JCM915LD coal unloading excavator with long boom and special bucket

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This is 915LD long boom excavator which is used to unload coal from train carriage. Please note that it's short arm and special bucket.

Rubber track shoe is optional.

Imported with original packing CUMMINS B3.9 series engine, Tier 2 emission, energy saving and green, convenient maintenance, adopt radial seal air cleaner and air pre-cleaner, effectively extend the engine's working time; equipped with the fuel filling pump and pressure transmitter, effectively improve the economical efficiency of the fuel.

Imported with original packing hydraulic components; stable and reliable quality, high working efficiency.

New type of cab and seat, great interiors, new type of air conditioner system could automatically adjust the wind distribuction; comfortalbe to operate.

Equipped with new-generation electronic control system; big color LCD, can monitor the machine at any time; be of self-diagnosis and record functions; electronic control throttle; many operating modes for your option.

Equipped with different types of buckets, some attachments such as breaking hammer, ripper and quick hitch could be your selection; digging, landfill, crushing, leveling could be realized by one machine.

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