JBG-40T Rebar Rib-stripping and Thread Rolling Machine

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JBG-40T Rebar thread rolling machine

Work Voltage: 3phase 380V  50Hz

Electric motor power:4.0kw

Head rotate speed:40-62r/min

The max thread length:100mm

Suitable rebar: 14-40mm

Thread Pitch: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm

Thread Angle: 60/75 degree



Advantage: This machine can process thread length to 100mm, which is used widely for many countries. Competitive price, stable quality,simple operation belongs to this machine. The operator can do it after learning half of day.this machine operated so easy, and it can adjust to from 14mm to 40mm. One operator can process 300-500pieces thread per day.

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