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.jpgJBK5 transformers are applicable to AC 50~60HZ circuit,rate output voltage no more than 1140V,and rated input voltage no more than 1140V,which could be widely used on control power supply for NC machine         tools,elevators,packing machines,LED lighting,carving machines,robots,agricultural machines,local lighting,signal lamps and others.

.jpgGas shielded argon arc welding is adopted for the connection between vertical silicon steel sheets as well as between silicon steel sheeet and base plate of transformers,froming an integral structure which is simple and clear.Especially,the base plate is one-step molding ,the installation demension is more accurate than JBK3 series.It adopts the high quality anti-corrosion alloy materials to completely improve the reliability of the grounded capability and products quality.In addition,it has the advantages of reliable operation,low consumption,small volume,safe wiring,wide application and so on.



Dezhou Xinping was establish in November of 1994,Xinping has been developed to be a professional transformer manufaturer after 20 years'development,who integrates R&D,producing and markerting.Meanwhile,Xinping is the earliest transformer manufacturer which gets CQC certificate in China.

The main products of Xinping include different kinds of transformer ,such as EI transformer,encapsulated transformer ,switch power supply transformer,inducatance transformer,BK&JBK transformer,toroidal transformer,intelligent servo transformer,three-phase dry type transformer,QZB transformer,special transformer and others.

Xinping is located in Shandong Dezhou,now there are more than 400 employees in the company,15% employees are special technicians.Xinping covers an area of about 53000 square meter,and the floor area is more than 30000 square meter.

Xinpng does a lot of tests during design,developing and the application of raw material and uses high quality raw material fianlly.So the transformer has the advantages of low no-load loss,high efficiency and low temperature rise.It has been widely used in household appliances,intelligent meters,solar meters,solar meters,automatic equipment,special equipment and others.

In the process of manufacturing and business,Xinping always sticks to the principle of honoring contract,keeping credit,complying with business ethics and seeking the perfect quality.Being the leader of transformer and electronic components industry is the development goal of Xinping.Comparing price under the same quality and comparing quality&service under the same price is the business concept of Xinping.Devoting of your requirement,Xinping will supply you excellent service from products concept to designing,sample making,confirmation,producing,testing and delivering.Xinping would like to cooperte with you and build a bright future together.

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Q:Will the installation of transformers, power supply bureau is how the charges?
Electricity Bureau to receive construction, survey, design, equipment, measurement fees. The plane fee for the capacity of the general 250KVA above the transformer to charge capacity fee 1KVA a month generally 25 yuan. Industrial electricity is divided into peak and valley electricity price difference, agricultural electricity regardless. Details can call me
Q:How can I use a range for the US at 220v in China at 220v? Step down transformers x 2?
First off a killer range better than one you have ever had can be purchased in China for the price of the transformers needed to make that one work. Put it in storage till you come back. But if you must take it your range will need two step down transformers sized in VA correctly for that load. You cannot plug them both into the same receptacle and get it working they will have to be on two separate circuits so that means running an extension cord from across the room to power the other leg. The voltage is the same phase over there so you need two hots and two grounds from two separate circuits then rigged into a receptacle for it to plug into and it still may not work. Your stove has to be rated for 50 and 60 hertz or the timer clock and any other gauges wont work at all or will get messed up. Be safe and buy a new one. The transformers work great for small appliances and are not designed to do what you want. When over there be sure to buy all dual voltage electronic items so you can bring them back to the U.S. and just flip a switch and they will run great. I hope this helps.
Q:how does isolation transformer prevent a person from being electrocuted when touched the secondary?
you know, transformer passes AC only not DC. Isolation means here is the isolation from the mains AC out let. Once the mains input voltage is not there in the primary, there will not be any secondary voltage as well. Hence one will not be electrocuted once the primary winding is being disconnected from the mains.Hence you are isolated from live and neutral of the mains outlet.One still gets electrocuted, when touched in secondary terminal provided that the primary terminals are connected to the mains input.Only the difference is that he/she is not contact with the the mains input voltage(Outlet) of having live and neutral terminals.Now, briefly saying, you are isolated from the Live and neutral terminal of the mains outlet and hence you are not direct in contact with the live and neutral terminals which may cause the current circulation(Close circuit) from live to neutral via load or ie your body(if you touch the only even one live wire or faulty neutral) and then get electrocuted. Now in case of secondary terminals, if one touches one of the secondaries(Be ware of the High voltages and have Safety First) there is no neutral to get the closed circuit and wont get electrocuted.). But oe still will get electrocuted if the path is leaky. Again safety First.Thank you.
Q:How many robots will be in the transformers movie?
I, robotic has some extremely cool scuffling with scenes (witness the countless issues the robots are able to, basically superb). And unusually sufficient, Shia Laboeuf has a function in it too. i assume Shia likes his robotic video clips.
Q:What was the non-Transformers brand of shapehifting robot toys from the 80's?
GO-BOTS-AND THEIR STORY. The Gobot toyline was based on figures produced by Popy of Japan (later Bandai), named Machine Robo. In 1983, Tonka decided to import the line into America after realizing Hasbro were doing the same with Takara’s Diaclone and Microman's Microchange lines, which became Transformers after crossing the Pacific. In another similarity to Transformers, Tonka decided to make the figures sentient robots, rather than human-piloted mecha as they had been in Japan, and divided them into two factions – the good Guardians and evil Renegades (although early figures were simply described as ‘Friendly’ or ‘Enemy’ on the packaging). The figures were all given individual names, in contrast to the simple designations they received in Japan. The line sold well initially, but was overtaken by Transformers, something often attributed to Hasbro's much better promotion and media tie-ins – for example, Gobot figures had no character profiles on their packaging, whereas Hasbro included tech spec biographies for each character on the back of the card or box. Gobots were also largely considered by fans and the marketplace to be overly simplistic when compared to the more sophisticated Transformers line; whereas Transformers characters had iconic names (e.g., Megatron, Starscream, Optimus Prime) and multi-faceted transformation cycles (where the robot often didn't resemble the vehicle), Gobots characters had much more obvious names (e.g., Scooter who changed into a scooter, Tank who changed into a tank, Dozer who changed into a bulldozer, etc.) and simplified transformation cycles (e.g. Tank simply stood up to transform). 1987 was the final year in which new Gobots were released.
Q:What is an isolated ring transformer?
Isolated ring-type transformer is mainly focused on its insulation performance, between the primary and secondary must have a double insulation, so that the isolation of its own high efficiency, effective protection of equipment safety.
Q:220 kv transformer capacity range,
GB GB / T6451 made a detailed provision, the latest version of the 2008 revision. (Boost, buck), three laps without load (boost, buck), autotransformed (boost, buck), the two-lane, There are several types of auto-load (boost, buck) and so on, there are about 31.5,40,50,63,90,120,150,180,240,370,400 MVA several grades, but corresponding to different types of transformers, Capacity level is slightly different, do not know what type of capacity you ask the range?
Q:Did Transformers Animated ended with Season 3? Or is there going to be Season 4?
So far the answer is no it could change, if there is o news at botcon then expect it almost dead.
Q:Transformers 2 Premiere?
Transformers: okorder
Q:Physics: Transformers Help?
The ratio of teh secondary to primary turns gives you the voltage multiplication on the secondary. Thus N 1000/100 10 So the secondary voltage is Vs Vp*N 120V *10 1200V The secondary current Is Vs/Rs 1200V/1000 Ohms 1.2 A Power in secondary Ps Vs*Is 1440 W Power in Primary has to be the same as secondary (or less due to losses) 1440 W Ip Pp/Vp 1440/120 12 Amps

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