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.jpgJBK5 transformers are applicable to AC 50~60HZ circuit,rate output voltage no more than 1140V,and rated input voltage no more than 1140V,which could be widely used on control power supply for NC machine         tools,elevators,packing machines,LED lighting,carving machines,robots,agricultural machines,local lighting,signal lamps and others.

.jpgGas shielded argon arc welding is adopted for the connection between vertical silicon steel sheets as well as between silicon steel sheeet and base plate of transformers,froming an integral structure which is simple and clear.Especially,the base plate is one-step molding ,the installation demension is more accurate than JBK3 series.It adopts the high quality anti-corrosion alloy materials to completely improve the reliability of the grounded capability and products quality.In addition,it has the advantages of reliable operation,low consumption,small volume,safe wiring,wide application and so on.



Dezhou Xinping was establish in November of 1994,Xinping has been developed to be a professional transformer manufaturer after 20 years'development,who integrates R&D,producing and markerting.Meanwhile,Xinping is the earliest transformer manufacturer which gets CQC certificate in China.

The main products of Xinping include different kinds of transformer ,such as EI transformer,encapsulated transformer ,switch power supply transformer,inducatance transformer,BK&JBK transformer,toroidal transformer,intelligent servo transformer,three-phase dry type transformer,QZB transformer,special transformer and others.

Xinping is located in Shandong Dezhou,now there are more than 400 employees in the company,15% employees are special technicians.Xinping covers an area of about 53000 square meter,and the floor area is more than 30000 square meter.

Xinpng does a lot of tests during design,developing and the application of raw material and uses high quality raw material fianlly.So the transformer has the advantages of low no-load loss,high efficiency and low temperature rise.It has been widely used in household appliances,intelligent meters,solar meters,solar meters,automatic equipment,special equipment and others.

In the process of manufacturing and business,Xinping always sticks to the principle of honoring contract,keeping credit,complying with business ethics and seeking the perfect quality.Being the leader of transformer and electronic components industry is the development goal of Xinping.Comparing price under the same quality and comparing quality&service under the same price is the business concept of Xinping.Devoting of your requirement,Xinping will supply you excellent service from products concept to designing,sample making,confirmation,producing,testing and delivering.Xinping would like to cooperte with you and build a bright future together.

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120 kVA, 7000/277 V (What does this rating mean) Primary voltage rating: 7000 V, secondary voltage rating: 277 V, rated load: 120 kVA It is unclear whether this is a single-phase or three-phase transformer. You probably need to assume it is single-phase. The equivalent circuit of a 3-phase transformer is analyzed as one of three single-phase transformers that could be connected to make the equivalent Y-Y three-phase transformer. The secondary voltage, 277 V, is the line to neutral voltage for a 480 V, wye distribution system. That is a USA standard system voltage. The primary would be 12,124 V L-L, 7000 V L-N. That would a reasonable primary distribution system voltage. Referring the circuit to the low side means changing the primary component values to the equivalent secondary values and moving the ideal transformer to the primary side of the circuit as shown below. To change the primary impedance values, multiply by (Sec V/Pri V)^2.
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3. If the user fails to apply for the resumption of electricity, the power supply enterprise shall, from the date of expiry date, calculate the basic electricity bill according to the capacity stipulated in the contract; 4. During the period of suspension, the user shall apply to the power supply enterprise five days before the scheduled restoration date when the user applies for the resumption of the suspension of electricity consumption. The suspension time is less than fifteen days, the suspension of the basic electricity charges during the period;

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