JJW Series Precision Purified AC Voltage Stabilizer

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Adopted advanced sine energy distributing technology, thee main circuit is constructed by paralleling the sine energy distributor and the high power filter. When the output voltage Uo is changed because of the undulation of the supply voltage or the load, it control the SCR elements angle through sampling circuit, comparer and trigger unit to change the current which lead to the variety of the compensating voltage ΔU and the phase, and reach to the target of stable output voltage.


 2. Product Characteristic:

It has excellent regulation and anti-interference function with digital display; the regulation accuracy reaches to ±1% and the response time<0.1s, it can restrain the peak interference of electric network effectively, efficiency of this machine>90%.

These equipments and facilities that has higher requirement for the electricity quality as computerprecision instrumentcopierinspection devicecommunication broadcasting deviceauto control system and so on.



a. Wide regulation range: single-phase185V255Vthree-phase320V440V

b. High regulation accuracy: <±1%

c. Strong anti-interference ability: can restrain various noises and peak voltage in the electric network;

d. Short response time: <0.1s

e. High efficiency: >90%


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Q:Aftermarket headlights, wiring issues. Shortages.?
The fuse protects an individual circuit. The lights which work when the fuse is blown is on another fuse circuit. They could not work if they were on the same circuit as the #8 fuse. It sounds like you may have too many lights on the #8 circuit. If the lighting load is greater than 15 amps it will blow the fuse when you turn on enough lights to exceed the 15 amps. Disconnect a few of the lights to bring the load below the 15 amp limit, and see if it resolves the fuse problem. You could increase the fuse size to 20 amps, but this is not usually advisable as the fuse is sized to protect the circuit components. If its not a result of having too much lighting on the circuit, then I would look for a bare wire which may be contacting the car chassis. The battery is grounded to the car frame, so any power source which touches the chassis will result in a dead ground, which will cause the fuse to blow. I would suggest getting a multimeter to check to see if you are getting power to the left fog light. If you are getting power, then the problem is with the bulb or light fixture. If you are not getting power, then I'd look for a blown fuse or faulty switch.
Q:smog test: what are reasons for engine check on?
those reasons will not trigger the light. it can be anything from a loose gas cap to severe catalytic converter damage. pull the codes and see where the issue is.
Q:Taurus interior electronics failure. Fuse issue?
Sure, I'll check the power distribution schematic. Oh, that's right. You apparently didn't think it was important to list the year and engine. So I can't look it up.
Q:Whats wrong with my car ?
If it got really wet then most likely you ruined many electrical parts and swapping fuse box would have done you no goodIts the electrical components that will go bad from being wet.Many might not go bad right away but in the future expect to have extensive electrical issues. Such is the issues with flooded vehicles you can recover them after a flood, but expect to have many electrical issues Note: if it just recently happened then give it time to dry in the electrical.
Q:How do I know if my ECU is bad? It blows ECU fuse the second I turn on ignition.?
Check main relay. It may be faulty. Below Driver's Dash.
Q:sony projection kp46xbr35 pic is shaped like a bowl?
If it had bad fuses the cross would be misaligned. If you move the red and blue up and down and the whole picture moves (the red and blue part) then I suspect a vertical deflection problem. This could be the output ic, the jungle ic, or associated component and connections. The only way to find out is with an 0-scope in a shop.
Q:A component in a product can be considered an independent component if it has no dependency on any other.?
You are attempting to characterize interdependence. Logically, something is independent if it has no dependency on any other component in the product functioning AND SEPARATELY no other component in the product can cause it to function or not. You describe the first component, but not the second. Example - An IPOD plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car (and pretend that it has no internal batteries). There is nothing that can be entered into the ipod that will change how the car works (car is the potentially independent component), however, if the car fuse blows, the IPOD turns off. This certainly violates the hypothesis that the car is independent.
Q:Electronic Components?
Resistors okorder
Q:What size fuse for these amps?
I always put an inline fuse, but that could just be me. You can add up the fuses on your amps to determine the total (in this case 100 amps).
Q:can u hurt a e.c.m. on a car using a test light checking fusses or 4 probing wires?
Checking fuses is fine - probing the electronic module wires with a test light can easily short out an internal component.

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