Jaw crushers used on mining, metallery and cement plant

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Jaw crushers are main equipments for crushing ores and rocks in mining, forging, constructing, cement industry. It is main equipment for coarse/ intermediate crushing ores and rocks. NHI jaw crushers have features of simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation, easy maintenance, safety use, etc.


According to the structure, jaw crusher can be divided into PEF double toggle jaw crusher (single knee plate jaw crusher) and PEJ simple toggle jaw crusher(double knee plates jaw crusher)


Double toggle jaw crusher, mainly consist of the frame body, moving jaw, knee plates and material output adjusting device. Simple toggle jaw crusher, mainly consist of frame body, moving jaw, knee plates, connecting rod and material output adjusting device.


NHI is one of professional manufacturer for designing, developing, testing and manufacturing of gyratory crusher, which has more than 60 years history. NHI has produced more than 8000 sets of jaw crusher, cone crusher and gyratory crusher. PEF、PEJ、PEF-X has been produced in 15 series.NHI jaw crusher equipped many mining companies and metallurgy companies in China. Many products have been draw into international market as early as in the '60 s and won several awards. NHI is the presiding company for making the occupation standard Simple toggle jaw crusher JB/T 3264—2002


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