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Product Description

C1S Coated Ivory Board/ FBB/ Bristol Paper
1. Grammage: 190-400gsm
2. Excellent folding strength, brightness, smoothness
1. Excellent folding strength, good ply bond that can resist cracking and delamination during folding process. All raw materials are imported wood pulp without domestic supply and de-inking pulp.

2. Good surface smoothness and high whiteness, result in high quality printing and more realistic images.


End Uses:
Premium magazine and book covers, cards, tags, graphical prints and packaging

ItemHigh Quality White Ivory Paper
SizeNormal size, according customer's requirements.
Minimum order1*20GP
Delivery time10~15days after get deposit
FOB portTianjin
 UsePrinting and packing

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Q:Plastic plate and KT board which is good
KT is composed of a PS particle generation after foam plate core, a new type of material through the surface film pressure and a plate body, crisp, light, non perishable, easy processing, and can be directly on the screen plate printing (screen printing plate, paint (paint) to detect, adaptability) mounted cover back screen and widely used in printing, advertising promotion, building decoration, arts and packing etc..
Q:What kind of paper do you use for color laser printer?
But the laser printer is different, the use of toner, electrostatic ink will be adsorbed on the surface of the paper, and then fixed by high temperature.
Q:What is S paper?
Cast coated class paper weight usually in the range of 170 - 197 g / m2, the image of poor quality paper, this is because the light density and gloss it is relatively low, and the paper based direct ink, so after printing paper will appear wrinkles to some extent, but because of its print the basic quality is acceptable, and the production cost is low, so the market demand, can be used as a substitute for high-end products.
Q:Do you need a separate layer of wood or cardboard for the skeleton bed mattress?
Skeleton bed, as the name suggests, the bed is ranked skeleton and ribs other similar beds, solid wood or sheet material into strips, bearing frame used to make, as a modern furniture component skeleton bed, has very wide application, supporting up pad can also be directly lying down, now many beds are design ribs frame, foldable design, is an advantage of this framework.
Q:What kind of paper do you use for film wrapping?
Lin is the film, is an ancient translation of film, and now generally refers to film, can also refer to the printing plate in the negative. The plate in printing is also called film paper.
Q:How do you tell the right sides of the sketch?
In fact, what is positive and negative picture, how the performance of the ~ ~ half who deep lines that rough side is positive, because the paper itself can make the picture look more texture texture, more effective. The smooth side is not easy on the lead, it is easy to draw the dark side of death, but this is only for the pencil, if with charcoal, but the smooth side can reflect more lines, of course only personal views, not authoritative, only that generally rough is positive, but this is based on personal habits. Not to know must be in the side drawing effect is good ~ ~ as long as you are the same
Q:Can the thickness of the paperboard be adjusted in the case of weight change?
Weight is the technical term for quantification. It is one of the most basic performance indexes of paper and paperboard. The so-called "quantitative" refers to "in accordance with the provisions of the test method of paper and cardboard units per unit area of quality, unit g/m2."".
Q:The printer has a paper problem
The panel has a "designated" original size, there is a button next to it (an arrow below the button), press this button for about 5 seconds, like, then you will find the original size lights above, then you find "," do you want to specify the original size what size to choose what type, and then click on the "start" button (or copy), which is set up, and finally click "remove the whole machine (the yellow button)" button.
Q:How big is the 16K paper?
1. according to China's current standards, the 16K paper is 297mm * 210mm.2., China's original 16K paper amplitude is 186mm * 273mm.
Q:How are the quality of the paperboard separated?
K type, K type paper that we often say that the type of paper, only in the domestic only useful K paper in accordance with the length and width of different classification: A4 specifications: 21*29.7 cm B4 specifications: 25*35.4, B5 specifications: 18.2*25.7 the size of the paper refers to the paper made after, after finishing cutting, cut to the size of. In the past, how many "open" (such as 8 open or 16 open, etc.) to represent the size of the paper, and now I use international standards, specified in A0, A1, A2, B1, B2.. And other marks to indicate the format of the paper specifications. The standard specifies the width of the paper (expressed in X) and the length (expressed in Y) as the ratio of X:Y=1:n. According to the basic area of the paper format, the format specification is divided into A series, B series and C series, format specifications for A0 size is 841mm * 1189mm, surface area of 1 square meters; the B0 size is 1000mm * 1414mm, surface area of 2.5 square meters; the C0 size is 917mm * 1279mm area, area of 2.25 square meters; the format specifications of copy paper by A and B series. If the A0 along the length of paper into two parts, will become the A1 specification, the A1 paper along the length direction of, will become the A2 specifications, so to open to the A8 specification; B8 paper also according to the method of opening to B8 specifications.

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