Jonyang Brand Crawler Excavator JY621E for Earth Moving

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100 unit/month

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)

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Crawler Excavator

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Specifications stop service 
2.competitive price 
3.comprehensive after -sale services and spare parts

Jonyang JY621E Crawler Excavator


Jonyang JY621E   Crawler Excavator 
1.Long service life 
2.High efficiency ,low fuel consumption 
3.Convenient main

Main Characteristics


1Engine, hydraulic pump, valve, swivel pump and drive motor are from world renounced international manufacturers.
2Dual hydraulic pump system cum with reverse flow control for efficient and economical usage of the engine
3Latest technology in our electrical system for both operational control and preventive action
4Special preferential hydraulic system for arms and rotation operations
5Ergonomically design air-conditioned and wide vision cabin for comfort of the operators;
6Suitable for hydro-electric project, mining, road construction, city dwellings construction, pipe laying and road repairing projects






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Range of Bucket Capacity



Diesel Engine Manufacturer


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Hydraulic System


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Hydraulic Pressure



Travelling Speed



Grade Climbing Capacity


Slewing Speed



Stick Digging Force



Bucket Digging Force



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Q:Can you use excavator soil for a Sandfish?
no not at all
Q:What are the names of the characters on Bob the Builder?
Bob The Builder Cast
Q:Pros and cons of how to adapt to the direction of the excavator ah?
Two ways of shoveling soilPositive shovel: the form of shovel action of excavator. It is characterized by "forward, upward and forced cutting."". The positive shovel has great excavation force and can dig the soil above the stopping surface. It should be used for the dry foundation pit with excavation height greater than 2m, but the upper and lower ramps should be set up. Shovel bucket excavator with the same equivalent ratio of the bucket to be big, but not more than one to three excavation of soil water content of 27%, and with the completion of the whole mining dump truck transport operations, you can also tap the large drying pit and mound etc.. According to the difference between the excavation route and the transportation vehicle, there are two ways to dig and unload the soil: forward excavation, lateral unloading, forward excavation and reverse dumping.Face shovelBackhoe digging is: "back down, forced the soil cutting, the mining power shovel can stop a small, excavation to three below the soil surface, suitable for the foundation pit, foundation ditch, trench excavation depth is less than 4m, but also for soil excavation, wet soil with higher water content and groundwater level following the underground water level is high and the earth. There are two ways to operate the backhoe, namely, ditch end excavation and side ditch excavation.Backhoe
Q:Is zoo med excavator clay substrate good?
I would use what u r comfortable with if it is for reptiles and says safe for rep tiled and ur kind of lizard then it is ok to use especially if the leopard geckos picture is on it. I wouldnt make it i would just buy the thing or something like it it may not work the way u want it to and can turn into a big project.
Q:can a machine do the work done by 10 men at a time?
Yes, depending on what machine it is. In manufacturing, machines do A LOT of the work men and women used to do, at least 10. Hope this helps!!!
Q:What is involved in building my own home?
You need to have a perk test for placement of your septic system if you are not being hooked up to a town sewer system. You need to have a well dug in an area zoned legal in relation to your septic system (if you need well water). Your property will need to be cleared and graded You will need somebody to dig your foundation and/or basement and a mason. Most of the rest you seem to have covered assuming your husband will do the roofing and insulation Perhaps somebody to put in a driveway and sidewalks Landscaping, unless you plan on dong that
Q:I am trying to clean-up my credit to purchase a home.What are some good ways to start?
You I was able to get to 595 from 489 in just one day and from 489 to 748 in just a few week; that's pretty fast in my book. Good luck!
Q:do u have to have a lisence to operate an excavator or skid stear?
Yes. If you use such equipment without one, you are liable for prosecution.
Q:hi,does anyone know how to find excavator driving jobs in canada,i am a qualified operator of 15yrs?
You would need to be given a job offer from a company here in Canada. It isn't as easy as it sounds. No company will offer a job to a foreigner if a citizen can do the job.
Q:What you think about Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo or Bosnian pyramids?
I've heard of this self-proclaimed excavator in Bosnia. The pyramids could be 12,000 years old, this person claims, based on geological knowledge of the area. That is exactly the main point of contention for specialists concerned with the archeology in the Balkan region. Europe was in the late Upper Paleolithic at this point and no one was building anything except flimsy huts, according to scientists. As for Bosnia, yes, I know it used to be a beautiful country, But I haven't been there recently. I know people are generally hospitable and warm, just like you, but not everybody understands that :)

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