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.jpgThe transformer are applicable to AC 50~60HZ circuit,rated output voltage no more than 1140V,and rated input voltage no more than 1140V,which could be widely used in control power supply for NC machine tools,elevators,packing machines,LED lighting,carving machines,robots,agricultural machines and others.


This series of transformers are the products upgraded from other control transformers,and manufactured by adopting importde materials and advanced technologies,with characteristics of reliable operation,low energy consumption,small volume,safe wiring and wide application.








It  was established in November of 1994.Until now,It has been developed to be a professional transformer manufacturer after 20 years' development,who integrates R&D,producing and marketing,Meanwhile,Xinping is the earliest transformer manufacturer which gets CQC certificate in China.

The main products  include different kinds of transformers,such as EI transformer,encapsulated transformer,switch power supply transformer,inductance transformer,BK&JBK transformer,toroidal transformer,intelligent servo transformer,three-phase dry type transformer,QZB transformer,special transformer and others.

It is located in Dezhou,Shandong Province which is the domestic key traffic hub in China,(In 2015,Dehou has been regarded as the cooperation development city with Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei).Now there are more than 400 employees in the company,15% employees are special technicians.Xinping covers an area of about 53,000 square meter,and the floor area is more than 30000 square meter.

It does a lot of tests during design,developing and the application of raw material and uses high quality raw material finally.So the transformer has the advantages of low no-load loss,high efficiency and low temperature rise.It has been widely used in househole appliances,intelligent meters,solar meters,automatic equipment,special equipment and others.

In the process of manufacturing and business,Xinping always sticks to the principle of honoring contract,keeping credit,complying with business ethics and seeking the perfect quality.Being the leader of transformers and electronic components industry is the development goal of Xinping.Comparing price under the same quality and comparing quality&service under the same price is the business concept of Xinping.Devoting to your requirment,Xinping will supply you excellent service from products concept to designing ,sample making,confirmation,producing,testing and delicering.Xinping woule like to cooperate with you and build a bright future together.

