JSM-Fully Automatic High Speed Thermoforming Machine

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Stracture Features

1.    High Speed Thermoforming Machine integrates mechanical , pneumatic, electrical parts on a whole-set machine. Every operation program is controlled by PLC control system with a touch screen, easy and convenient.

2.    It can do production counting, as well as can set automatic stop or pre-alarm functional Data memorization function can store 230 product data and their parameter.

3.    Inverter feeding, length stepless adjustment, high speed feeding (Max feeding speeding: 1000mm/s), accurate and stable.

4.    Computer heating control system, it could maintain the temperature even & stable. it has the advantage of low energy consumption and long life service. Meanwhile, it can imitate temperature adjusting layout, which can imitate the corresponding position of product in the heater to process zoning fine-adjustment according to the layout condition of mould.

5.    The heater is on offset structure, which can close the whole row of heating bricks when the sheet width≤580mm. thus it can reduce power consumption up to16%.

6.    Advanced feeding with heating time automatic memorizing function, the machine can enter a normal working state from the first feeding sheet.

7.    Two-step Vacuum, Second Time Mould Loading, Vibration, Demoulding, Delaying Vacuum.

8.    Product Silicon Sprayer Device.

9.    Adjustable two-way up/down mould stroke, including electric adjustment on up/down mould clamping direction, which can adjust up and sown, and height of down mould in mould clamping state, convenient and fast.

10.  Adopts electric adjustment for back plate position.

11.  Up/down mould match into cushion, which avoid crash and improve the matching speed.

12.  The guide sleeves of up/down mould deck adopt inlay self-lubricating bearing, so up/down mould deck can move up and down stably and accurately, which helps to improve the product quality.

13.  The width of feeding chain can be electrically adjusted synchronously and separately.

14.  Heater equipped with automatic move-out device can stop or start at any time during producing period without disconnecting the sheets, by which it saves the sheet material.

15.  The mechanical material loading cylinder reduces the labor intension of worker.

16.  Cutting unit with double clamping function can meet the slide cutting requirements of male/female mould and products in various shapes.

17.  The cutter structure adopts special inverted structure which can highly optimize the work space. The separate stacking car facilitates the products shift to the next process. And the flexible seat guide post helps to stack and tidy and complete products.




B46-71/122   CWP       B46-71/122A-CWP

Sheet width


Sheet Thickness


Max Sheet Diameter


Up Mould Distance


Down Mould Distance


Max. Forming Area


Max. Forming Height Protruding


Max. Forming Height Concave




Cooing Outlet          Outlet




Air Supply             Volume (m3)

                     Pressure-mpa (Mpa)



Vacuum Pump (Outlay)

Busch R5   0100

Power Supply

380V 50Hz   380V 50Hz Phase 4 line

Heating Power (kw)

30 (Up   Heater)         54(Up/Down Heater)

General Power Max. (kw)

 38.52Kw                     62.52Kw

Dimension (L×W×H)


Weight (kg)

4800                          4900


  1. Where is your factory located:

    Our production base is located in Zhejing Province.

  2. Will your side be responsible for installation, is it for free?

    We will be in charge of installation, but you have to pay related fee.

  3. What is the advantage of your company?

    Our company is the largest building materials and equipment suppplier in China, second in the world, as a state-owned company, we strictly focus on quality management, our production is under the standard of IS0 9001. for the more, we have experienced logistic team, which is responsible for puntual deilivery and cheapes shipping charge.

JSM-Fully Automatic High Speed Thermoforming Machine

JSM-Fully Automatic High Speed Thermoforming Machine

JSM-Fully Automatic High Speed Thermoforming Machine

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Q:1: what is the difference between an extruder and an injection molding machine?
1: extruder, is threaded through the push rod, the plastic die forming process by melting in the forward process. After the extruder products are silk, belt, tube, plate, etc.
Q:Computer case shell plastic is injection molding or extrusion molding?
It must be injection, you see that hole, that button, can not squeeze out.
Q:What is the principle of the 45 extruder machine?
The principle of the extruder is the theoretical process of heating, melting and mixing in the process of plastic conveying, including solid conveying principle, melt transportation principle, mixing principle, and solid bed crushing process, etc..
Q:How many roots are produced in an hour for an PVC tube extruder?
It depends on the type of your extruder and the specification of the tube you produced
Q:What is the temperature setting of the extruder and how much is the setting temperature of the head and filter?,
The temperature setting of the extruder is related to the material you manufacture. If the type of plastic is different, the setting temperature is different, and the material of different manufacturers is also slightly different from the temperature setting.
Q:What are the components of an extruder?
The driving system of an extruder is to drive the screw, providing the torque and speed required by the screw in the extrusion process, usually consisting of an electric motor, a reducer, and a bearing.3. heating and cooling device for extruderHeating and cooling are necessary conditions for the process of making a plastic extruder. It includes two aspects:(1) now host extruder is usually divided into electric heating, resistance heating and induction heating, heating installed in the fuselage, neck, head of each part. The heating device heats the plastic in the outer barrel to increase the temperature required for the process operation.(2) the cooling device is designed to ensure that the plastic is in the temperature range required by the process. Specifically, to eliminate the excess heat generated by the shear friction of the screw rotation, in order to avoid the temperature is too high, so that plastic decomposition, coke burning or stereotypes difficult. Cylinder cooling water cooling and air cooling is divided into two kinds, small and medium sized extrusion machine adopts air cooling is more appropriate, large use more water or two kinds of combined cooling; cooling water cooling screw mainly adopts the center, the purpose is to increase the solids conveying rate, stable glue volume, and improve product quality; but in the cooling hopper one is, in order to strengthen transport of solid material, prevent warming plastic sticky jam outlet, two is to ensure the normal work of the transmission part.
Q:Extrusion machine (ACS510 frequency converter + ordinary motor), low speed production current, how to solve?
Yes, the load characteristics and control characteristics are also to be matched. Otherwise, it will be very inappropriate and lead to abnormal phenomena.
Q:What are the two types of extrusion?
Extrusion? The extruder. The extruder is divided into single screw extruder and twin screw extruder, and the twin screw extruder is divided into two parts: flat, double and cone.
Q:Floor heating pipe PERT plastic extrusion machine production process,
Pay attention to the ground anchor.It is better to fasten the joint of the equipment itself.
Q:Why is the connection between the extruder and the switchboard?. The upper and lower three terminals are short circuited
The action should be to require three simultaneous electricalOr a two way backup

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