JSS96 Digital-display Timing Relay

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Q:my 10 amp power supply goes on but wont work?
Does the power cord coming from the cb radio have a fuse? if so, it is probably blown. If it does not, then you may have fried a diod or other component on the cb radio circuit board.
Q:Everytime I put my radio/reading lamp fuse, it blows instantly. any ideas?
must be water interior the lens yet greater suitable than possibly you have a quick and there's a stripped or chaffed twine making touch with the physique or yet another twine. seem on the wiring harness going to each and each tail lamp as properly as each and each front turn sign. putting a paper clip interior the fuse field would reason a hearth, the fuse is there for a reason.
Q:What is wrong with my Chevy power window?
Take a test light hit the switch up and check one of the pins to light up, hit it a couple of times, then go down you might have to switch to another pin. If it doesn't work your not getting power your fuses are good, you say the switches are good so in that case you have a broken wire somewhere usually where the door harness closes and opens also a faulty switch on the actual door can make it so the master switch doesn't work on that door either. but it sounds like you need to trace wires for a break somewhere.
Q:Broken T.v?
There are any number of components to cause a tv to go dead. First off, you probably blew a fuse, but what caused it to blow? Anything in the power supply or horizontal output circuit can do this (most likely) .Then again, it may only be the fuse. But I think you'll need to bring it in for repairs, 10 months old should actually be under warranty. I doubt very much that your picture tube caused this!!
Q:2002 Ford expedition (power seat and power mirror not working at the same time)?
i own a restoration save,,and that i think of its in basic terms blown a fuse for it identity replace the fuse,and if starts off blowing fuses plenty identity take it and characteristic it checked it could have a quick in it that's inflicting it to try this,yet while that's the 1st time its achieved it,it somewhat is in basic terms an previous fuse that have been given susceptible and blew out on you,,shop a watch fastened on it even with the shown fact that,and if it starts off giving challenge identity have it appeared at,it may desire to reason a electric challenge if it does supply extra challenge,,solid luck i'm hoping this help,s
Q:What is electrical drainage and is it cheap to fix?
Basics are: Remove fuses and relays one at a time to find circuit that is draining the battery. Refer to your vehicle owner's manual or a wiring diagram to identify the fuses and relays. Then pull the fuses and relays one at a time until the current reading drops. Avoid pulling the fuses for the PCM or other KAM-sensitive modules until you have checked all of the other circuits. Once you've found the circuit that is causing the excessive current drain, check the relay, switch, module or other components in the circuit and replace as needed. Sometimes a bad alternator diode can cause a battery to run down. A good diode should only pass current in one direction. If it leaks current in the opposite direction, it may keep the charging circuit on when the engine is not running, causing the battery to run down Causes of excessive current drain in late model vehicles include things like lights that remain on (trunk and hood lights, interior lights, brake lights, etc.) and also relays that may be stuck on, or modules that are not going to sleep or powering down. A fuel pump relay that sticks on may keep the fuel pump running after the engine is shut off. A switch or relay that powers a rear window defogger can stick on, pulling current from the battery after the ignition is off. An electronic suspension module, ABS module or keyless entry module may remain active long after it should have powered down.
Q:Four electrical components are connected to a 120v household circuit. The light bulb dissipates 100W, the e?
Total power dissipated 3,450W. (3450/120) 28.75A., so the fuse blows. The powers are additive, then power in watts (voltage x current), so dividing power by voltage will give the current figure. W EI, I W/E. I is current in amperes, E is voltage, in volts. What more can I say?
Q:How to figure wire size needed for 12v DC?
There really isnt a formula for such a short run. You need to determine how much current your device will utilize (radio maybe 10 amps, or a light maybe 5, etc) Once you determine how much current your device will draw, you then determine the proper gauge wire.
Q:I have a component cable with an end for a ps3, xbox 360 and wii. If I plug a xbox 360 and ps3 into it?
Not sure if you can connect them both. The adapter piece is probably too short to connect both. The power adapters will create too wide of a separation to connect them. If you did manage to connect them you're either going to get nothing or you're going to blow up your house and every house within a 5 mile radius.
Q:why do my gauge lights and side mirros not work on a 94 xle camry?
time for another car friend. don't mess with this as it is old. face it jap cars don't last forever. u no n japan they don't rebuild anything? everything is replaced every 100,000 km which is 66000 miles. ur car isn't designed to last. that is why every jap car in a wreck is totalled. the jap car co's make more money selling u a new car. so but another jap car. I don't want to catch u riding n a real car, like a 57 chevy or 67 mustang. I will pop u n tha haid an take it from ya.

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