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Product Description:

Jacquard plush

Technology: jacquard

Weight: 260-1000g/M2

Height:  5mm-100mm

Width:   145cm-190cm

Composition:100%polyester or polyester and acrylic blended

Can be bonded with other knitting fabrics(Suede,polar fleece,denim etc.) by glue,sponge or PU. Mainly used for garments,gloves,boots,throw,kidwear,hats,pets wear etc.

Product advantage

1,soft material,and good hand feeling

2,antislip backside

3,competitive price and high quality

4,the product can wash by the machine

5,the color and the design can be customize

The products are always inspected twice in my factory before shipping to control the quality ..And if the customer need,we can accept the special inspection company to inspect the goods.

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Q:what color rug that's light goes best with an off-white couch and dark wood tv stand and glass coffee table?
1st choice: Beach Sand colored. 2nd choice: Turqoise. 3rd choice: Bright Purple. 4th choice: A Red Wine color. 5th choice: Silver, not grey! Perfect match, all dark wood!
Q:what weight rug should I use on a 14.2 pony that is not clipped?
new zealand rugs are great for colder weather in the outdoor pasture. if your barn is closed off from the wind then a regular fleece rug should do the trick at night. you can ride him with out a sheet on as his fur will keep him warm enough. if you bathe him after you ride him make sure you put a wet/dry sheet so he doesn't get chills and get sick. there are thicker winter coats for barn and stall use for nighttime as well but i think he/she should be good for the most part. BTW, any horses over 12 hands are not called ponies, they are put in the horse category. under 12 hands is a pony technically speaking.
Q:What is a home remedy for getting red kool-aid out of light colored carpet?
Leave okorder.com., will remove the stain with a product called Red Relief, used along with a damp terry cloth towel and a steam iron. After the stain disappears into the terry cloth, he/she will extract the solution from the carpet. Perhaps your carpet is ready for a cleaning, the pro can easily remove the stain with the special products while at your home to clean the carpet. They can come to just remove the stain only, however, most cleaners have a minimum charge to come to your home. Do not use bleach or any other laundry product on the carpet as they may damage the carpet dyes. Rinse/extract is a must after treating a stain with any cleaning product. Every pro rinses and extracts. Do not make a mole hill into a mountain, carpet is expensive, call a pro. Kool Aid contains food grade acid dyes, the stain is caused by this dye.
Q:Is the living room able to lay a carpet?
Q:burned rug?
Try bleach. If not, it is singed and not stained. You will have to try to cut it out if it is singed or burnt.
Q:how to clean spots on a carpet?
Well...are they pet stains? Old or new? If they are old pet stains, it might be difficult to remove. For any type of carpet cleaning, it's best to purchase cleaner designed for your type of stain. For instance, there are cleaners created to treat and clean cat urine stains. These would be found in your stores pet/cat section and the household cleaning section. Once you get the proper cleaners, keep them on hand for the future accidents! When cleaning fresh accidents, remember to use paper towels to blot/soak up as much liquid as possible. Use the carpet cleaners according to their directions. If you have a Wet/Dry Vacuum, use that to extract the cleaner from the carpet. If worse came to worst, you might want to have the carpets professionally cleaned. For cats...please make sure you have a good litter pan that is large enough for your cat and use good litter...my cat responds well to the Tidy Cat brand. Good luck!
Q:can you vaccum a wet carpet?
The pee probably got into the padding underneath the carpet. When it gets hot, the pee seeps up through the carpeting and starts to smell. The smell will NOT go away until you get the pee out of the padding. Depending on how wet the carpet was, you probably got some of the pee out, but perhaps not all. I would rent a steam carpet cleaner (available at most larger grocery stores and discount stores like WalMart for about $25 per day) and buy a treatment (carpet cleaning soap) especially made for urine or pet odors. There are lots of them available where ever carpet cleaning supplies are sold. Don't run a regular vacuum over a wet carpet. Put a fan on the carpet until it is pretty dry. Again, if the padding got wet, the carpet will act like a wick, sucking the water up from the padding into the carpet itself, so once the carpet seems dry, it may then suddenly appear wet again.
Q:carpet shampoor?
whats up, U.P., what's up? each from time to time we basically could desire to be pleased with the actuality that even 3 and four 365 days olds can use computers at the instant. different situations, we could desire to make certain a thank you to invent a childproof locking keyboard. I propose we shop 'em out of aspirin bottles and there are set off locks for weapons. i understand the computers have anti-infant settings, yet those are application ideas. we choose a actual lock for our keyboards!
Q:What color coffee table and carpet do match with green sofa
Gray should also be ok, matching with a slightly lighter color
Q:Question about finding a rug / carpet?
A carpet remnant (back of store) cut to the size you want with the edges bound (the store will do it) is quite acceptable. If you want, you can have, say, a 4x6 piece of carpet in one color, then, say 12-wide strips, of a second color on the edges. An example: cream area with brown border. I did that for a very nice rug. It can be any two colors you find in the remnants section of the store. Carpet comes in standard widths, one of which is 12'-wide. If you want a rug that large, you can buy the length you need (say 9' for a 9x12 rug) and have the edges bound. This lets you buy any color of carpet they have, not just what's available in remnants. If you want two rugs, one for the LR and one for the DR, the 12' can be cut any width, so you could have two 6x9s or a 6x9 and a 5x8 (with some left over), etc. If the carpet is still on the roll, you must buy the entire 12' width. The carpet store will do all of this for you, for a small price, even help you figure out sizes. You can check OKorder for persian and persian-type rugs -- some are new, others are older but still beautiful. (Some older persians are worth more than new ones because they're better quality (more knots per square inch) and/or have the patina of age.) Check the listing's wording carefully as to its condition (you want at least good, and they'll tell you if there are any worn ares, and look at the pictures (there'll be a pic of the worn area if there is one). I've bought several, all in good or excellent condition, and they looked new, are beautiful, and will outlast me. If you have any questions, ask the seller. Also, stores like Wal-Mart and Sears sell persian-type rugs that are machine made for a lot less than a real persian. Put a good pad under any rug, 4 smaller so it doesn't show, for greater softness.

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