyolefin for Nuclear Power Cable

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Product Description:

LSZH compound:

1. Applications and cable specifications of LSZH compound:



Application and cable specification


K1 class irradiation cross-linkable POE insulating compound for nuclear power cables

1E grade K1 class irradiation cross-linkable non flame retardant inside insulation of nuclear power cables


K1 class irradiation cross-linkable low smoke halogen free high flame retardant POE insulating compound for nuclear power cables

1E grade K1 class irradiation cross-linkable non flame retardant outside insulation of nuclear power cables


K1 class irradiation cross-linkable low smoke halogen free high flame retardant POE filling compound for nuclear power cables

1E grade K1 class irradiation cross-linkable high flame retardant filling compound of nuclear power cables


K1 class irradiation cross-linkable low smoke halogen free high flame retardant POE jacket compound for nuclear power cables

1E grade K1 class irradiation cross-linkable high flame retardant jacket of nuclear power cables


K1 class thermoplastic low smoke halogen free high flame retardant POE jacket compound for nuclear power cables

1E grade K1 class thermoplastic high flame retardant jacket of nuclear power cables

2. Description of LSZH compound:

low smoke halogen free flame retardant POE compound for nuclear power cable grade 1E class K1, based on POE resin, is produced and pelletized by special technology, adding special modifier, halogen-free flame retardant, anti-oxidant, crosslinking sensitizer and other special additives.

3. Processing of LSZH compound:

The following temperature(°C) profile of extruder is recommended:

TypeProcessing EquipmentCompression ratioL/DProcessing temp. °CRecommended vulcanize temp.

Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4HeadDie
HF111-1Common rubber extruder1.1:1~1.5:120:1~25:19014016016516516010-15 megarad irradiation dosage

4. Storage and transport of LSZH compound:

Packing: 25kg/bag, PE membrane inside bag and craft outside bag.
Avoiding in direct sunlight and weathering.
Storage place should be clean, cool, dry and ventilated.

5. Properties of LSZH compound:

Tensile StrengthMPa12.51061010
Elongation at Break %20015070150150
Thermal Aging°C×d135×7135×10135×10110×10
Variation on TS/ EB %±25/±25±30/±30±30/±30±25/±25
Thermal Prolongation 20N/cm2°C×min200×15200×15200×15
Elongation Under Load %175175175
Permanent Deformation %151515
Volume Resistivity at 20 °CΩ.m1.0×10151.0×10121.0×10121.0×1012
Dielectric StrengthKV/mm25202020
Oxygen Index %30403030
Impact Brittleness Temperature°C-30-30-15-30-30
Smoke Density     Flaming100100100100
Non Flaming350350350350
Acidity of gases evolved (PH)
Conductivity of gases evolvedμs/cm1010101010
Toxicity Index2.
Water Absorption Test°C×h85×33685×33670×16870×168
Variation on TS/ EB %±40/±40±40/±40±30/±30±30/±30
Ozone Resistance
No crackingNo crackingNo crackingNo crackingNo cracking
Irradiation Test 3300KGy
No crackingNo crackingNo crackingNo crackingNo cracking
Thermal Lifeyears6060606060

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