JCM907D Hydraulic Crawler Excavator Digger Mechanical Shovel

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Excavators are heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, stick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as the "house". The house sits atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. A cable-operated excavator uses winches and steel ropes to accomplish the movements. They are a natural progression from the steam shovels and often called power shovels. All movement and functions of a hydraulic excavator are accomplished through the use of hydraulic fluid, with hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors. Due to the linear actuation of hydraulic cylinders, their mode of operation is fundamentally different from cable-operated excavators.

Main Product Features:

  1. There are 3 pumps: the two main pumps are for supplying oil at high pressure (up to 5000 psi) for the arms, swing motor, track motors, and accessories, and the third is a lower pressure (700 psi) pump for Pilot Control.

  2. The whole machine has the elegant streamline design, reliable performance and high efficiency of working.

  3. Possess quality certification of ISO 9001:2000. Can pass CE test.

  4. A wide range of operating weight & bucket size for your choice.

  5. We can supply OEM service and can also produce according to your requirements.

Product Specifications:

Operating Weight: 7.1t

Engine: CUMMINS B3.3 Engine

Boom Length: 3.71m

Arm Length: 1.65m

Bucket Size: 0.28m3

Blade Size: 2210mm×386.5mm

       Operating Weight and Ground Pressure

Operating weight includes basic machine (with boom 3.71m, arm 1.65m, bucket 0.28m3, and blade 2210mm×386.5mm)

Shoe width


Overall width


Ground pressure


Operating weight



Q1: How to control the Excavator?

A1: The Excavator is equipped with the open-and-shut electronic monitoring system and fault alarm system, very easy and safe to control.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.

Q3: How soon can we receive the product after purchase?

A3: Within three days of placing an order, we will begin production. The specific shipping date is dependent upon international and government factors, but is typically 10 to 30 workdays.

Q4: If we can produce some Excavator according to customers request?

A4: Yes, we can produce Excavator according to the difference country situations to make it suitable to the market and customers. We have very professional technical team to make the design.

Q5: How to make a quick resolution for after service?

A5: OKorder and our manufacture both have overseas branches all-around of world, if necessary, the seller shall dispatch 2 engineers to the buyer's site for supervision of training. The buyer shall make available of necessary facilities & skilled personnel at site for training.

JCM907D Hydraulic Crawler Excavator Digger Mechanical Shovel

JCM907D Hydraulic Crawler Excavator Digger Mechanical Shovel

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Q:Does any one know if an Australian LE excavator license is accepted in Norway?
I would assume that it will be accepted, but you have to apply to have it vetted by the Norwegian authorities. I have provided some links that might be of some help. According to the Accreditation Authorities this is the process for your profession: Excavator operator (Gravemaskinfører) Application process You must send your application with a copy of your driving licence to Arbeidstilsynet Oslo, by letter, e-mail or fax. You must supply a translation of your driving licence if it is issued in a language other than English or one of the Nordic languages. In the application you must state the postal address of the person who will receive the letter of authorisation (preferably your employer). For more info see the link below.
Q:What does it mean to walk an excavator and how do u do it?
Only a guess here but it may refer to using the bucket and arm to pull or push the machine along without engaging the tracks or wheels.
Q:Could Native Americans inhabited much of North America over 15,000 years ago.?
Monte Verda in Chile is not an accepted site because the evidence from that site washed away shortly after its first discovery. Sites such as Meadowcroft, Cactus Hill, and Topper point to a little less than 20000 BP. as the date. But these sites are controversial too. Not any evidence for anytime beyond this. There is a site on the West Coast, Arlington Springs I think that has pretty good dates around 17000 BP, but that is about it.
Q:easy stump removeal?
Purchase some Stump out.
Q:In construction how account for equipment rental?
If the equipment is used directly in the construction side of the project, e.g. excavators, then the equipment is a direct cost and I would include it under COGS. If the equipment is like an overhead projector you use when you make a sales pitch before you got the contract, that would be a selling expense. Dr Equipment rental expense xxx Cr Cash or accounts payable xxx
Q:Tunnel ventilation in subway systems?
There is a fan plant built next to an access shaft. The fans blow fresh air through the duct that runs down the shaft and into the tunnel, suspended from the tunnel's arch, all the way to the TBM. As the TBM advances, workers add new sections of the duct. The air then flows through the tunnel back to the access shaft. The section of the NYC's Third Water Tunnel I've been to, used very little engine powered heavy equipment. The train that brought workers and supplies to and from the TBM run on the CNG. Everything else run on electricity.
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Q:What is the huge digger on Moon Call Of Duty Zombie Map?
It starts at intervals between certain rounds, and it is called the Excavator. It's basically to annoy you. To stop it, you need to bring the hacker to the starting room and use it on the small control panels
Q:Is the excavator a motor vehicle?
Excavators are special motor vehiclesIt is not allowed to carry passengersAnd you need a special driver's license to drive the excavator
Q:what is the cc rating on a 302.5 mini excavator?
I know it is a 22 hp and only manufactured for england but the cc rating i don't know here is a cat site maybe you can find it

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