Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

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Product Description:

Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:11KW 15KW 18KW


Type:Lifting Platform

Application:Construction Usage


Sling Type:Wire Rope

Power Source:Electric


Certification:ISO9001: 2000




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Wooden Case





Production Capacity:20000

Product Description

Appearance design: beautiful modelling concise;Brake wear hidden inside lead;Plug in type electromagnetic wire;Double rings seat design. 

Internal performance: joint construction lifter actual working condition, internal reflect similar domestic leading level of the motor performance.

Embodied in: rated voltage 85% when can full load starting;Rated load 125% when relaxed starting and stable operation;Can be moderately happy to meet the demand of the brake adjustment;Frictionless operation of the brake disc structure to get higher running stability, low noise and high the whole life. 

Reliability: the friction brake disc 12 months, the average life expectancy of armature and fixed brake disc life expectancy for 30 months, brake trouble-free working times, 200000 times on average, trouble-free working time is an average of 18 months;Motor can be selected embedded type thermal protection device, ensure reliable motor thermal overload protection.Interchangeability and maintainability: motor and DC brake

Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

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Q:What is called stepping motor?
What is called stepping motor?Anonymous browsing | 2451 timesRecommended for 2016-07-27 14:15:34 best answerBrake stepper motor, also known as the brake, brake at gate, ordinary stepper motor power without self-locking, electricity will lock, to achieve self-locking, the stepper motor is installed in the tail of a brake device (brake), and in parallel with the circuit of the stepping motor device, when the power is on, also on the brake electric brake device from the output shaft of the stepping motor, the normal operation of the motor, when power-off, hold the motor shaft brake release.Brake step motor is mainly suitable for driving the vertical movement of the brake, only need to connect to the 12~24VDC, when the stepper motor power, brake moment start, to fix the motor shaft, solve the stepper motor power motor can still maintain the locked state, the 57, 86110 series of two-phase or three-phase motor the brake device can be installed. The electromagnetic brake to form the air gap, and applies the brake torque to be so heavy objects moving in a short period of time to slow down or restricted stay and provide the (even when the power is interrupted in all areas).
Q:Choose DC motor or stepping motor?
Look at the use and accuracy, not high DC is good, a H circuit, PWM driven under OK.Stepper motor, then buy driver chip to do relatively simple, and simulate their own timing, then it is a bit fierce. Select the stepping motor's pitch angle, torque, and the parameters to be measured by the city.
Q:What is the difference between stepper motor and servo motor?
3. low frequency characteristics of asynchronous motor at low speed prone to low-frequency vibration phenomenon. Vibration frequency is related to load and drive performance. Vibration frequency is generally considered as half of the no-load take-off frequency of motor. The low frequency vibration, which is determined by the working principle of the stepper motor, is very harmful to the normal operation of the machine. When stepping motor works at low speed, damping technology should be adopted to overcome low frequency vibration, such as adding damper on motor or subdividing technology on drive. AC servo motors operate very smoothly and do not vibrate even at low speeds. AC servo system has resonance suppression function, it can cover mechanical rigidity shortage, and the system has frequency analysis function (FFT), it can detect the resonance point of the machine, so that it is easy to adjust the system.
Q:How does this 4 wire stepper motor connect? What does each line stand for?
The 4 line is the 2 group, you first divided the 4 lines into 2 groups, then you connect the 2 lines short, and if the motor does not move, it shows that the two lines are a group. The remaining two are a set. You just put the two sets of wires to A+/A- and the other group gets B+/B-. If the motor reverses, you can modify the instructions in the PLC, or you can swap the two sets of lines.
Q:How do you give in? The speed of the motor is changed to 3 seconds
It rotates at a fixed angle, step by step. Number of pulses can be controlled by controlling the angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; at the same time by controlling the pulse frequency to control the motor rotation speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed.
Q:What does the step / turn of the stepper motor mean?
Step number / circle is = = stepper motor with a circle walk step.You see the number of steps / laps for other drivers. In fact, the relative is a few subdivisionsFor example, 200 steps / laps, that is, taking a circle takes 200 steps. 1 steps is 1.8 degrees
Q:How to solve the vibration problem of stepping motor?The stepper motor will vibrate step by step,
You said a step by step vibration, step motor is not like about jitter, or the other, under normal circumstances, the motor power is just, suddenly shake, this is a normal phenomenon. Because the motor is energized for a moment will look for an initial phase point in the operation will not. Jitter, when the above situation has several possible:
Q:Is the stepper motor the same as the servo motor?
The control accuracy of the AC servo motor is guaranteed by the rotary encoder at the back of the motor shaft. Taking Panasonic digital AC servo motor as an example, for a motor with a standard 2500 line encoder, the pulse equivalent is 360 degrees /10000=0.036 degrees due to the adoption of the four octave technique in the drive. For a motor with a 17 bit encoder, the drive turns 217=131072 pulses per receiver, i.e., its pulse equivalent is 360 DEG /131072=9.89 sec. It is the pulse equivalent 1/655 of stepping motor with step angle of 1.8 degrees.
Q:How to improve the low speed performance of two phase stepping motor
4, stepper motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement of the open-loop control element. In the case of non overloaded, the motor speed and stop position depends only on the pulse frequency and pulse number, regardless of load changes, namely to add a pulse motor, the motor is turned to a step angle. The existence of this linear relationship, and stepper motor only periodic error and accumulated error etc.. It is very simple to control by stepping motor in the control field of speed, position and so on.5, the stepper motor used in low-speed occasions per minute speed less than 1000 rpm (0.9 degrees 6666PPS), the best in the 1000-3000PPS (0.9 degrees) between the use of the reducer in the work here, the motor of high working efficiency, low noise. It is better not to use the full step state, and the vibration is great when the whole step is in the state.
Q:What is the difference between two phase and three phase / five phase of stepping motor? Thank you
Now more commonly used stepper motor, including reactive stepping motor (VR), permanent magnet stepper motor (PM), hybrid stepping motor (HB) and single-phase stepper motor.The permanent magnet stepper motor generally is two-phase, torque and small volume, the stepping angle is generally 7.5 degrees or 15 degrees;The reaction stepping motor is generally three-phase, and can achieve large torque output. The step angle is generally 1.5 degrees, but the noise and vibration are very large. The rotor magnetic path of the reaction stepping motor is made of soft magnetic material, and the stator is provided with a polyphase exciting winding, and the torque is generated by the change of the permeance.Hybrid stepping motors refer to the advantages of mixing permanent magnet and reactive type. It is divided into two phases and five phases: two phase stepping angle is generally 1.8 degrees, while the five phase stepping angle is generally 0.72 degrees. This stepper motor is the most widely used, but also the subdivision of the drive program used stepper motor.

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