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Product Description

C1S Coated Ivory Board/ FBB/ Bristol Paper
1. Grammage: 190-400gsm
2. Excellent folding strength, brightness, smoothness
1. Excellent folding strength, good ply bond that can resist cracking and delamination during folding process. All raw materials are imported wood pulp without domestic supply and de-inking pulp.

2. Good surface smoothness and high whiteness, result in high quality printing and more realistic images.


End Uses:
Premium magazine and book covers, cards, tags, graphical prints and packaging

ItemHigh Quality White Ivory Paper
SizeNormal size, according customer's requirements.
Minimum order1*20GP
Delivery time10~15days after get deposit
FOB portTianjin
 UsePrinting and packing

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Q:What's the red cardboard?
Red paper, paper processing is a very high hardness. The finished plate, tubular drum, and so on.
Q:What's the difference between carton BC, double watt and single watt?
The single corrugated only one layer of corrugated: A, C, B, E, cushioning in descending order, while the stiffness level increased in turn.The edge strength and bursting strength of double corrugated are higher than those of single corrugated. Cartons of higher requirements are made of double corrugated cardboard boxes.
Q:What is the difference between copy paper 70g and 80g?
70 grams, representing 1 square meters, the quality of paper is 70 grams; 80 grams, representing 1 square meters, the quality of paper is 80 gramsObviously, 80 gram 70 grams of paper to some thick, generally 70 grams for single-sided printing or copying, 80 Kezeduo for double useThe company's own use, recommended the use of pure wood pulp copy paper, can greatly reduce the acid gas on the copier or printing paper damage. Currently on the market of pure wood pulp copy paper brand: Jia India, India, century Jia Xinle, ACEE, Alcyon, Fullerton, flagship, Piovan etc..
Q:What's the paper of the newspaper?
The culture is divided into paper coated paper, paper, paper, paper stock, mold printing paper, drawing paper, poster, typing paper, Bible paper, paper covers, cigarette paper, newsprint paper, Grasin.
Q:How about the level of paper used to make cartons?
Packing box material selection: Paper standard from high to the end is divided into kraft paper, A, B, C, D grade, corrugated paper is divided into A, B, C, D level. Paper weight is generally: the quality per square meter is 350g ~ 110g.
Q:What is gel paper?
It should be an offset paper!!The old saying "paper", mainly for offset (offset) using a printing press or other printing machine higher-level color printing, suitable for printing monochrome or multicolor covers of books, text and pictorial, inserts, maps, posters, color trademarks and a variety of packaging products.The offset paper is divided into special number, No. 1 and No. 2 and No. 3 according to the proportion of paper size, and has higher strength and printability. There are single and double points, as well as super pressure and ordinary light pressure two grades. Offset printing is more advanced books and periodicals, printing paper, contrast, flexibility and surface strength of higher requirements, pH should be close to neutral or weak alkaline, so as not to affect the printing of paper,Offset paper flexibility of small, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, compact opaque, good whiteness, strong water resistance, should choose good letterpress printing ink conjunctival type offset ink and quality. The viscosity of the ink is not too high, otherwise it will appear off powder, szlama. To prevent the back of the stick dirty, usually against dirty, dusting or paper.
Q:What is fluorescent paper?
Fluorescent paper and plain paper itself is not luminous in the dark, so they are black. In the sun, when light irradiates on plain paper, paper put the light reflected, but also the ultraviolet reflected light reflected from the eye can see, but can not see the ultraviolet ray;
Q:What if the printer doesn't feed?
Multiple sheets at one time for 4 reasons. 1, the location of the printing paper. Printing paper placed incorrectly will lead into multi page, the correct paper must not exceed the height of the guide slot paper left arrow mark; second, to check whether the printing paper specifications meet the use requirements: the weight of 60 to 180 grams of the printing paper can meet the requirements, but less than 60 grams of ultra-thin printing paper at the same time, it is prone to the phenomenon of multi feed. 2. The degree of crimp on the surface of the printing paper. Curling also results in multiple sheets of paper at one time, so make sure the surface of the paper is smooth and smooth. If it is a little bit curly, try to flatten it. 3, the influence of electrostatic induction. Electrostatic induction can also cause a multi page phenomenon, must be before installing the printing paper, the printing paper with fan-shaped way spread out, to ensure that each piece of paper can be separated, and then according to the correct method to print paper into paper guide groove. 4. The position of the adjusting lever. For a printer with paper thickness adjustment, it is important to adjust the position of the adjusting lever. When using different paper, the position of the paper thickness adjusting rod is different. For example, when using the conventional thickness printing paper, the position of the adjusting rod must be set to 0". Of course, different printers to adjust the lever adjustment standards are not the same, it is best to refer to the manual.
Q:How to deal with corrugated cardboard deformation?
General corrugated cardboard is divided into three, five, seven layers, of which three corrugated cardboard is more prone to warping phenomenon, the impact of cardboard forming a lot of factors, temperature, humidity, tension, speed, and so on. As far as I know, there is no equipment to improve the warpage of molded paperboard. For your question, make three suggestions for your reference:First, the manufacturers request, cardboard molding, appearance indicators, the state has standards, as far as possible to manufacturers to solve, this is the source.Two, requiring manufacturers in the package and stacking pieces. For example, a twenty, ten is ten, put, the so-called duck stacking.Three, as early as possible orders, warping of corrugated cardboard and stacking, take some time to die.
Q:How to choose the right silicone oil paper?
Silicone paper costs: although domestic and imported silicone paper are very different, and silicone oil domestic beer is not very good, but domestic silicone paper has the advantage of being cheap than imported silicone paper, considering the scope of use, the use of commodity areas, product profit conditions to choose what kind of silicone oil the.

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