JS7000 hydropower concrete mixer ,built-in software

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JS7000 hydropower concrete mixer is an newest mixer independently developed by NFLG. It’implemented in electrostation construction for its advanced technology, ability to produce concrete of extreme strength and reliable work. Moreover it’s also suitable to produce any modern concrete, such as compacted concrete, light-weight concrete, color concrete, light-emission concrete and so on.

1. Brief introduction
JS7000 hydropower concrete mixer is an newest mixer independently developed by NFLG. It’implemented in electrostation construction for its advanced technology, ability to produce concrete of extreme strength and reliable work. Moreover it’s also suitable to produce any modern concrete, such as compacted concrete, light-weight concrete, color concrete, light-emission concrete and so on. NFLG devotes lots of energy and resource to innovation and improvement of concrete mixing technology and could meet various and specific requirements of customers.

2. Technical characteristics
1) Suitable to mixer big size aggregate for 4-class hydropower concrete, especially that of long slab shape;
2) Solves mixing blade crack problem which may occur during intense production;
3) Capable to mix aggregate of concrete that has resistance to extreme pressure and resistance to corrosion. For example, resistance to pressure up to 300MPa and SiO2 content up to 50~80%;
4) adaptable to maximum size aggregate up to 150~180mm and even could be adaptable to oversize aggregate in accordance with regulation;
5) built-in software, check concrete temperature, slump and so on in real time;
6) fitted with overload protection device in case of invasion of excessively oversize aggregate or iron block;
7) fitted with centralized lubrication system and overload protection device, fitted with alert function for motor fault, oil distribution pipeline fault and oil level and monitor for work state;
8) capable to detect opening of discharge gate and automatically control discharge speed.

Mixer modelJS7000.0
Input volume/ m39.6
Output volume/ m36
Mixing time/s≤50
Motor power/kW4×75(2-class    energy consumption motor)
Speed of mixing shaft/rpm19
Aggregate maximum size/mm150/180
Hydraulic pump work pressure/Mp7~10
Total weight/Kg32000

Note: NFLG's firs JS7000 hydropower concrete mixer has been implementedin Ahaielectricity stationLijiang Yunnan. Judging by acquired worksite data it’s capable to carry out mixing tasks with excellent result. All of its production meets requirements of high quality concrete.


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