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Product Description:

Jacquard plush

Technology: jacquard

Weight: 260-1000g/M2

Height:  5mm-100mm

Width:   145cm-190cm

Composition:100%polyester or polyester and acrylic blended

Can be bonded with other knitting fabrics(Suede,polar fleece,denim etc.) by glue,sponge or PU. Mainly used for garments,gloves,boots,throw,kidwear,hats,pets wear etc.

Product advantage

1,soft material,and good hand feeling

2,antislip backside

3,competitive price and high quality

4,the product can wash by the machine

5,the color and the design can be customize

The products are always inspected twice in my factory before shipping to control the quality ..And if the customer need,we can accept the special inspection company to inspect the goods.

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Q:Does anyone know where I can get a black and gold area rug?
Make one yourself.....easier than you think.
Q:What is the best kind of throw rug to use on vinyl floors?
Have you considered a foam backed bamboo rug? This won't yellow the floor and it won't slip and slide either. A rug with no backing is NOT a good idea in a bathroom. As for a rubber backed rug, if you only leave it on the floor when you use it after a shower or bath and keep it on the rim of the tub the rest of the time, it will take years and years and years before the flooring is yellowed... It's leaving it on the floor all the time that yellow the flooring...
Q:Removing fingernail polish from a rug?
It depends on what type of rug it is but most of the time anything that you can get fingernail polish out with will take the color out in the rug. Call a car detail shop and ask them if they will take a look. My husband owns a detail shop where we live and people even bring this type of thing in for him to work on.
Q:Can I use steam cleaning on my rug?
I WOULD TEST A SMALL AREA WITH IT FIRST i believe cleaners use chemicals more than steam, but my brother has a carpet cleaning buisiness, and he uses steam extraction on carpet sofas!
Q:How do I remove tar from carpet?
Tar is one of those hard to remove stains from carpet. Left alone or removed improperly and a tar stain can ruin your carpet. Dry cleaning solvent is most recommended to remove a tar stain from carpet. Apply the solvent to a clean white (slightly damp) towel. Blot the towel on the tar stain. Usually the tar stain will come up quickly with this method; however you may need to repeat the procedure several times to get all the stain up. After you have removed all the tar, spritz with tap water and blot again. This method can be used to remove grease, oil and crayon as well.
Q:What is brushed the carpet
The carpet tufting carpet, carpet and velveteen Velour carpet;
Q:Problems with my area rug!?
Here okorder.com/
Q:Cost to rent a Rug Doctor?
Okay I have used one before I owned my own carpet cleaner. I really liked it. The cleaning solutions are an extra charge. I don't remember getting any attachments. I think when I rented one it was like $60 plus the solutions.
Q:cleaning a braided wool rug?
This Site Might Help You. RE: cleaning a braided wool rug? i have a huge braided wool rug and was wondering if i could use a bissel home carpet shampooer on it. if not, how can i give it an all over cleaning? i cant afford to take it anywhere professional
Q:Stained carpet question?
If your carpet cleaner hasn't worked you could try Blue Magic Automobile Upholstery Cleaner; it also will clean carpeting and is the best in a spray can I've ever used. I buy it in the Automobile Section at WalMart but many auto care and parts stores sell it. If the above doesn't work, call in a professional carpet cleaning company but don't wait very long before doing this; after all, the longer a stain sets, the harder it will be to get it out. If the cleaners can't remove it, get carpet installers in. They can cut the area out and replace it with a piece cut out of a closet. This may look different since it hasn't had any traffic on it so don't expect a perfect match unless all the carpet is fairly new. It might be time to remove the carpet in your bedroom and install hardwood or laminate flooring. I also suggest you be more careful in the future as finding a remedy to this problem will probably be rather expensive. You might offer to pay for half of the expenses to repair the area to show you are growing up and accepting responsibility.

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