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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Crimping pliers tool J40 poly bag, blister packing, head card, according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:15 - 30 days according to the order


We are professionally producering any plier
Standard: CE, RoHS, Reach, PaHS
Provide OEM & ODM

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Crimping pliers tool  ploy J40 , blister packing, head card, according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:Within 7-10 days accoeding to the order

Ratchet cable cutter


Cutting Range

 Max 300mm2  for Cu/Alu cable

 Max 40mm for Cu/Alu cable


 approx 360mm




 canvas bag

Warning:Do not cut steel rope,steel wire multi-strands,Al conductors steel-reinforced.

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Q:What brand is a multi-function pliers?
Multifunctional pliers, multi tool pliers to clamp head with other tools, knives, saws, cans, bottle opener, knife as auxiliary tool, and not change the performance characteristics make it more versatile.
Q:Classification of pipe cutters
Heat treatment hardness of all parts of the table below provides the pipe clamp parts: jaw tooth jaw screw adjusting nut spring HRC47 = HRC30 = HRA71 = hardness
Q:Can the wire cutter blade be changed?
Yes, I can see which company you produce. I'll check his contact directly online, and then send mail or phone to order blades. Blade is usually boxed, 5 or 10 pieces of a box, the price of 15 yuan / box or so, the general hardware, electrical stores have sold, free to find out on their own.
Q:The use of hydraulic wire pliers!
Round lines, ears and openings are not the same pressure, the circular with the corresponding mold can be directly pressure.
Q:Clamp voltmeter principle
When the current passes through, the current flows along the spring and the rotating shaft through the magnetic field, and the current cuts the magnetic induction line, so that the coil is deflected by the force of the magnetic field, and the rotating shaft and the pointer are deflected. Since the magnitude of the magnetic force increases with the current, the magnitude of the current can be observed by the deflection of the pointer.
Q:What brand of nail clippers suits, please?
Now the nail clipper set list, like Zwilling Zwilling, 777 card, STALLEN - Allen, Japan, Kowell Cowell and so on are all good brands Oh, the landlord can go to see personally, a lot more to make a decision, know as well, I hope to help you.
Q:Where is the flat pliers used?
Use: bend sheet metal and metal wire into desired shape.
Q:What's the tool used to bend the line in the distribution box?
The tool used for bending in the distribution box is called pliers.Common pliers, nipper, flat, flat, round mouth mouth mouth.Pliers is a kind of hand tool used for clamping, fixing workpieces, or twisting, bending and cutting metal wires. The shape of the pliers is V shaped and usually consists of three parts: the handle, the tongs, the gill and the forceps.
Q:Ask about the type of work, riveting, welding
Ask about the type of work, riveting, welding:Turner, lathe, precision lathe, lathe, milling machine, planer, main processing machinery parts.Fitter is a comprehensive type of work, the machine repair shop will do all the work, skilled in mechanical installation and repair.The main stem connection material riveter.Electrician needless to say, involving strong electricity, weak current, program-controlled circuits, etc. are his.Welders are mainly made by welding.
Q:What are the cutting pliers used in orthodontics to cut out any type of silk?
Department of Orthodontics "wire cutting pliers" is the literal translation of the argument, in fact, the original meaning refers to "English ligature cutter", the current commonly used orthodontic ligature with 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm (in millimeters), and stainless steel wire, nickel titanium wire for dental arch of main arch wire size is another kind of specification, respectively is 0.014 ", 0.016", 0.018 "(in inches), the numbers behind quotes actually represents the" inch ", this kind of steel wire stainless steel wire with respect to the coarse 0.018x0.025 (inches) size, in front of which group of the main arch wire even" filaments ". So the thin wire and the thick silk are relative.

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