Jiangmen Self-Powered LED Luxury Shower Kit

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Item specifice:

Model NO.: HM-LED6110 Type: Overhead Shower Size: 200*200*8mm
Finish: Chrome Diverter: Brass Production Capacity: 5000PCS/Month
Shape: Square Color: RGB Color Change ,Water Power Water Flow: 8L/Min
Standard: 22*22*14mm Brown Box Water Outlet:: rainfall

Product Description:



Screw Thread  G1/2" water inlet 
Thickness      8mm
water flow 7-8 L/min
power no need battery,water power
salt spray test & acid test24h
warranty3 years


4  led light
1,As the built-in device generating electricity without the battery and any other power connets to water, LED will emit the light
2,When water flows down,the LED will light instantly and automatically by the water temperature;
A. When the water temperature is ≤29c,  Blue will show automatically;
B. When the water temperature is between 30c~39c,Green will show automatically
C. When the water temperature is between 40c~49c, Red color will show automatically;
D. When the water temperature is ≥53c, RED color will flash automatically.


Package Includes:
1 x LED Shower Head

Packing info:

1Brown box packing as common packing
2 wooden box  packing also can be chose
3.We also can accept customer's packing requirement and desig
Installation note
1.Before fixing, the dirty water, detritus should be cleaned away, avoiding blocking.

2.The faucet should be correctly connected with the warm and cold pipes. Facing the faucet,
   the left is connected with warm water, the other side is cold water.

3.Examine the fixing size, don`t fix it violently avoiding breaking the parts.

4.Cleaning the surface regularly, keep clean. Don`t use the rubbing cleanser, hard cloth, 

   steel ball or acid cleanser, soap.

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Q:How to break the wall lamp
To be able to say in detail, if there is a total lock before demolition, turn off the total brake power, or make sure that the switch is closed
Q:How are these led lights classified
There's nothing strange about this, there's nothing to explain it, it's just the idea of replacing the incandescent light bulb with an led and adding a drive, and you're talking about a lot of lights,
Q:How are led wall lights installed
When installing LED wall lights, a branch power supply will be connected up to 8-10 wall lamps. Or the power line after 50 meters. After installation is completed, please check the installation line, confirm the installation is correct, then turn on the power supply.
Q:How do the led wall lights switch on a switch and turn on another one
Use a switch control to directly connect to the 220V power supply. Then turn on the power and turn off the lights on the ABC on the remote.
Q:What are the advantages of LED wall lights
It's energy saving... Same brightness, very low energy consumption...I hope my answer will help you
Q:The led wall lamp just bought back less than 2 days, have a few not bright, how to do
Do not know whether the led wall lamp that the building main household USES is can change the kind of the kind that can change bulb, the similar picture below The light beads used in G9 and G4 lights are also replaceable
Q:How to install led wall lamp
First remove the brackets on the wall and make a mark on the wall, then punch in and then plug in the expansion screw holder. Put the lights on again. It will be fixed to the scaffold. The installation of the wall lamp of the head of the bed is very simple, the whole installation process basically is divided into two steps, the first step determines the detailed installation position, the second step is the installation. Once the installation is complete, only the drying and retainer will be finished.
Q:How many W led wall lamp
It's not cheap to choose a wall lamp from 1 to 40 watts
Q:The headlights are not out of the way
Another case the above principle - because the switch is off, after the fire caused by broken wire and the electric wire tube wear together in a line, and wire distributed capacitance, conduction the alternating current (ac) electric wire, high sensitive LED lights will glow, this need not worry.
Q:Will the led outdoor wall lamp go through the body's infrared sensing switch
It's bad, it's bad, it doesn't.I hope my answer will help you.

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