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Q:10 (6) /0.4kv three-phase transformer what does it mean
Three-phase five-column core transformer must be used YN, yn0, yn0 connection, in the transformer must be connected into the angular connection of the fourth winding, it is not out of the beginning (the structure to do the electrical test when the lead is not This case). 5). When the transformer of different connection group is running in parallel, the general rule is that the connection group label must be the same. 6). When the distribution transformer is used in the multi-mine area, the Yzn11 connection method can be used. When the z-connection method is adopted, the impedance voltage algorithm is different from the Yyn0 connection method, and the copper consumption of the z-way winding is more. Yzn11 connection distribution transformer lightning protection performance is better. 7). Three-phase transformer with four volumes when the core frame can not be used YNy0 connection. 8). These are used for the domestic transformer connection, such as the export should be required to supply the appropriate connection and connection group label. 9). Generally in the high-voltage winding are connected with the tap-changer. Therefore, when selecting the on-load tap-changer (including the on-load tap-changer and the off-circuit tap-changer), it must be noted that the transformer connection and the on-load tap-changer (including connection, test voltage, rated current, Level voltage, voltage range, etc.). YN connected to the on-load tap-changer used on-load tap-changer, it is also important to note that the midpoint must be able to lead.  The answer is recommended by the questioner
Q:What is the unit of the transformer?
KVA instead of KW? VA or KVA is the apparent power, AC line used, also known as the capacity, that is, voltage and current rms product, the unit ... but will affect the load design of the transformer, so use VA or KVA to calculate more accurate. And W or KW is our usual habit of the law, written formal.
Q:Will the iPad 3 surpass the Transformer Prime?
i just want to tell you this first. Specs aren't everything. The Transformer Prime's quad-core may sound dreamy and amazing, but its worthless without good software. Sure, it'll make your homescreen much faster, but without good software to utilize it, the four cores are worthless. In some aspects, actually, the iPad 2 already beats the Transformer Prime. This is because the iPad's OS is tailored specifically for the iPad, and all the iPad apps are tailored specifically for the iPad and its OS. Not only does this allow people the most possible out of the iPad, it provides a great experience. Doubting that the Transformer Prime beats the iPad 2 in other specs would be stupid. For $500 it has more ram, more storage, and many other features. But like a said before, while the iPad has much less ram, the OS makes the most out of it. And so, i definitely think that the best choice would be too wait and see. If the iPad 3 comes around, and you like it, go for it. But if it isn't for you, then i suggest you get the Transformer Prime. Might be cheaper then as well!
Q:G1 Transformers Series?
Even though the original Transformers series is brilliant in it's animation, voice acting, and overall robot-lazer battle-isciousness; it most definitely is not worth that much money. Even if the special features are epic. However, many websites have links to the episodes online, so you can watch the OG Transformers over the inter-tron. Or the gumple-tron, which is an entirely unexplored medium of wireless communication yet unknown to humans.
Q:Power is generated at genaration station with 33kv,then by using step up transformer the voltage raises to?
Gawd I don't know where people go to school to make up rubbish about the power being too high for use in homes. Just get a few facts and make the rest up. Ok When electricity is generated in a central power station the electricity needs to be transmitted many miles. The most efficient way of doing this is to use as high a voltage as possible. So at the power station a transformer is used to convert the generated voltage into a high voltage for transmission. When the electricity arrives at the destination it is transformed back down to whatever voltage the end user requires. The reason for using the high transmission voltage is to reduce resistive losses in the cables. I'll give an example Suppose we need to go 100 miles and have a resistive load of 1 ohm/mile We need to deliver 1MW down to the end of the line and the end voltage required is 100V We'll ignore the voltage drop for the example, but you can do homework to take it into account. If we transmit at 100 volts then applying W VI we need I 10^6/10^2 10^4 amps We have 10 ohms in the transmission path so resistive losses are I^2 . R (10^4)^2 . 10 10^9 Watts That is one heck of a loss! Now, if we transmit as 100kV 10^5V then our current is now 10^6/10^5 10 amps Applying I^2 . R for our resistive losses we now get 10^2 . 10 10^3 watts You can see the VAST difference that stepping up the voltage for transmission does now for the transmission loss.
Q:Transformers The Movie 1986 Or Michael Bays Transformers?
The 1986 version has better acting on the part of the voice actors, more caring tragedy, more likable Transformers, very atmospheric, and one of the most tragic death's in the history of robot-kind. The first Transformers movie was stupid but fun. The acting in it was okay, the story was incompetent in the fact that they did not explain as much as they could have, bitchy lead actors, and a pretty epic final battle scene. The second Transformers movie is god awful. It is racist, the story is copied from the first movie, the acting is horrid, the characters are bloated bitches that yell all the time, a horrid villain(s), an overactively preachy Optimus Prime, a horrid Optimus death by unknown Decepticon, Transformer balls, bad dirty jokes, Shi Labeouf in robot heaven, Shi Labeouf having a near seizure, Shi Labeouf's mom gets high, and one of the longest unneeded battle scenes in movie history. The third Transformers movie is a step above god awful, racist towards Asians, the story is copied from the first two, the acting is still horrid, Shi Labeouf is self obsessed, Shi Labeouf is mean (he kicked Bumblebee), the Decepticons are cooler but the Autobots are the same, Optimus is still overactively preachy, a blinking camera during the final fight, a horrid Megatron death, a decent twist with Sentinel Prime, bad dirty jokes, Bumblebee getting tickled, a better and prettier actress than Megan Fox, and one of the worst guest appearances in movie history (Leonard Nimoy). C Y I like the old one better. Which do you like better? Also the new Harry Potter has a 100% from all critics.
Q:How and why are transformers used on electric wires?
D size batteries are not strong enough. It would be so much easier to go buy a solar powered electric fence charger , it does'nt cost anything to run.
Q:Transformer Current Calculations?
630 Kva Transformer
Q:Electrical Transformers?
In simple words, what a transformer does is reduce the voltage on an alternating current. An alternating current is the one that has sin wave for. In other words, the voltage in one moment is positive and in the next moment it's negative. This is what makes posible for a transformer to work. A transformer consists of two coils that are put one next to the other. For example, you can get a coil by turning a wire around a screwdriver. One of the coils has less turns of the wire than the other. It is said that when you pass current through a coil, you will get a magnetic field. This magnetic field will depend on the number of turns the wire has on the coil. It works on the other way too, if you induce a magnetic field on a coil, it will generate a current. Why does this work?. Well, you can imagine a copper wire as a collection of little magnets surrounded by electrons. Well, when you pass the wire through a magnetic field, all the magnets will head to the same direction and this will make the electrons move with them. This is the principle a transformer uses. You induce an AC current through one of the coil and this creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field passes through the other coil making the electrons move and since the second coil has less turns than the first one, you get a smaller voltage. Why can't you use a transformer on DC? Because when all the little magnets move in one direction with DC, they stay that way and you won't get a current, you need to keep them moving so it works. Hope this helps.
Q:What is the meaning of the transformer 'turns ratio'? what's the effect?
The number of turns of the primary coil (that is, the number of turns around the coil) and the number of secondary turns. Turns ratio and voltage ratio is proportional. For example, 220 volts to 10 volts voltage ratio is 220: 10, turns ratio should also be 220: 10, such as the primary is 2200 laps, the secondary should be 100 laps. Multi-turn ratio is the number of turns of the secondary output and the primary correspondence. A variety of turns ratio is to allow a sensor device is used for a variety of heat treatment process. I remember answering your question? how? Do not believe? 'U1 / U2 = n1 / n2' "/" Or ":" read here as "than", the size of the ratio is that you say the size of the divisor, you put it when the division can also be seen. U1 / U2 = n1 / n2 'U1 denotes the primary voltage of the transformer, U2 denotes the secondary voltage of the transformer, n1 denotes the number of primary turns of the transformer, that is, the number of turns, n2 denotes the secondary turns of the transformer, The number of turns, n1 / n2 is the turns ratio. The meaning of this formula is: transformer primary and secondary voltage ratio = its primary and secondary turns ratio (turns ratio) I do not know you can not understand, do not understand I can do nothing

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