ISO Standard PE Tarpaulin for Waterproof

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China main port
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8000 kg
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500000 kg/month

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Item specifice:

Product: PE tarpaulin Material: HDPE fabric with LDPE coating Color: All color avaliable
Item: CMAX-SEL Size: Customized Package: in roll or in bale or in carton
Weight: 60~300g/m2

Product Description:

PE Tarpaulin


Company and Product Introduction


Our company was founded in 1984, with production area more than 100000m2, more than 300 production lines, including 10 sets drawing machine, 250sets woven machine, 20 sets coating machine, 20 printing machine.


We specializing in producing and exporting tarpaulin, including PE tarpaulin, PP tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin, Mesh tarpaulin, Camouflage tarpaulin, and special customized tarpaulin.



Feature of Tarpaulin


-Sun block




-Portable, easy folding and durable


Application of Tarpaulin

-Make shock proof shed


-Woven bag

-Grass prevention cloth

-Furniture cover

-Insulation quilt

-Truck cover

-Also widely used in shipyard, oil field, industrial and mining area, petroleum industrial, construction site, etc.


Tarpaulin technical data


HDPE woven fabric with LDPE coating in both sides


6*6~16*16 mesh


From 50g/m2 up to 300g/m2


Blue/ Grey/ Green/ White/ Yellow/ Red, any color is avalible


As customer required

Tarpaulin Roll Size

100m per roll or as customers’ requirement

Tarpaulin Sheet Size

Regular size(m*m): 2*3, 3*4, 3*5, 4*5, 4*6, 5*8,6*8,6*10,10*50, or as customers’ requirement


1.Tarpaulin roll is packed on paper coil, packed by tarpaulin same with inner products.

2.Tarpaulin sheets are packed in a bale every 5sheets or as customers’ requirement. Carton packing is also available.

Container Loading

1.    Tarpaulin rolls: 20GP can load 17 tons.

2.    Tarpaulin sheets in bale packing: 20GP can load 10ton, 40HQ can load 25 tons.

3.    Carton packing: 20GP can load 8 tons, 40HQ can load 22 tons.



1.    What’s the payment term?

TT: 50% before production, 50% before shipment.

Or LC at sight.

2.    Can you provide free samples?

Yes, we support you with free of charge samples, you’ll just need to pay for the express cost.

3.    What’s your leading time?

For regular items, 2~3 days will finish one 40HQ. For special items, 7~15days will finish one 40HQ.

4.    Will you support factory inspection and products inspection before shipment?

Yes, warmly welcome you to visit our factory and inspect products quality before shipment.


ISO Standard PE Tarpaulin for Waterproof

ISO Standard PE Tarpaulin for Waterproof

ISO Standard PE Tarpaulin for Waterproof


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