JJW Series Precision Purified AC Voltage Stabilizer

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Adopted advanced sine energy distributing technology, thee main circuit is constructed by paralleling the sine energy distributor and the high power filter. When the output voltage Uo is changed because of the undulation of the supply voltage or the load, it control the SCR elements angle through sampling circuit, comparer and trigger unit to change the current which lead to the variety of the compensating voltage ΔU and the phase, and reach to the target of stable output voltage.


 2. Product Characteristic:

It has excellent regulation and anti-interference function with digital display; the regulation accuracy reaches to ±1% and the response time<0.1s, it can restrain the peak interference of electric network effectively, efficiency of this machine>90%.

These equipments and facilities that has higher requirement for the electricity quality as computerprecision instrumentcopierinspection devicecommunication broadcasting deviceauto control system and so on.



a. Wide regulation range: single-phase185V255Vthree-phase320V440V

b. High regulation accuracy: <±1%

c. Strong anti-interference ability: can restrain various noises and peak voltage in the electric network;

d. Short response time: <0.1s

e. High efficiency: >90%


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Q:Hi im working on a 2002 hyundia senata i replaced fuel pump, pump relay under stereo consle?
did you check the pump before fitting it, if not get some cable and go from battery to relay and see if the pump runs,if not check by placing temporary wires from pump relay to the pump and trying Again,if still not working temp cable from battery to pump relay then from pump relay to the pump if it works its a short circuit in the cars wiring loom,if it doesn't work then its the relay or pump, if you checked the pump earlier then its the relay at fault,also check the earths (grounding cables) if these are loose of broken then no return means no power,,just to be sure try a fuse that's working another component,of the same rating,in other words just swop the fuses over if they are same rating, and try again,hope this helps and be careful fuel pumps and fuel and sparks can cause fires
Q:Fuses Keep blowing on My amplifier? whaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Make sure to use lube and condums next time.
Q:I've blown a fuse in my computer power supply. Help ?
NEVER mod the 20 (24 in some cases) connector that goes on the motherboard, you either destroyed the motherboard or the psu
Q:how to use fuse in circuit?
Fusing and disconnecting means, should always be placed on the UNGROUNDED CONDUCTORS. I.e. any circuit that will operate at a significant voltage above or below ground. You do not fuse your grounded current-carrying conductors (aka neutrals), because these are usually connected to ground at the source, in some form or another. If your circuit is completely ungrounded, as in, all live wires float either above or below ground, with no exact connection to ground, you fuse all current-carrying conductors, treating them all as live wires. For a single phase transformer, you only need to fuse it on one side. Because any fault current will be transferred winding-to-winding directly. For other configurations of transformers, where the topology doesn't guarantee that it faults occur in a winding-to-winding manner, you may need to fuse it on both the primary and the secondary. It is recommended that you use a TOUCH-SAFE fuseholder, to store the fuse. You can directly connect the wires to the fuse holder, and then you can pop the fuse in it, when you are ready to power the circuit on. Do not disconnect any fuses under a current-carrying load. Make sure you shut it off at a device rated for disconnecting means, at that voltage.
Q:Calling all Wrench Heads.?
yes it can damage alot of things not just the altenator have an electrical diagnosis done on it.
Q:What makes cells stick together?
Generally molecules that hold cells together allowing cell-cell interaction and communication are called adhesion molecules. Basically these are proteins found in every cell which becomes attracted resulting to the sticking up of cells. In plants, the one responsible for this are the plasmodesma (plural plasmodesmata). Hope this helps
Q:wich pc component is dead?
i think your psu is dead as the monitor takes the direct power and does not affects your psu
Q:1996 Ford Contour no tail/dash lights?
recheck the fuses - one or more of them may look OK, but are burned out ( they should be labeled for each component, like radio for the radio, and etc )
Q:How much to replace or fix the cigarette lighter in your car? (Not a fuse problem)?
About 5 bucks and 5 minutes
Q:Electronic component code reference?
May be this will help you: •A: Assemblies •B: Transducers / Sensors / Detectors •C: Capacitors •D: Storage devices •E: Miscellaneous •F: Fuses •G: Generator, battery pack •H: Indicators, signaling devices •J: Connector / connector pin Joining another connector (P) •K: Relays •L: Inductors and filters •M: Motors •N: Analogue devices •P: Measuring / test point / connector plug •Q: Transistors •R: Resistors •S: Switches, push buttons, emergency stops and limit switches •T: Transformers •U: Integrated circuits, Power converters, DC power supplies •V: Electron vacuum tubes tubes •W: Wires, conductors, power, neutral and earthing busses •X: Terminal strips, terminations, joins •Y: Solenoids, electrical actuators •Z: Filters

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