Jumbo Rolls Metalized OPP tape

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Product Description:


Metalized OPP: 27micron

Adhesive: Water acrylic


Total thickness (metalized opp + adhesive): 45 micron

Initial attack: 12

180°Peel Adhesion:  5

Holding power: > 24h

Core I.D.: 3"(76mm ±1)

Sizes of Jumbo Roll: 990mm X 4000m

Based on order, special sizes and log rolls or jumbo rolls are also available.


1.  The data above are typical results and subject to change without notice.

2.  Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±3mm;

3.   Length: Cut Roll & Log Roll ±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ±0.5%.

4.  The product should be stored at room temperature and kept from wet and heat source.

5.  Shelf life: One year when stored at 21°C (70°F) / 50% relative humidity out of direct sunlight.

6.  It is essential, as with all pressure-sensitive tapes, that the surface to which the tape is applied must be clean, dry, and free of grease and oil.

7.  5. The user should take test and do trial-application on the above products before coming into application so as to witness and ensure suitability for user’s special purpose and technique.

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Q:The difference between plastic film and adhesive tape
There are several kinds of plastic film, PEPOFPVC, tape is BOPP, brush gluePE: polyethylene, which is joined by a repeating - CH2 - unit. Polyethylene is formed by addition polymerization of ethylene (CH2=CH2), and POF isPOF full name coextrusionYes, it willAs an intermediate layer (LLDPE), a total of(PP) as internal and external, through three unitsPlastic extrusion, and then through the mold forming, bubble blowing and other special processes.
Q:Q: how many meters are the ordinary BOPP sealing tapes?!
The number of meters is determined by the customer, generally 30M, 50M, 80M, 100M, these are commonly used. 48MM specification width is most commonly used
Q:How about boPP adhesive tape scrap?
Recycling of waste plastic film - China Renewable Resources Trading NetworkTime: 2008-5-29 recycling of waste plastics
Q:What are the BOPP films used for?
At a certain temperature and speed setting, at the same time or step by step in two perpendicular directions (vertical and horizontal) on the stretch, and after appropriate cooling or heat treatment or special processing (such as corona and coating) made of thin film.
Q:Characteristics of polypropylene sealing tape
Characteristic:Instantaneous adhesive force the sealing tape is sticky or firm. Fixing ability - even with very little pressure, it can stick to the workpiece according to your idea. Easy to tear - easily torn from a roll without a tape stretching or dragging. Controlled expansion of sealing tape from the tape can be pulled in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight
Q:The specific process of producing transparent tapes?
The adhesive tape is made on the basis of BOPP original film. After a high voltage corona, the surface is roughened and coated with glue. Then, the adhesive tape is divided into small volumes, which is the adhesive tape used in our daily use. Adhesive tape is acrylic resin glue, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main ingredient is tincture fat. Tincture of fat is a high molecular active substance, the temperature has a certain impact on molecular activities. The amount of tincture of gum directly affects the use of adhesive tape. Sealing tape normal adhesion in more than 13 (ball number) between the tape glue thickness is 22 microns. Is the standard thickness. For color tapes, it is convenient for marking and shading. They are usually beige and khaki. Colored tapes are considered to be the color of the film. In fact, the color is the color of the glue. The glue will be squeezed tightly and then opened quickly, pulling the adhesive off one side to see the purity and transparency of the original film.
Q:BOPP tapes, mother rolls, 0.45 millimeters in thickness, how many square meters per ton?
The density of the film is 0.91g/cm3, and the density of the adhesive is 1.0687g/cm3Density * volume = weight. According to this principle, go ahead
Q:What are the machines for making scotch tape?
Air compressor (pneumatic device for a variety of machines). The rest is too much, but not necessary, to be configured as needed.
Q:Is the water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive used on BOPP tapes?
BOPP is seldom used in tape, high cost. The general PE, PP can meet the detection. Zhejiang Bo siangong to help you!
Q:BOPP scotch tape, what's up with bubbles?
That's what we've done. We won't have it in a few days

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