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Q:after adding a new amp for my component speakers my truck keeps dieing help!!?
It may seem obvious to you already, but there's an issue with your American pro amp. It sounds like the amp is staying on all the time. Make sure the REM input only has +12volt power when the key is turned. The remote lead from the HU is supposed to switch the amplifier on, but if you've got a stock radio you might want to tap a fuse in your fuse box to get switched power. If it's turning off like it's supposed to, it has an internal fault making it a constant drain on your battery.
Q:What are the common electrical components of your everyday residential A/C system? i.e. switch, relay, etc.?
There are two sides to the average home A/C unit. You have the evaporator side or indoor blower and the condenser side outdoor unit. On a close of the thermostat 24v from r to y (G) the indoor fan relay closes(24v GC). Allowing 110v to the indoor blower. The 24v signal also travels to the condensing unit (YC). If equipped with low and/or high pressure switches and they are closed 24v will be supplied to the cooling contactor. When the cooling contactor coil is powered 220v will pass through the contactor to the compressor and condenser fan (Condenser fan sometimes have fan cycling controls). Both compressor and condenser fans have capacitors. Indoor blower motor typically 110v supplied to indoor unit through breaker Outdoor unit typically 220v supplied through separate breaker. Indoor unit transformer takes 110v and down steps to 24v for control power. (Sometimes internally fused) Typical 24v wiring C- Common leg of 24v R- Red supply side of 24v W- Heat Y- Cooling G- Indoor Fan
Q:parts for gaming laptop.?
you cant make a non gaming laptop into a gaming laptop. you can do this with desktops only laptop's major components are fused to the motherboard and are not replaceable/upgradable so your only choice is to buy a new higher powered laptop
Q:Maruti 800 -AC components?
Wow. That's a lot of work and parts. Start with the compressor, which is expensive for an average car, plus condenser, high and low pressure valves, hoses, lines, sensors, expansion valve, and the relay system which will need to be wired into your existing fuse system, which may have to be replaced as well. He'll have to use new parts because old parts from junk cars will have dry rot and corrosion, plus it's not good for AC systems to sit for long periods with no pressure or oil inside.
Q:what components do i need to hook up an amp and 2 subs to a 07 civic ex stock stereo?
you are able to, yet for one i might advise a capacitor in there someplace, in case you obtain six hundred watts it is going to dim your lighting fixtures at night. the line adapter is a powerful thought, reason you will choose RCA's to flow to the amp, and yet another difficulty would desire to be the amp distant turn on, which the inventory radio won't have. yet a 12V source from the radio will artwork. i might unload that amp, I have been given one for my vehicle and it sucks, the subs would be severly under powered and you will would desire to crank the stereo to get the watts up, which in turn will make the amp run greater durable, which will finally end up burning out. you will desire to understand RMS wattage additionally, if the subs are 1000 max, they're prolly 650 RMS, and if the amp is six hundred Watt, this is probable 250 RMS watts, you will desire to discover out the ohms of impedance on the subs, and see what your amp will placed out at that ohm.you may would desire to bridge it, or you may in basic terms choose to flow with one sub.
Q:corrolla 2000 fuse blown up15 ampere and its related to EFI or F-HTR.?
You have a dead short and never put in a higher amp fuse. The one that's in there is to protect it to that amperage and a high amp fuse could harm the very thing it's protecting. Trace down your short and fix it.
Q:Electricity in the home Components of the main please help me!!!?
components are: circuit breaker aka MCB circuit breaker box aka distribution panel aka Consumer unit wire of various sizes wire staples outlets switches lights (permanent mounted in ceiling or wall) Parts attached to the appliance, not part of the mains plug wire and the various tools used to put it all together.
Q:series circuit experiments - shorted component?
there are many kinds of resistors. fixed carbon resistors have a wattage rating. if you exceed the wattage (may be dangerous) the resistor will heat up excessively and burn. it stops burning when it is physically broken and cannot continue to conduct electricity (or blows the fuse). this then creates an open circuit. open circuits are commonly misnamed short circuits. a short circuit happens when the electricity in a circuit takes a shorter (or different) path than the circuit was designed. this may burn out a circuit component, then you will have an open circuit. does this make sense?
Q:Parasitic battery draw 2003 Land Rover Discovery, 300ma from FL5 and 280ma from ABS fuse, any ideas?
Give the abs unit a slap with your palm.I had one of thes e with a stuck solenoid causing the unusual current flow What follows is not related to your problem but the info about FL5 follows:- If you have a Range Rover Classic or Discovery 1 that is getting up there in age and has had its share of use, not to mention exposure to western New York winters, you may soon find out how a fusible link works. Sometime in the 1992 Model Year, Land Rover introduced the fusible link as an added protection to the electrical systems in the Range Rover. This system also was used in the Discoverys. If you experience a number of sudden and simultaneous failures of various electrical systems and components, there is a good chance that you have blown one of these fusible links
Q:2 Channel amp one channel not working. What can it be?
I doubt the fuse theory, because it would probably take both channels out. You MAY have internal speaker fuses, which you can look for. I didn't get a good sense that you isolated what component is out of whack well enough. You need to exchange the incoming cables (only) to the amp first. Does the problem switch sides? If so, it is not the amp. If it stays the same, switch speaker wires. Does the problem switch sides too? Then it is the amp. If you do both sets, then the problem will almost always switch channels on you, which proves nothing. If the amp is bad: Unless you know electronics, and/or can find a blown speaker fuse, it is going to be tough to find the answer. Incidentally, if you find a blown speaker fuse, do not exceed the rating, and if a new one blows immediately, do not try to solve by replacing the fuse again and again. That can burn up the amp. Good luck!

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