Jacketed Beer Bright Tank Stainless Steel

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China main port
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1 unit
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500 unit/month

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Product Description:


  • Processing: Storage Tank, cutting-rolling-welding-polishing-assembling-testing-warehousing

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: KUNBO

  • Model Number: bright tank, KB-006

  • Processing Types: Alcohol

  • Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

  • Certification: B&V; CE


Jacketed Beer Bright Tank Stainless Steel


1.manhole 2.CIP spraying ball 3.adjusting feet 4.sample valve 5.temperature gauge 6.pressure gauge 7.level gauge

Stainless Steel Insulated Storage Tanks
Company introducationWe Kuangbo is a production enterprise of pharmaceutical, dairy, food and beer-making equipment, alongside biological engineering, chemical containers, and bespoke products. Our products are widely used in beer production, pharmaceuticals, beverage industries, biotechnology and other fields.
Usageit is used for beer storage
Material1.SUS304, 316L
2.jacket: dimple jacket
3.insulation layer: PU
4.as to the thickness, we can make it according to your requirement.
2.CIP spraying ball
3.adjusting feet
4.sample valve
5.temperature gauge
6.pressure gauge
7.level gauge
Our advantage1.we can supply various kinds of volume, minimum 50L, maximun 10,000L and even larger.
2.PU insulation is adopted
3.interior surface is 3A finish and exterior is 2B finish
4.competitive price and also higher quality tank.
Minimum orderone unit
Payment termT/T or L/C
Packageexport standard package
Marketat home and abroard

 Technical Data:

Jacketed Beer Bright Tank Stainless Steel




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