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Product Overview

Ourcompany’s product --- ‘Jin Ming’ brand home textile inherits the essence of Lu embroideryculture.

It carries the deep Luembroidery culture forward and endowes it with vigor and vitality.

It  has  advantages of  bulkiness、fitwarmthcrease-resistventilationmoisture absorptionsoftwashing easilyfriction resistance、good surface gloss、anti-mildew、biocontrol, etc.

Product  Classification

Our company’s products include mainly mattress、flat sheet、flatted sheet、bed sheet、pillow case、pillow towel、quilt、pillow、woolenblanket、synthetic fiber comforter,etc.


1、Will yourproducts  shrink?

Our company’s home textile has been preshrinking treatment and its’ Shrinkage is controled within3%-4% in GB.

2、What are yourproducts’  advantages?In addition to the above advantages, ourproducts are with high cost performance and its’ quality does’t lose the internationalbrand.

3、Can your company’s customerservice  be guaranteed?

Two-tier inspection system for all products ensures product quality.

Even if the product deliveried is in question, we will timelyprovide customer service by repair or replacement.

Product Features

High cost performance
Perfect after-sales service
Flexible and durable
Easy to transport
Fast delivery

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Q:What kind of yarn does household bedding usually consist of?
Bedding fabrics are generally 40, high-grade is 60, poor water is 30.
Q:What does the full set of bedding include?
Pillow class: contains:(1) pillows for purely sleeping purposes. The main appeal of this pillow is its elasticity and comfort.(2) the pillow with health care function: the pillow mainly brings various health care functions with its shape and stuffing, and its appeal lies in its health.
Q:Bedding is Satin Jacquard good or good cotton
Bedding Satin jacquard lining Suite (personal part) are generally used to the production of cotton fabrics, Satin Jacquard classification there are many, such as 40*40, 40*60, 60*40 jacquard, jacquard jacquard, jacquard 60*60, cotton fabric is more commonly used, such as 30s, 40s60s80s fabrics, cotton yarn quality is in accordance with the density. The quality of the yarn density is high, quality is good, the price is also higher, cotton fabrics, good air permeability, at this point the use of Satin Jacquard and cotton is not conflict, cotton 60s above a product price is very high, most of the costs have been higher than the jacquard suite, so in the choice of Satin Jacquard or cotton package can according to their actual situation and consumer preferences to be more active, suite cotton yarn density and long service life, almost do not fade, and Direct and close (more than 40 Satin jacquard lining fabric is generally 133*72, but also the effect)
Q:Choose four sets of bedding, how should I choose?
Look at the cloth. Pick to: bed four pieces, quilt cover and pillowcase to double cloth, compared to see have quality problem, the main idea of watching a cloth, against the light, can see the textile texture, texture clear can see the scheduling of textile textile thread hole, uniform density for the top, if not to see the textile hole perhaps sizing comparison, although feel solid but touching contrast hard, this water washing off is not so solid feeling, soft cloth and not simple wrinkle forming, do not advocate selection.
Q:What are bedding brands? Which one is good?
In fact, the bedding is too dirty, too simple lice, pestiferous, bedding often in the sun, the sun's ultraviolet disinfection effect is intense, the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, can not see the sun, the sun is the treasure of human life, without it, ground drying bedding can make people fully enjoy the gifts of nature.
Q:What's the difference between bedding and fabrics, pure cotton, polyester cotton and interwoven cotton?
Pure cotton fabrics are fabrics made entirely of cotton fibers.Polyester cotton fabric refers to fabric containing polyester fiber and cotton fiber.According to the different ratio of polyester cotton spinning, they can be divided into two kinds, one is weaving, and the other is blending.
Q:What's the difference between the three sets on the bed and the four pieces on the bed?
Three sets of bedclothes refer to: a pillowcase, a quilt cover, and a bed sheet. Three sets of bedding are usually used in single beds.Four sets of bed covers refer to: two pillowcases, a quilt cover, and a bed sheet. The double bed is made out of four pieces.
Q:What about the fading of textile bedding?
Cotton bedding, three piece sets are very popular with consumers, everyone for cotton products bless great trust. The cotton bedding is not only difficult to fade, but also does not fluff the ball. It's also safe and comfortable to use. The cotton fabric can touch the skin directly, so this kind of bedding is very popular with the consumer.
Q:What items do knitting goods include?
Decorative textiles can be divided into indoor and outdoor supplies, bedding, including Home Furnishing cloth and restaurant bathroom supplies, such as carpets, sofa sets, chairs, tapestries, cloth, textile products, like cover, curtains, tablecloths, towels, tea towels, handkerchiefs and other bedding; including bed cover, bed sheets, quilt cover, quilt, blanket, towel, pillow, quilt, pillow etc.. Outdoor products include artificial lawn and so on.
Q:What kinds of textiles do you have?
Decorative textiles: indoor products, bedding and outdoor activities, including restaurant furniture and bathroom products, such as carpet, sofa cover, cushion (sets), tapestry, cloth cover, curtains, towels, etc.. Including bedding, bedspread, bed sheets, quilt cover, quilt cover, pillow, quilt, pillow etc.. Outdoor products include artificial lawn and so on. It can be concluded that decorative textiles in the varieties, structures, patterns, patterns and colors, etc., are more prominent than other textiles

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