Jonyang Brand Wheeled Excavator JYL621E for Earth Moving

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100 unit/month

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:

JYL621E Wheeled Excavator



Moving Type:

Wheel Excavator

Operating Weight:


Bucket capacity:


Maximum Digging Height:


Maximum Digging Depth:


Machine Weight:


Max Digging Radius:


Rated Speed:





1 year

Product introduction:

New generation of JYL621E wheeled type excavator is designed for all purpose usage.All the key components are from renounced international manufacturers. With the combination of the latest advanced hydraulic technology,electrical system and structural engineering, it provides for the most reliable and efficient performance.

Main characteristic:

1.Engine,hydraulic pump,valve,swivel pump and drive motor are from world renounced international manufacturers 2.Dual hydraulic pump system cum with reverse flow control for efficient and economical usage o the engine output 3.Latest technology in ele ctrical control system for both operation and preventive action 4.Reliable independent hydraulic steer and drive system 5.Special preferential hydraulic system for arms and rotaion operations 6.Ergonomically design air-conditioned and wide vision cabin for comfort of the operator 7.Suitable for road construction,city dwellings construction,pipe laying and road repairing projects




Reference value

Operating Weight



Standard Bucket Capacity



Range of Bucket Capacity



Diesel Engine Manufacturer


Engine Model


Engine Power



Hydraulic System


Hydraulic Flow Rate



Hydraulic Pressure



Travelling Speed



Grade Climbing Capacity



Slewing Speed



Stick Digging Force



Bucket Digging Force



The specifications are subject to change without notice


A:Overall Length


B:Overall Width


C:Overall Height of Boom


D:Overall Height of Cab


E:Engine Cover Height


F:Counterweight Clearance


G:Ground Clearance


H:Upper structure Width


I:Rear-End Length/Swing Radius




K:Overall Width of Blade


L:Overall Height of Blade


M:Front Overhang


N:Overall Width With Outrigger Extended


O:Rear Overhang


Operating scope

Stick Length


A:Maximum Cutting Height


B:Maximum Dumping Height


C:Maximum Digging Depth


D:Maximum Reach


MAX digging radius


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Q:can a bobcat 337 excavator lift a 40 foot long fiberglass pool?
Honestly I dont know how big that machine is, but I would say possibly IF you put some kind of rolling device under the pool. I guess it could be small logs (like long fence posts) or even on 2x4's (as a skid pad so to speak).
Q:how to measure the capacity that can be carried by an excavator bucket?
Buckets come as sizes, like a two yard bucket, etc. That's the capacity in volume. To convert that to weight, you need an average weight of your product by volume, like 25 pounds per cubic foot. Then it's just math: Two cubic yards at 27 cubic feet per cubic yard times 25 pounds per cubic foot is 1,350 pounds per bucket full.
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Q:My excavator is KOMATSU PC650,the bucket is vulnerable to wear after changed . How could I choose a right one?
How many excavators you got Wang? ever heard of a grease gun? do you or any of your employees actually know how to operate an expensive piece of heavy equipment? or are you just trying to rip through rock and concrete at full power and destroying buckets, 20 years as a mechanic in the heavy equipment industry I've seen it all, that 650 ain't a small machine, and the bucket that came with it should last the life of the machine if some dummy doesn't neglect it or destroy it, keep your pins greased and change teeth when necessary, that is if you haven't ripped the shanks off already, other than that you could find someone to hard face the problem areas your experiencing with your buckets, many contractors that use there equipment 24/7 will do it, its a welding technique thats on going, as when the hard face wares down its re applyed,
Q:I have a 6T 590 in a case 888 excavator runs good but fuel in oil I change lift pump still geting fuel in oil?
Something is cracked here..ask cummins for details...
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Q:Help with MTG Black/Blue Ally mill deck?
Mill Decks require one or more of the following: Leyline of the Void, Memoricide, Sadistic Sacrament. This is to handle shuffle Graveyard into Library effects. You also are leaving out Bala Ged Thief, who is absolutely crazy good. There's Bojuka Brigand for 2 mana, but he's not that hot of a creature since he can't block. I'd recommend Rite of Replication over Clone, because their non-kick mana costs are practically the same, but the kicker on Rite turns Excavator into a (minimum) 180 card mill. You also might want Crypts of Agadeem, for when some of your creatures get killed. Would help with kicking Rite of Replication or Sadistic Sacrament.
Q:Where are Kobelco Excavators made in Japan?
kobelco is an american company as far as i know and they have a huge plant in calhoun georgia.

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