Jambox Style Mini Water Cube Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Portable Speaker With Tf Card,Water Cube Speaker

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Product Description:


Product Description


 Mini water cube bluetooth speakers wireless portable speaker with TF card,water cube speaker 


3.Micro SD card reader
4.10m distance, BQB/CE/ROHS


UNIQUE FEATURES             


1.Tablet Shape
2.Delicate, fashionable and portable.
3.No need to connect additional power. Very convenient that USB is Plug and Play.
4.Clear, natural and loud sound quality.
5.Small volume with large power, highly safe, environmental-protecting and energy-saving.
6.Dustproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic and with high reliability.
7.With novel style, diverse and flexible.
8.360 ° surround sound effect allows you to experience the infinite charm of music.
9.Standard USB charging cable.



MAIN FUNCTIONS               


1. Insert the TF card to play music: Built in TF smart decoder, you can listen to mp3 music stored in TF card.

2. AUX Input plug: While work with AUX, it is easy to listen to sound from PC,MP3, MP4.

3. Bluetooth Hand-free:Work with the bluetooth for wireless communication.

Connect with your mobile phone, the battery power of speaker can be visible from mobile phone.

4. With multipoint connection, the bluetooth speaker can be used to connect two bluetooth devices at same time.

5. TTS function: when turn on the switch to Bluetooth mode, you will hear a voice prompt to help you using.

6. Stereo Bluetooth: Stereo Bluetooth Speakers, supporting A2dp/AVRCP, allow you enjoy wireless Hi-Fi stereo music.


 Mini water cube bluetooth speakers wireless portable speaker with TF card,water cube speaker  


TECH PARAMETER               ECH PARAMETER              


Power supplier:DC5V
Output power:3W*2 (1KHz,THD10%)
Frequency:200Hz - 20KHZ
Signal&noise ratio:85dB
Impedance:4 OHM(Ω)
Li-ion Output:3.7V~4.2V+0.05V 
Li-ion Input:5V 
Lithium battery capacity:500mAh
Speaker Unit:40mm
Case Material:ABS



Packaging & Shipping



USB data cable *1PCS

User manual *1PCS


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Q:How does the computer's speakers install?
2. If there is no drive disk, download a "drive life" or "driver wizard", it will automatically help you find the sound card driver, and then follow the prompts on the installation.
Q:Home theatre speakers in car?
of course you can a car deck will take 4-8 ohms @ 10-25 watts a channel so if you put 300 watt speakers in a car they will be only getting what your deck puts out like 15 watts. home speakers are the same thing as cars speakers they will probably sound better because they are in a box. You are an idiot if you think it will drain your battery only sub-woofers will do that (or if you have a crappy alternator) i have put home speakers in a car and they sounded amazing better then my car speakers but don't go below 4 ohms or above 8 ohms or you will kill your deck
Q:replacement horn for speakers?
It means the horn on the speaker with only bass sounds is blown. The horn itself is ok but what is blow is called the compression driver - it is the part attached to the horn inside the speaker. Getting the replacement driver is the hard part - you will need to try the Peavey website.
Q:would this amplifier underpower my speakers?
Dude, that setups is fine. If its a true 50 watts, they will make your speakers scream. Another 20 watts isnt going to make a world of difference. Im assuming you have a quality amp. It will be just fine. 80 watts is just the most power the speakers can safely handle. Underpowering does not harm speakers unless the gain is set improperly, same for overpowering or powering just right.
Q:how do u hook up stereo speakers up to a guitar amp?
If you mean your home stereo speakers, don't do it! There is a reason that home stereos and professional guitar amps have different types of connectors. The two types of speakers are vastly different in their power handling and frequency ratings. They are two different systems for two entirely different purposes. Guitar amps are overpowered for delicate stereo speakers. Even if you use a small guitar amp at low volume, the impedance mismatch is dangerous. Yes, it is possible to play guitar through a typical home stereo, but unless you know all about impedance, resistance, power handling and all the other technical variables, it is a bad idea. You could very likely destroy both your amp and the speakers. It will not sound good anyway. Please, save yourself the heartache and expense. Trust me. I know!
Q:2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Speakers?
i've got are available in this past to. not on a Jeep, yet on a extra vehicle. Leaves and stuff plugged up the heater center. This stopped the fan from pushing air by potential of potential of the heater. nevertheless felt warmth, it purely did not blow. different than you're very handy and don't ideas getting grimy, you may ought to take it someplace. A outdoors guy ought to do this for you as that's purely time ingesting. now not a exceedingly technical subject. attempt asking on Craigslist for cellular mechs on your interior sight.
Q:Computer speaker?
Pretty much man. Altec Lansing are pretty big name computer speakers, Bose has some out, Creative has some, Phillips has some. It's just personal preference to be honest, I've got a set of creative 2.1 speakers w/ subwoofer and they sound incredible. I think they sound better than the few altec lansing sets I 've had too. Hope this helps out, good luck.
Q:Can you use any bookshelf speaker as a center channel speaker?
Actually yes you can. Center channel speakers were designed to be low profile and have a large listening angle. If you want to use a bookshelf speaker, you should not turn it on its side(assuming its a standard single woofer-tweeter design) as that would cause breakup nodes along the horizontal listening axis(which is a more important axis because typically not everyone is sitting perfectly in line with the speaker. A bookshelf speaker placed in its normal vertical position will typically not have the large off-axis response that a center channel speaker would. However, it will have a more even frequency response with less areas of cancellation between the multiple woofers. Basically, go ahead and do it, but make sure you leave the bookshelf speaker upright and try to sit as close to inline with the speaker as possible as this will give you the best sound possible.
Q:Do speakers come stock in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee XJ?
yes why not
Q:Help with my speakers?
Make sure there isn't a short in the wire. Are they older? Sometimes older ones just die. Try an alternate plugin.

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